FTDNA Long form

FTDNA is starting to share their y-Haplogroup Long Form info again after hiding it last summer (shortly after they switched to reporting what they first called "Terminal SNPs" and what is now called "Short Hand")

This should be good news - but it is not.  Here's why:

  • ISOGG yTree

    • THE standard reference for the y-Haplogroup Tree (yTree)
    • Publicly available for all users - world wide
  • FTDNA yTree

    • Distinctly different from ISOGG’s yTree
    • Not available in tree form - publicly or to customers
    • Long form info now displayed with reported short hand on Project ySNP page
    • Unnecessary confusion

Here is my own long form - from both ISOGG & from FTDNA:

ISOGG:  R1b1a2a1a2b1b    http://isogg.org/tree/ISOGG_HapgrpR.html
FTDNA:  R1b2a1a1a1a3a4  https://www.familytreedna.com/public/barton/default.aspx?section=ysnp

Ugly!  Three differences in the first 6 digits and completely different after 9 digits - even to the point of not having the same number of digits (13 at ISOGG vs 14 at FTDNA)  Both versions are based on my short hand - R-L196.

So - be prepared for lots of questions and user concern.  Sigh.

Until FTDNA can arrange for ISOGG and FTDNA yTree alignment, they should hide their long form info.


Haplogroup Nomenclature

Hi Terry,

In one of my project result tables, I post FTDNA's short form, their long form, AND the old YCC/ISOGG 2008 format.  At some point the SNP haplogroup tree is going to solidify, but until it does (and we can go back to using a settled "driving directions" format), it's nice to have a familiar "E1b1a8a" to at least know what general neighborhood we're talking about.

-Mark Bunch

My Cowart ancestry

My great grandmother is Marintha Cowart, daughter of Eleazar Lewis Cowart, Jr. (1835-1916) & Eleanor "Ellen" Hendrix, of Emanuel Co., Ga.
Marintha & Eleanor Hendrix Cowart are both in my direct maternal line. My mtDNA is U5a2aid at FTDNA & U5a2a2 t 23&Me.
I am looking for ther Cowart or Hendrix descendants with U5a2aid or U5a2a2.

Haplogroup Nomenclature

Mark - I agree that it's unsettling to not have a stable reference and it's great that you provide multiple references of the Haplogroup.  However, I do wonder if using the very old 2008 YCC/ISOGG tree is helpful - compared to providing the current ISOGG tree. 

I do agree that whatever Haplogroup reference we report will be confusing, as ISOGG, FTDNA, yFull, 23andMe and ancestry,com are not in alignment - which means that the same "last SNP" underlying your reported haplogroup is very likely to have a different long-form at one or more of the other yTrees.  And, the trees are quickly changing - meaning that even at the same reporting location, your long-form can be differnt than it was the last time you looked. 

Given the confusion, I choose to use ISOGG as my reference - as it is openly reported, uses available information from all vetted sources, and is done by a large group of dedicated citizen scientists.  

  • FTDNA does not openly report their yTree
  • yFull uses only data from tests they have analyzed themselves
  • Both 23andMe and ancestry.com use out-of-date yTrees for their reference.


James Ezell Sr. b. 1730 -descendant-new to your site!

I just registered at your site. Not sure how to proceed on site, so am emailing my pedigree here.

James Ezell Sr. b. 1730 Surry Co., VA, d. 1800 Orange Co., NC

his son: James Ezell Jr., b. 1750 Isle of Wight Co., VA, d. 1825 Grainger Co., TN

his son: Solomon Ezell b. abt 1797 Orange Co., NC , m. Mary Patterson abt 1816

his son: Drury (Dewie) Ezell b. 11 Mar 1825 Rutledge, Jefferson, Tennessee,
m. Mary Adaline Jackson 22 Jun 1851

his son: ROBERT HOUSTON EZELL b. 04 Feb 1855 Springfield, Illinois,

his dau.: MATTIE ' GRACE ' EZELL b. 27 Dec 1885 Denison, Texas,
1st hus. L. Z. Champion

her dau. LAURA ELAINE CHAMPION b. 06 Oct 1907, d. 18 Jan 2002,

her son: b. after 1910
his dau.: myself/ Jan

thanks for your website & further instructions,


i am a granddaughter of Grace Bradley b. 1860 dundas co,ON

Will be in the Brockville area this coming week for a funeral of susan pope.
another granddaughter of Grace Bradley

William Benjamin Cash

I am trying to find the lineage of William Benjamin Cash, b. 24 APR 1855 in Kanawha County, WV. DC says father was William Cash of Alexandria, VA and grandparents were Lee and Statia Cash, probably born about 1795. If anyone can help me with this it would be great!!

Thanks, Cindy

Direct line: William Henry Hood to Kenneth W. Hood

I am told I should take a DNA by members of the Hood Family, but my pedigree is:
William Henry Hood 1812-1868 Mary Ellis(First wife)
*William H. Hood Jr. 1842-1901 & Sarah Richardson

William Jr.1969-1906
**Marcus W. Hood 1871-1911 married Emma Wiggs**
Electra 1875-
Lignall 1887

Marcus & Emma Wiggs Lineage;
***Carson V.1897-1987- Fannie Mae Mitchell***
Sara Ann: 1898-1900
Lyda: 1900-1977
Marcus Henry: 1905-1980

Carson V Fannie M. Mitchell
Ruby Bell, Emma Lee, Norma Lee, Dorothy Mae, Louis Albert, Elbert Lee

Louis A. Hood:1931-2001 Married Margaret Faye Barbour, 1944-1987
Kenneth W. Hood: 1963-. married Connie Locklear
Son:Thomas Christopher Hood 1988. he married Tiffany Hearne
Thomas Christopher C. Hood Jr 2007. & Aelijah Wayne Hood 2009,

Early USA Cunninghams

Earliest known Cunningham in USA, Job Cunningham.
Earliest known recorded sighting..."Upper Cape may County NJ...taxed on hourse", 1810
possible other known but unproven Cunningham relatives, in Burlington, NJ.
Location of possible same Job Cunningham in MA before 1810 connex with Dodge family (unproven)
In some early NJ cencus Job from Glassboro/Franklin Twp. NJ indicated his family was from "Germany". Cencus taker may have made notation in error bacause Job's neighbors were from Germany.

James Harvey Shepherd/Nancy Puckett

This is our projected great grand parents and we are searching for other descendants to them among our matches etc any help would greatly appreciated as we know nothing on our paternal new found side at all.