Cart, No Horse

I just answered yet another person who did their Geno 2.0 test at National Geographic without understanding how things go together.  Here is the basic info I gave him:

You have a cart, but no horse.  The Geno 2.0 is a supplemental test to provide additional insight to the yDNA surname test.  You can do some things with Geno 2.0 without a surname test, but you are limited:                                                                                                                                                

  • You can join your Geno 2.0 results to FTDNA and then to your surname project
  • You have no ySTR (marker) info – which is the basis for Surname DNA project work
  • If you get your ySTR (marker) info through a 37 or 67 yDNA test, you’ll have the missing backbone for your surname research
  • Your SNPs and Haplogroup definition will be a very good set of incremental info if you elect to do a yDNA test

If you wish to pursue your Surname research, you should

  1. Join your Geno 2.0 test to FTDNA (google for specific instructions)
  2. Join your test to the your Surname project
  3. Order an “Upgrade” of a 37 or 67 yDNA test
  4. Once you get your results, they will be displayed in the surname project, along with the relevant portion of y-Haplogroup from your Geno 2.0 test

There are several other ways to get your "Cart before the Horse" when you are trying to do Surname DNA research. 

Before you order any of the following tests, you should FIRST test a male family representative on AT LEAST 37 yDNA.  (often 67 or even 111 yDNA is more helpful)  This basic yDNA test (37, 67 or 111 yDNA) is the horse for all of your following Surname Research.   (For surname research, all other tests are a supplement to the basic yDNA test)

"Cart before the Horse" Tests

1. Family Finder (autosomal DNA test)
2. Any mtDNA test
3. Geno 2.0 test
4. BritainsDNA or other similar SNP test

If in doubt - ask (your Surname Project administrator)