Identify yMatches

One of the frustrations of using the FTDNA system is in trying to identify your matches - as you see them in the Project Results Table - so that you can be sure that you know which ones you have contacted and which ones not.   

On your myFTDNA kit page yDNA Matches, you are told

  • man's name
  • email address
  • earliest ancestor
  • haplogroup
  • genetic distance at a specific marker level
  • Whether this is an "In the Project" or "FTDNA Database" comparison
  • But - not the kit number.

On the proejct results pages at FTDNA Public Pagesand at WorldFamilies, you see

  • kit number
  • earliest ancestor
  • haplogroup
  • But no contact info
  • You can manually calculate the genetic distance

It's a pain, but if you work systematically, you can usually figure out which match in your FTDNA Matches list is which kit number in the Results Table

Here's a sequence of steps that I follow:

  1. Are there any differences in myFTDNA yDNA Match listing in your project vs in the entire database?

    1. Note these
    2. If you are a member of multiple projects, check each project to see if the ones not in "your" project are in that project
  2. Start with Matches within "your" Project,

    1. Working in the Matches in "your" Project display

      1. compare the highest level match listing with the Results Table

        1. Earliest Ancestor info - for each Earliest Ancestor listed in the match list

          1. if there is only one matching Earliest Ancestor, those two go together
          2. If more than one kit has an identical Earliest Ancestor, check for differences in

            1. Haplogroup shorthand
            2. Testing level
            3. Genetic Distance level
            4. Hopefully, this will allow you to put a kit number with each man you match
      2. Compare at each of the other matching levels, using the same logic
      3. Go through this same logic with each project where you have membership
    2. Are there still results in your Match List or Lineage (genetic group) who are not identified?

      1. Compare notes with the men who are on your FTDNA Match list to see if they can identify them
      2. Join "their" project to see if you can identify them that way - using above logic
      3. Keep a list of the ones you can't identify - you may eventually identify them
  3. Use the third symbol to the right of your yDNA Match's name ("Click to Add a Note") to list

    1. his kit number
    2. have you attempted contact
    3. what you have learned about him

Note:  This process is easiest when the Results Table is at WorldFamilies - as we group by genetic family - which we call Lineages.This process is also easy at FTDNA Public Pages when the administrator has grouped by genetic matches.

Hopefully, FTDNA will provide the kit number with their yDNA match list at some stage.  Until then, we'll do the best we can, using techniques like this one