FTDNA myGroups

Sigh.  The first week of using the FTDNA myGroups page wasn't fun - as the feature just wasn't ready for launching.  Some of the biggest issues have been addressed - but there is still much needing to be fixed.  (I have only converted a couple of projects so that I can try things out and monitor the progress)

If you are an "early adopter" and are willing to work around things that aren't fixed yet - then you can probably be happy in converting to myGroups now.  If you like things to be stable and don't want to put your project members through more changes and probably lose some searchers - then I suggest that you wait.


  • More attractive page
  • Looks and feels like a Project Home page (which it isn't yet - but is what it should become)
  • Administrator can select a banner picture (or upload their own) and can also upload a crest
  • "Facebook-type" feature called "Activity Feed", which is loved by some Admins (but hated by others) 
  • Activity Feed currently includes a Coupon feature - where a new coupon is released every morning
  • Activity Feed can be turned off by Admins who choose not to use it
  • FTDNA has provided a WorldFamilies Icon, which takes the searcher to the WorldFamilies project
  • Readers can tell me of other advantages they see - easiest is to email me: terry@worldfamilies.net.

Negatives (note - those being addressed by the Debbie Kennett et.al. list by the Facebook yDNA Administrator group have been moved to the bottom of the posting)

  • Launch came before bugs were worked out.  The following glitches still aren't fixed yet

    • Administrator names accurately displayed
    • Clear labeling for WorldFamilies Icon, so the searcher understands why they want to click the Icon
    • Layout and Links were designed only for a project using FTDNA's website
    • Coupon isn't turned off after being used - imagine being the person ready to place an order because of a coupon and finding it doesn't work
    • The "Project Website" url is not accessible for edit when Project is converted to myGroups - and the edit isn't being updated at the myGroups page even if you un-converted so that you could access & edit it; then reconverted
    • The posting thread is named "Activity Feed"  (who knows what an activity feed is?)
    • probably others I missed
  • Stops short of being a true Home page

    • Page for ordering kits through the project ("Join" page) is not reachable from the myGroups page
    • Project Description is at Ordering page ("Join") instead of at myGroups page
    • Searcher at FTDNA for a Project is first sent to the FTDNA Ordering Page, where the myGroups url is also provided, 
    • It's really awkward to reach the myGroups page in any case - which shouldn't be the case for a "Home Page"
    • Searcher should be routed to access all of the project info (at myGroups) before being offered to buy a test - not afterwards
    • No Text Field and display block for the Administrator to provide a welcome message
    • No functional customization for Admin (such adding more links to left side bar, hiding ones with no info, ...)
    • Page title doesn't use the Project name defined by Project Administrator
  • And most importantly, it isn't obvious and crystal clear how to get to the project's DNA Results and related information when the project site isn't at FTDNA Public pages.  (FTDNA has stated they will fix this for WorldFamilies' Projects.  FTDNA haven't commented to me on other projects with their own project site)

I'll update this in the coming weeks.  Here are links to my Barton converted project site - so that you can see the banner approach that we are testing and will use if we aren't satisified that the myGroups page provides crystal clear routing to the WorldFamilies project sites



Items being addressed by the Facebook yDNA Administrators group:

  • Searcher who isn't signed in to FTDNA (which requires a DNA kit) can't access the administrator's email
  • "DNA Results" link doesn't take the searcher to their WorldFamilies results page - it takes them to the FTDNA Public Page Results - which we don't support
  • Surnames count and project total counts don't match other displayed counts - sometimes in the same screen view
  • myGroups pulls data from odd locations. It's difficult to figure out how/where in order to make changes to earlier Admin inputs

FTDNA myGroups - wiki approach to providing comments to FTDNA

Debbie Kennett has organized a "wiki" style listing of issues with the new myGroups system.  You need to be a member of Facebook's yDNA Project Administrator's Group to access the discussion and to participate in the input.  I applaud this effort for being be a shared effort - where admins can express support or disagreement for a suggestion.  FTDNA is paying attention to this list, but make no committment to address everything.

There is some similiarity and overlap between the Facebook ADministrator's effort and my comments above.  In general, the Facebook based effort is focused on glitch fixes, where my focus addresses glitches but has a strong focus on getting the myGroups page to where it is truly the FTDNA Project's Home page and where the linkages are fairly and correctly linked to the project info display - no matter where it is. 

