Not Dead

From time to time, a project member or interested reearcher reports to me that the Administrator of a project that we support has died.  Most of time, that's true and knowing of the event allows me to do whatever is needed in that project - such as updating results, removing the Administrator's name and email address from the project and making my name/email visible as Interim Admin if needed, ... etc.

Recently, though - I had notice that an Administrator who has served his project long and faithfully had died 4 years ago.  I went to check the project and my files and found that I had last corresponded with him 2 years ago and that the results page was slightly out of date.  I updated the Results and sent the Administrator an email to see if he would respond or if I would get a failed email address.  Within a day or two, I received an email from him stating that he was alive and kicking.  

We swapped emails chuckling about the false alarm (I hadn't actually said that I heard he was dead - but he guessed it or heard it somewhere else)  Then, he came back with a great comment:

"Mark Twain said it best: “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”  Actually, he never said that but this is one of the many variations that have come down over the ages…..kind of like some of our paper trail genealogies."

I hope you grinned or chuckled after reading this.  

Not dead....yet

Thanks, Terry. This reminds me to find a reason to send a bulk email to my project participants once in a while to let them know I am "alive and kicking." It might also spark new interest and activity in the surname project.

Gleason/Gleeson project

Our project site is still alive and kicking, but is not listed with the projects under G, and a search there does not turn it up. Can you fix it? Thank you, Judy

Gleason/Gleeson surname project

Am I dead?

Hi Terry

I joined the Traylor-Traynor project in January 2016. My Y-111 test results arrived in March 2016 and they display OK on the FamilyTreeDNA pages, but they have never appeared in the Traylor-Traynor project page. Do I have to do something to make them appear? Thanks, Julia
Ronald Trainor (c/o Julia Trainor) Kit number 461495

My Kit

Hello, can you please tell me if I should be able to locate my kit in the charts as I have not been able to. Thank you.


No, I am not dead, just not as active lately but in the background I have been at work. I co-administer the Place surname site with Roxi and Mary-Lou. In the past year I have traced the very deep origins of my haplogroup to the Bashkir Tribe, thanks to the older ISOGG publications, however, I can no longer find their page that shows where each of the haplogroups lead to as far as actual tribes is concerned. Do any of you know where that site has gone? I believe I can now get the group that is R1a1a and has my kit N9119 in it back to Y15121. The problem is, research hasn't caught up, at least at the ISOGG site, to tell me just what tribe of people this represents. If anyone has information on this I would love to know about it. At the moment I am stuck at Y-2123 and that is the information published here on the World at the moment.

Dave Place
Manitoba Canada

I don't see any activity on

I don't see any activity on this board. Is it connected to FTDNA? I see some of my projects there look much easier to read and follow.

Tom Darby

Project Administrator question

I am working on cleaning up the yDNA results page. I know that there are people within the project that have submitted results other than Y OR are not a direct male with the project's biological surname. How can I work with the individual kit numbers to communicate with the individuals for these kits??

Thanks for your help....Louise Melton-Breen

Left turn?

My brick wall has been Augustus Reuben Warner. Family rumor has been that Augustus may have been illegitimate. My cousins Frances and Carol Covington did extensive research back in the 1980's but to no avail past Augustus Reuben Warner. They thought his mother may have been an Arey and he took his fathers name. His father was supposed to have been from Connecticutt but we can find no validation or factual information to back this up. After having my YDNA done by Family Tree I have found that I have an exact match with the 67 test. One problem is that his last name is Mills, Eric Burke Mills. I have been tracing his lineage through out Virginia and the Guilford, Rowan,Moore and Montgomery Counties of North Carolina attempting to find a documented link.Most likely there should be a bastardy bond or apprenticeship documentation. Augustus Reuben was a tailor by trade and did not show up until 1834 when he married his first wife Amanda Lisk of Lawrenceville,Montgomery county NC (marriage bond). Her father was Jeremiah Lisk. The second record I have found was the 1840 census East Pee Dee and Yadkin River area neighbor of Duncan McRae....Lawrenceville, Montgomery County, NC. Hopefully I am getting closer to finding the missing link. Ancestry DNA puts close Warner related cousins at Warner Hall, Glocester Va. and Hardin Warner Moore county. These are respectively 1600-1700's. Augustus was not born until 1808-1810 so there is a major gap. I didn't know exactly which Warner line was of most interest to you but I am searching every nook and cranny now for information.

Location not recognised - Helgoland

I tried entering location of ancestor as known but programme wouldn't recognise. History of island shows it belonged to different countries at different times. Currently by Germany

Aaron Knapp

Does anyone have any Aaron Knapps' in their lines?

DNA matches Maternal L0a1b2a Paternal R-DF19

I am trying to trace Trent roots -  England to South Africa.

My fathers Kit #N222158 - Douglas is on Family Tree it was transfered from Nat Geo 2.0.

According to the Trent project moderater there are no matches.

I find this strange as I am sure that the PROG's of the Trent (John Trent & Ann Lawrence Cooper), line in South Africa must have had family that either stayed in England and or might have gone to other parts of the world.

Are these sites US specific.



Anyone searching William Rivers married Margaret Thomas in 1824 Limehouse London.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Julie       email to