Contact Matches

It's been too long since I've posted.  There is a world of useful information here at WorldFamilies, so I plan to regularly highlight a useful info page here at WorldFamilies.

Many Researchers don't understand how to contact their matches - particularly when just getting started.  Here are two typical contacts I receive - and my reaction:

  • "Hi - we match.  Tell me about yourself!"  (immediately deleted) 
  • "Hi, we are a match.  I think we share a recent ancestor .. plus some discussion about themself or their search"  (I reply - asking for them to tell me specifically who they match, what test, and what matching level - plus the name of their kit and what they know about the relevant ancestry of their kit)

Here is a page where we discuss specific ways to write your match contact messages: 


I have 17 DNA tests where I am the primary contact.  These include tests for some family members at more than one testing company,  A number of these kits have taken different DNA tests (yDNA, mtDNA, atDNA, ...)  It's impossible for me to guess which one of my tests that they are matching, which test was performed, or even which testing company was used. I need all 3 pieces of info to know where to go to see this match.  

And - sometimes, the person contacting me has more than one kit - which means that I need to know the name of the person that my kit is matching.

There is also the issue of matching level.

  • yDNA Matches

    • I am simply not interested in men only tested at 12 or 25 markers (unless I have almost no matches)  
    • I'm not very interested in men who are a "barely Match" and who have a different surname.  (like GD=4 at 37, GD=6,7 at 67)
    • I am very interested in a man who matches very closely (GD=0,1,2 at 37; GD=0,1,2,3 at 67)
    • I am interested in any man who matches my kit (at any level) and has the same surname - or who believes that his original paternal line surname was my kit's surname (or a variation)
    • I will be interested in any match at 111 - as my kits don't have many matches tested to 111
  • ​mtDNA matches

    • ​I am not interested in the mtDNA and mtDNA-plus matches
    • I am interested in mt Full Sequence close matches
    • I am interested in any mtDNA match who can identify a specific shared maternal line ancestor
  • atDNA matches

    • ​I am not interested in 4th to distant cousin matches
    • I am interested in 2nd & 3rd cousin matches
    • I am interested in any atDNA match who can identify a specific shared ancestral couple

​I do treasure the matches that I have found and look forward to finding many more.  And, I hope that it turns out that they do contact me - in a way that is easy for me to understand.  I'd really hate to miss a good connection because the contact message was too poorly written for me to recognize its importance) and I was so busy that I didn't take time to think about it