I am going to work to shift my posting to focus on the Home Page and Real-Project-Site-Connection issues and defer to the Facebook listing to get the glitches fixed


wanted help.

My name is Mindy Le. I am amerasian (half Vietnames, half white american). I am looking for my dad who is American soldier, he came to Vietnam during the war. I do not have any information about him. Do i have any chance to find him through DNA test? If yes, please give me advice and guide me how to do it: what kind of Test should I order.
Thank you very much.
Mindy Le.

your message

Did anyone answer you?? Yes, you could certainly use this tool. Use the family finder test...which is $99 and would certainly help you zero in on your Dad. Let me know if questions....Louise Melton-Breen

you will find him

keep hope in your heart, you have a very good chance of good leads through DNA search

Using DNA to find Father

From your name I surmise that you are female. That makes it a little harder. Also remember that your dad may never take a DNA test. But he may have other children who do. Getting to a site like GEDMatch may help to expose your DNA to others who may be related to your father .
You may be looking at a life of hard work, 100s of hours on a computer, etc.
I worked as a Chaplain in Vietnam and tried to help other Amerasians who attended my Bible studies.

wanted help.

My name is Mindy Le. I am amerasian (half Vietnames, half white american). I am looking for my dad who is American soldier, he came to Vietnam during the war. I do not have any information about him. Do i have any chance to find him through DNA test? If yes, please give me advice and guide me how to do it: what kind of Test should I order.
Thank you very much.
Mindy Le.

mcglynn quinn Lesny skitzki garbacik


Groups Page

Hi Terry,

I have a work-around for the "DNA Results" not going to the results page at WF, which is my main complaint with the new groups pages. Since all the links at FTDNA seem to end up on the "about" page, I put links there to the results, etc., as you can see at:

Rick Saunders

Hi, Rick. Really like your

Hi, Rick. Really like your approach.

Terry, Could you put together a how-to that would describe the process of modifying the myGroups "About" page? I assume that we could use Rick's html as a template and perform a change-all from short to , which should get us 80% of the way down the road. One of the advantages of doing so would be to provide a level of consistency in the WFN projects.


Hi Rick.  I am still trying to get the links that display on the myGroups page to send members and searchers directly to the project info at WorldFamilies.  To the extent that fails, I will be doing something very similar to what you are doing.  Terry 

Allen Jones Dixon, his daughter Elizabeth Dixon, & her mtDNA

I have direct maternal descend from Elizabeth Dixon who married John Brickwall Hendrix. My mtDNA is U5A2A1D, so that is also hers. my mother was a Lewis, daughter of Minnie Brantley, daughter of Marintha Cowart, daughter of Eleanor Hendrix, daughter of Elizabeth Dixon. There are conflicting claims for her parentage. Hard evidence is needed. Any children or direct maternal descendants of Elizabeth Hendrix (nee Dixon) will have her U5abaid haplotype,

There are also strong disagreements about whether her mother was born a Tallent or a Hendrix/Hendricks, related to her husband. It is important that Allen Jones Dixon, whose father, Robert Dixon, was killed by Tories when Allen was very young was raised by his mother (Susannah Jones, daughter of Francis Jones) and Luke Mizell. They also raised some of Francis Jones' other grandchildren, it has been said. This extended family which included Bowen & Hendrix would have led to the daughter of Allen Jones Dixon knowing John Brickwall Hendrix, well, who she married, according to public record. Though I know of no historic record identifying her as daughter of Allen Jones Dixon & Susannah Hendricks or a Susannah Hendricks, nee Tallent, which are conflicting traditions.

There seems to be mtDNA evidence that Rachel Bowen in the previous generation of that much intermarried cluster was U5a2a1d haplotype.

Some of her other children's descendants argue that there is a family Bible of a Windsor Dixon which lists her with the birthdate 9 April 1807, but I have tried to find that image & it does not seem to be available on line.
What is available is a typed piece of paper with the children of Windsor Dixon, incl. an Elizabeth. That birthday is scribbled in with the POSSIBILITY that she is the one who married John Brickwall Hendrix, with a question mark. That is proof of SPECULATION, but it is not proof of fact, as being found in a Bible is often taken to be.

