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It's been too long since I've posted.  There is a world of useful information here at WorldFamilies, so I plan to regularly highlight a useful info page here at WorldFamilies.

Many Researchers don't understand how to contact their matches - particularly when just getting started.  Here are two typical contacts I receive - and my reaction:

  • "Hi - we match.  Tell me about yourself!"  (immediately deleted) 
  • "Hi, we are a match.  I think we share a recent ancestor .. plus some discussion about themself or their search"  (I reply - asking for them to tell me specifically who they match, what test, and what matching level - plus the name of their kit and what they know about the relevant ancestry of their kit)

Here is a page where we discuss specific ways to write your match contact messages: 


I have 17 DNA tests where I am the primary contact.  These include tests for some family members at more than one testing company,  A number of these kits have taken different DNA tests (yDNA, mtDNA, atDNA, ...)  It's impossible for me to guess which one of my tests that they are matching, which test was performed, or even which testing company was used. I need all 3 pieces of info to know where to go to see this match.  

And - sometimes, the person contacting me has more than one kit - which means that I need to know the name of the person that my kit is matching.

There is also the issue of matching level.

  • yDNA Matches

    • I am simply not interested in men only tested at 12 or 25 markers (unless I have almost no matches)  
    • I'm not very interested in men who are a "barely Match" and who have a different surname.  (like GD=4 at 37, GD=6,7 at 67)
    • I am very interested in a man who matches very closely (GD=0,1,2 at 37; GD=0,1,2,3 at 67)
    • I am interested in any man who matches my kit (at any level) and has the same surname - or who believes that his original paternal line surname was my kit's surname (or a variation)
    • I will be interested in any match at 111 - as my kits don't have many matches tested to 111
  • ​mtDNA matches

    • ​I am not interested in the mtDNA and mtDNA-plus matches
    • I am interested in mt Full Sequence close matches
    • I am interested in any mtDNA match who can identify a specific shared maternal line ancestor
  • atDNA matches

    • ​I am not interested in 4th to distant cousin matches
    • I am interested in 2nd & 3rd cousin matches
    • I am interested in any atDNA match who can identify a specific shared ancestral couple

​I do treasure the matches that I have found and look forward to finding many more.  And, I hope that it turns out that they do contact me - in a way that is easy for me to understand.  I'd really hate to miss a good connection because the contact message was too poorly written for me to recognize its importance) and I was so busy that I didn't take time to think about it


Basic question

Hello, Terry. I hoped not to bother you with something this basic, but after checking the FAQs, etc. I still couldn't figure out the answer. I'm part of the "O'Neal" group, FTDNA Kit 400441. On the results area it lists me as "Possible Lineage VI". I was wondering if someone could explain what "Lineage VI" is. Since I've been having some difficulties in part of genealogical research, any sort of inisight is welcome. Thanks! Dennis Neal

E1a1 M44

There doesn't seem to be any discussions on this DNA. It appears from recent posts in other forums to have originated around the Black Sea and moved into Africa, where a large population exists, and across the Mediterranian to Italy France Spain Germany Poland and Slovakia. E1a1 doesn't appear, to date at least, to be very large and a portion of the population is Askenazi from Germany, but to date my particular component does not have the known subclad SNP for an Askenazi match, but doesn match many of German origin...and indeed my ancestors appear to have arrived in the U.S. from Germany with the Pennsylvania Dutch...earliest ancestor was Chrisitan in the U.S. and subsequent generations appear in Maryland from Pennsylvania. Early church records in the late 18th century were in German. We were originally farm hands before finally owning land in the mid-19th century in Maryland. Farming came to an end in the late 19th century with the death of Michael Shaffer b.1833 in Hampstead, Md.

Marion Hedgepeth The Debonair Bandit

Looking for anyone related to Marion Hedgepeth, The Debonair Bandit.

Marion Hedgepeth The Debonair Bandit

Please contact me if you are related to Marion Hedgepeth, The Debonair Bandit.


How do I find mtdna matches? I did a full sequence one but don't see anywhere to look for matches on any of my surname projects.

About mtDNA matches

I am a new member of this O'Neal DNA Project, as my grandmother was a direct female O'Neal (originally spelled O'Neill by her grandfather, my ggg-grandfather.) I have been reading your material concerning this O'Neal DNA Project group and it seems that it focuses on just the yDNA testing results. Since I am new to this, I may have missed something in my reading and gotten that wrong, so please kindly correct me if I am. All of the O'Neal males in my direct line have died out, as far as I can find, so I will never be able to get a yDNA test done. So I went for the mtDNA test with Family Tree DNA. My question is: If this project only relates to yDNA results, how does it help the rest of us who have identified Haplogroups with the mtDNA testing? I have joined several other DNA projects and they almost all have a way of viewing member Haplogroup matches from the mtDNA test results, as well, some of which I have actually found matches to. Will this O'Neal DNA Project group be including mtDNA Haplogroup results any time soon? By the way, for anyone interested, my mtDNA Haplogroup - J1b1a1b. Thanks Cindy K.

