Merry Christmas!

I usually don't post a Holiday greeting message on the blog, but decided this is the year.

We celebrate Christmas at our house, so forgive me if I've wished you a "Merry Christmas" at some stage, when that isn't your holiday.  For me, this is a magical time of year, with lots of good wishes, beautiful music, special church services (including Christmas Eve - a long-standing tradition in our home), presents and family. 

Family is so very special.  This year, we are already blessed, as our daughter who lives very far away joined us yesterday and has spent most of the day in the kitchen with my wife - cooking, talking, laughing and watching cheesy old Christmas movies..  In a few hours, a treasured niece will arrive with her husband and three grown children - family we haven't seen in a number of years.  And - the blessing multiplies, as a number of my wife's family living on the east side of the country will arrive tomorrow to share this special time.  Then, the next day, our son and his family will arrive.  By Christmas Eve, our visitors will have moved on to other places and we'll be alone with our children, daighter-in-law and grand-daughters - just in time for the namesake day of the Holiday Season for us - Christmas Day.  Presents, food, laughter, sharing and playing - always a special time.

It's also a time for remembering - as too many family members are no longer with us.  We miss them every day, but a little more during this special season.

It's interesting to contemplate the Christmas season we treasure and think about my ancestors from earlier times.  So far, everyone I have discovered has been Christian - though faiths have varied.  For them, Christmas was a solemn, religious day.  Maybe, their way was better?  It's easy to make that argument when you consider the reason we celebrate Christmas - Christ's birthday.  hmmm.  I wonder how Christmas will be celebrated in future generations? 

From my Home to you and yours - Merry Christmas!  and Happy Holidays!