There's also a different birthday given for her.
I understand that the Huxford magazine says that Elizabeth Dixon is the daughter of Allen Dixon, but is there hard evidence?

Comments re myGroups and FTDNA

Hi Terry,
I have a couple of comments about the FTDNA groups:

1. This problem is not restricted to MyGroups - but there is no way to update members' haplogroups / terminal SNPs with data from other companies. I have been tested as S668+ but as far as FTDNA is concerned I am and will probably always be M222.

2. It would be nice if members could automatically be informed by personal email when new posts are submitted to the "Activity Feed" - even nicer if the email could include the actual content of the post. This would keep people aware of what's happening in their group without having to take the initiative to periodically log in.

3. The coupon code messages are great, except that they clog up the feed, pushing earlier posts by members down the queue where they can easily be missed. I think maybe posts from FTDNA should appear separately in some way.

I suppose I'd be better off sending these comments to FTDNA rather than to this forum, though I doubt they'd carry much weight.

Geoff Melloy


How do I find the mtDNA page to view matches? New here and not understanding this site.

Pedigree for Gunn Group

Patrick Gunn born in County Monaghan, Ireland in 1804 by Michael B. Gunn
Michael Gunn born in County Monaghan, Ireland in 1844. To USA in 1854.
Michael William Gunn, b. 1868 in Cincinnati, OH, USA
William M. Gunn, b. 1891, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Bernard W. Gunn, b. 1916, Cinti., OH, USA
Michael B. Gunn, b.1939, Cinti., OH, USA
155371 , Kit No.


Terry and John:

It has been many years since I was involved with this project. I was one of the first members to start with Family DNA, and was active for several years. Something happened, I do not remember what, but I drifted away and now that I am 80 years old, I want to get involved again. I have several problems that I need help with. First I do not know where or what my kit number was, and do not know what password was sent back after my samples were tested. Is there some way I can get these items again? Hoping you or someone can help, I remain.


Thomas A. Markham,Sr.


I suggest you call ftdna or email them for help with your kit # and they can tell you how to get a new password.

" Mr. Edmonds"Marriage

I would like to find out if anybody has any information on a "Mr.Edmonds" that was married to Mae, Mamie Mae, Carter, or Carpenter in the late 1890's. She, Mamie Mae, was born in Bloomington, Ind. 4-29-1878. She was born a Carter but was raised by Carpenter. She married Chas. Emil Peterson 1-12-1896 and on the marriage application she says that her husband "Mr. Edmonds" had died more than a year before that date.I believe that "Mr. Edmonds" is my Great grandpa and that his son, William Ray, was raised as a Peterson after Mamie Mae married Chas. Emil Peterson.

I have no information on "Mr.Edmonds", first name, DOB, place of birth, etc.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Howell connection

Henry Howell b abt 1755 NC, Orange or Southampton Co.
Ma. Jane O. Collins 11 July 1784.
Served in NC Line, American Revolution alongside bro-in-law Henry Ivy.
Relocated to Hawkins Co.,(later became part of Grainger Co. TN).
Died 4 Oct 1819
NEED PROOF of children, names & places of birth. Jane 1788, John 1799, Joseph 1801, Henry Jr. 1803, William 1803, Thomas K 1804, Prudence 1807, Susannah 1809.
No Census available for 1800 or 1810.
Clues/hints as to parentage of Henry appreciated, Fa COULD be John, b 1725,
great grfa COULD be Joshua b 1680 VA.
Thanks for any/all help. Dorothy Howell Carroll, Kit # 318717.

Howell connection

Henry Howell b abt 1755 NC, Orange or Southampton Co.
Ma. Jane O. Collins 11 July 1784.
Served in NC Line, American Revolution alongside bro-in-law Henry Ivy.
Relocated to Hawkins Co.,(later became part of Grainger Co. TN).
Died 4 Oct 1819
NEED PROOF of children, names & places of birth. Jane 1788, John 1799, Joseph 1801, Henry Jr. 1803, William 1803, Thomas K 1804, Prudence 1807, Susannah 1809.
No Census available for 1800 or 1810.
Clues/hints as to parentage of Henry appreciated, Fa COULD be John, b 1725,
great grfa COULD be Joshua b 1680 VA.
Thanks for any/all help. Dorothy Howell Carroll, Kit # 318717.