AR Warner

Results are in as of yesterday for my FTDNA y-dna test. exact match to Charles Foran Warner YDNA-67, GD-3. I believe he is listed in the Haplogroup I, I-M223.

4/27/16 Posting

Hi - Is this Terry Crawford from Duke Unniversity? I am Barb Crawford wife of David Crawford Kit #132259. We emailed back around 2008 about your connection to my husband Dave. I haven't been doing much geneology lately. I am trying to review old notes and information because I received several emails saying Dave connected to some new people. Then I received more emails saying they weren't connected. I AM SO CONFUSED!! If this is the Terry Crawford that I have communicated with, would you please let me know and then I can ask more. Thanks very much!

Forsythe Project

Hi: I wonder if you are involved with the Forsythe project. My great grandmother was Matilda Forsythe 1864-1907 born in Ballykelly, Londonderry, Ireland, the daughter of William Forsythe, the son of James Forsythe (dates of both unknown). I have been contacted by a FamilyTree DNA member who is a match and is a descendant of William Forsythe b. 1728 Scotland d. 1779 Ballinderry, who is also shown as a patriarch of one of the Forsythe lineages. I would appreciate any information to link our Forsythe ancestors.

Thank you,

Stevenson Browne

YDNA Match

Unable to find the name of the match posted today.

still hoping to find information beyond william sturdevant of CT

William Sturdevant of Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut is as far as we have documented back. We figure he was born around 1650. We don't know where he came from.

Several stories/traditions are recorded, but that is true of all our spelling variants.

I have had the opportunity to work with Robert Sturtevant(Waco, Texas, USA and Ray Sturtivant (London, England).

Robert gave me all the master files, letters, research packages for Sturdtevant. I passed on Sturtevant but kept the Sturdevant and sturdivant files.

As the years rolled on, we discovered that there were no DNA matches between the spelling variants.

So back to the "DE's"! There are three or four of my dna matches with specific links to William Sturdevant, but that remains the endpoint.

Did he come from:
1. England
2. Canada
3. France
4. Germany
5. Holland

If you have any ideas, please write me at or

Many Thanx!
Wayne of San Antonio, Texas, USA

Ray 8 generations yDNA

I am new, so forgive me, but I could not post on the Ray surname project. I have kit 530138 FTDNA yDNA and I know with documents, wills, etc., 8 Ray male generations.
1 Subject of test ONLY MALE
3 1906 Macon, GA to 1993 Macon, GA ONLY MALE
4 1871 Carrolton, GA to 1938 Macon, GA ONLY MALE
5 Milledge S Ray 1842 Greene County, GA to 1905 Macon, GA
6 William Ray b. 1810 Greene County, GA; Died before 1880 Carroll County, GA
7 John H Ray b. @1788 Greene County, GA, died 1867 Greene County, GA
8 Andrew Ray b. @1761 Surry County, NC, d 1829 Greene County, GA

Generations 5 - 8 have a number of males.

Hart -Kit # 104443

My Cousin, Arthur Hart Jr. who took the DNA test a few years ago.
It looks like we have a match with Kit # 296243.
I failed to give the names of our know Hart family names at the time.

William Hart b PA married Mary Lucinda Lent b Tioga Co PA
their son, William Frederick Hart B 1872,Tioga Co PA d 1935 Chippewa Co MI
son, Arthur Hart b 1911 Wexford Co MI d 1960, Chippewa Co MI
son, Arthur Hart Jr b 1941 Chippewa Co MI

Doreen Kleeman


I am ignorant of all this DNA stuff. In my effort to trace my father's lineage I uncovered info that leads me to believe I am NOT a Tyner but rather a Cagle. I am 90% sure my grandfather was John Thomas Cagle, son Of Lue and Dicey Cagle. My father had told me his father ogt into some trouble with the law and ran away and joined the army under his his step-father's surname Tyner. His biolog1cal father Lue Cagle died when he was young and Dicey remarried a John G. Cagle.

My DNA test don't show me related to any Tyners.

Where do I go from here?


Frank Tyner

family tree.

I am doing my family tree. On all sides of my family. I have ordered a DNA test. That will be getting here any day now for my brother. When I get the results I will post them on here and But I am looking for any and all information on the Shipler/Shepler, Buckley, Conyne, and Johnston family. I will take all the help I can get. Thank you Darlene


I am interested in any contact with ones who match my DNA that was done for me by my uncle James Walters.

Posting my Anderson Tree?