Need to know more about James Seymore who his father is.James was born in Ms May 1849 and d. 1910.James son is my grandfather Pearly Seymour Born 4-22-1881 Franklin County Ms. D. in La on 4-29-1975.Pearly had a son which is my father Dayton B. Seymour 10-5-1923 Baskin,La.d.in March 17.2002 in Bastrop,La. Dayton daughter is Margie E. Seymour Hadley Born in Bastrop,La on 7-10-1959 and now lives in Sterlington,La.


I have not received any results from my tests. Am hoping they are not lost.

My email at the time I returned my samples was: jpobjecky05@comcast.net

Address was: 14001 Stroubles Creek Road Blacksburg, Virginia 24060

I am currently in Florida. Address: 3060 Las Palmas Drive Titusville, Florida 32780

Current email: jpobjecky@att.net

Cell Phone: 321-576-2555

Tests were paid for. Hope this can be resolved. Thank you

Where do I find a link to post to a project?

Can't find one, so I'll just throw it in here and cross my fingers. I just got back my Y-DNA results, one result at 0 distance at the 37 level stands out since he includes a small tree. Surname is Gould or Gold. However, it appears that surname project is either closed down or very inactive. Any suggestions? And I cannot post a pedigree because I have none. :-(

Culver project

I no longer remember how to find the Culver project. I would like to see if anything new has been entered.

Wolf Goldschmidt (Benjamin Zev).

Need to know more about my ancestry about Wolf Goldschmidt the Father of Benedictus Baruch Goldsmit born 1686-1770 married Elizabeth (Esther Nathan 1686-1777 ) they had a son with the civilian Name Jacob Bendix ( on Hebrew Bendit born 1736-1802 ) married Elsabe Catharina Peters. They had a daugther Wiebke Herzner Bendix married Engel Daniel Kiebenick . They had a daugther they call Anna Margaretha Kiebenick , they are in the Friedrichstadt register in Germany. I have all the Church book copies.

My DNA Swabb Test Kit number 329543 say´s that I am related to the Native American´s Quanah Nacona Parker from Oklahoma in USA. Trace back to a person called Nathaniel (the Settler US ) from England. He was Jewish.

TEL mobile is this: +298 227754 and email : faroesjew@olivant.fo adrs . Mr. Magnus T. J. Johansen - Gedaliah Ben Yohanan ( Yockhanan). The Faroe Islands. The Danish Kingdom.

Kit# Matches with no Pedigree or contact number provided

I was hoping to contact those associated with Kit# 391761 and Kit#14299. My kit number matches both of these but I cannot find their pedigree. I would like to contact each of this persons. I have been at a dead end in my Mann line and have been searching for 20 years. It would mean so much to be able to contact those associated with those kit numbers.

Hood & Anderson Farms: William Henry Hood 1812

Hi Terry
I am a descendant of William Henry Hood & Sarah Richardson of Wake County.I was told It would be beneficial to do a DNA. Although I have had records and a family tree and written lineage dating back 200 years or more. how do I go about getting the DNA done????

Kenneth Hood


I have been off line for quite a while, and I am having trouble with the new format for the site. Would appreciate any tips that are available.


Jones DNA

I have DNA testing for a male Jones descendant. How and where can I compare it to other researchers?

Melton project

I need to add some new spellings to the Melton Project home page and am not able to edit the home page. What is the trick??

Why was my information removed?

I don't know how to upload all of the DNA tests I've been doing on my Myers family. Can someone help me?

I have FTDNA Kit Numbers:
416600 James Joseph Myers
395034 Arthur Leo Myers b 5/15/1923 Living

Martin Myers b 1760 b Hesse Cassel Homebressen Germany A Hessian Soldier
Alvin Myers b 7/7/1789 I have Batismal Cert. for he & brother Surzardus
Simon Myers b 1818 PA d 1902 Chicago
Ambrose Milton Myers b 1847 IN d 1914 Chicago
George Franklin Myers b 1883 IN d 1955 OR
John Robert Myers b 1917 Chicago Illinois d 1982 CA
Margie Myers only offspring

I also have the Ancestry.com Y-DNA test that was a real rip-off for Arthur Leo Myers
if that would e of any use also.

Margie Myers

Findlay families

Would like to know how to connect with the Findlay families.


Gaston Genealogy

Hello. I am Gaston on my mother's side. Research to date has been limited on her father's side, but I have tracked down a half uncle (my maternal grandfather's son via his second marriage). It seems the Pennsylvania branch of the Gaston family has been little recorded/researched (as far as I can tell). With any luck he, and maybe his brothers, will be willing to participate in the DNA testing. My mother's maternal Gaston lineage (long story) is primarily New Jersey based. I do not know if any of the male Gastons from that side have been tested. If I can contact them, I will do what I can to encourage their participation. In the meantime I hope to piece together the puzzle that is my family tree.


Hi Terry
You know me from the Crowell / Cromwell Group. I have not been able to get my brother to do the swab test. I am now onto another family group from the fraternal side, too.
I am not interested in the DNA test. I am interested in filling in information on my ancestor William Doran who was the father of my great great grandmother his first child Margaret who married Josiah (aka Joseph) Leedy and died in 1874 in Springfield MO.
I am also interested in a discussion about the origin of the Doran name. For the life of me I cannot squeeze it into a Gaelic spelling. My opinion is it originated in the palatine emmigrants who either travelled too late to join with Wm Penn and were subsequently placed by the English in Ireland where they remained for a generation. There are no Doran family remaining in Ireland.
Meredith Crowell

Sands Project

I seem unable to find the administrator's name for the Sands Project. To be specific, I would like to contact the owner of kit 68157. His oldest known ancestor has the same name as mine and was born about the same time.

Many thanks.

Gipson from Franklin co Tennessee

Looking for history of my family name. I can get to Allen Gibson but no farther. Any help would be great

4-way match with same ancestral surname

I am one of a 4-way Y-DNA match (gd 3 at 67 markers, all with the same ancestral surname). I have even traced us all back to the same location in the UK in the 1600s through documented evidence. However, we are recorded as "ungrouped" in the lineage list. If we could be grouped together - and the location of our family roots in the 1600s was shown on your lineage chart, surely it would encourage other people with the same surname and ancestors from the same area to take a Y-DNA test.

The lineage groups seem to focus very much on families in the US who believe they have roots in the UK. What about people in the UK - who are trying to trace their earlier English ancestors?


So far looks like Im the only one lots of gab all of it seems to be wrong I am here A3OA31A is there any others where


I am waiting on my mtDNA but wanted to get started.
My mother born Eleanor Jean Pendleton in Battle Creek Michigan 1923 was placed for adoption with the Childrens Aid Society and adopted by the Matthews on Dec. 1924 in the city of Mason.
Going through any close matches on Family Tree.

Lucy/Lucinda Owens

I'm trying to discover the parentage of Lucy/Lucinda Owens and any mtDNA matches of mine so that we can compare our lines. Lucy is the last maternal relative that I can find but I don't know her parentage so have been stuck for a few years now. My mother's mother died when she was 8 so there is a huge loss of family knowledge. Here is my maternal lineage, starting with my Moorhead mother.

Ruth J. Moorhead b 1929 in Las Angeles CA, d 1998 WA (dau of William Homer Moorhead)
-Ruth J. Handy b 1908 in Joplin MO, d 1938 San Bernadino CA (dau of Bert Jacob Handy)
---Jennie Baker b 1874 in Red Oak Junction IA, d 1908 Joplin, MO (dau of James A Baker)
----Sarah "Sally" Ann Terry b 1837 Highland OH, d 1916 Joplin MO (dau of John Terry)
-----Polly Horton b 1812 NC, d abt 1900, prob OH or MO (dau of Jacob Horton)
------Phoebe Pearce b 1781 Highland OH, d 1854 Highland OH (dau of Elisha Pearce)
-------Lucy Owens b 1755 Surry NC, d unknown (dau of William Owens b 1725 Maryland VA

That's as far as I can go. I am hoping to discover the mother of Lucy Owens and continue the maternal tree.