How do I post my Anderson Tree on the Anderson Project. I checked the haplogroup results and I don't see my Anderson family on it. Also, I have DNA test results from Ancestry and I downloaded the raw DNA results. Can I use those here? Thank you.

Looking for rosa dunn

Looking for rosa dunn

e-mail addresses

Long ago FTDNA posted a method to obtain the e-mail addresses of my YDNA cousin's 17 to 20 "step 1" factor matches. I had corresponded with several paper-trail matches before our tests were entered,and in 2013 or 14 at least 3 of those donated their samples and happily do match at level (1}. We hoped for the tests to tell "at what cousin level" we match.

I no longer have their email addresses (Miley project)and wish fervently to obtain those once more. My male cousin's kit is number 405850. All tested at least the 37 level. I for one will pay to increase to 67 markers and perhaps others will also if relationships can be more definitely determined.

Thanks for any encouragement. Betty

nephew's DNA results

My nephew's results are:
Maternal H1
Paternal: R-L48 subgroup of R-M269 (a/k/a R-N207. How can I find similar people?

Interested in Soto or Arias or Cordero lineage

I live in El Paso, Texas. Contact me if you have or want information.

Test Results/ Y-67


  I have only one match at 67 markers, gen distance of 7.

Not close enough.

  Where do I go from here?


               Douglas Crawford

Jacob Kieffer / Keefer

Dear Friends,

My ancestor, Anna Elizabeth Kieffer (1760-1812) left Pennsylvania with her husband, John Hoover, to Markham, Ontario, Canada  in 1804. Her father, it is said, was Jacob Kieffer, possibly from Christ Lutheran Church of Berks County, PA.

Do any one of you know about this person, or this family, or how all of this connects to the rest of the Kieffers / Keefers of the area? My Kieffer ancestors were supposed to have been Reformed or Lutheran, but some of them became Dunkers (Church of the Brethren) or River Brethren (Brethren in Christ. My Hoove ancestors in Canada belonged to the River Brethren (Brethren in Christ) Heise Hill congregation in Markham Township, York County, Ontario.

I would love to hear from any of you. Also I have done my Hoover DNA test and if any one of you are interested, I will be happy to share details. I am really interested in knowing more about my Hoover DNA connections.

I actually have two Hoover ancestors, both tested, with these Y-DNA qualifications:


606363 Ludwig Huber (1726 - c.1773) Germany J-M172 12 24 16 10 14-18 11 15 12 12 11 28 16 8-9 11 11 28 16 19 29 13-15-15-18 10 10 19-20 13 14 16 17 36-37 11 9  


322538 Hans Huber geb 1601 Germany R-M512 13 25 16 11 11-14 12 12 10 13 11 30 15 10-10 11 11 24 14 19 31 12-15-15-16 12 11 19-23 16 16 18 18 36-36 14 11

If any of this looks familiar to you, I would sure love to get in contact!

Peter Hoover

Rocky Cape, Tasmania, Australia


Need help finding out who the original folks were in my message

My paternal grandmother was Myra Stroud. I have tracked the Stroud family tree back to 790 and the birth of “The first King of France", Nomino Debretagne. I have found the link to Samuel Fuller, “The only Dr. aboard the Mayflower. Also Little Johnny Appleseed is my third cousin, twice removed from the wife of a great grand uncle.

My point is being made that if they are famous, genealogy is easy. If they were farmers, serfs or waifs, they get lost in the tall grass. I’ve got both in my family tree. 
At an antique shop in Newburg, OR, this past weekend I found a very old picture frame with an Elaborate inscription of an anchor draped in vine and flowers, and the dedication reads:
Our Little Babe,
DIED MAR. 12, 1884
Presented to Mrs. A.E. Stroud nee Barton,
by her husband, D.B. Stroud, Nov. 1, 1898.
below all this is a poem which my phone camera did not capture.
I was told that a picture of this child was found behind the picture. It all looks as old as the date given. they will hold it for me for a few days while I try to identify who this might be. I would hate to have this valuable document get lost or tossed in the trash.
Can you enlighten me if you have any clue I may follow to identify the original owners of this picture? I have no clue to where the picture originated from nor who submitted the picture to the dealer.
Thank you in advance for any effort you may elect to put forth in responding to this request.
Donald A. Warner
Portland, OR



 Hello  My fellow HART Brothers & Sisters my  name is Malcolm Hart I am originally  from Liverpool England . My Hart Family originated from Ireland  Mayo I am told.  I have done the autosomal test and come back as 85% Irish I am on Gedmatch kit # A887925  and , FTDNA too and done the Y37 test which was RM269 I did further testing with the backbone SNP test which gave me a new haplogroup of RS 1567 . My Ancestry ethnicity communities puts me in Ulster Irish and the then Donegal East .  I hope to learn a lot on this site and look forward to all feedback   best wishes Mal 


I just joined 5/2917 is this member temp of perament