Gleason Family

It is my privilege to rub shoulders with many of the best and brightest genetic genealogy researchers in the world.  A number of the administrators we support at WorldFamilies are a part of this special group. 

Today, I'd like to recognise one administrator in particular - Judy Gleason Claassen, administrator of the Gleason Surname DNA project for the past 5-1/2 years - and a Gleason researcher for many years.  She has just published her research and made this announcement today to her project members.



Dear members of the Gleason Family at FTDNA,

This is a bulk e-mail for all of our members whose DNA falls under Lineage 1, the descendants of Thomas Gleason, immigrant from England.

After many years of research on the Gleason family, it was my privilege to at last discover the true origin of our Patriarch. Many have believed that Thomas originated in Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, simply because White's genealogy of the Gleason family suggested that he might have and that his name might have been Leeson, not Gleason. These assumptions of White have been at last proven wrong. The family's name was spelled Gleson on the parish registers of Cockfield, Suffolk, England, where his father and mother were married in 1602, where he was born in 1609, where he married Susanna Page in 1634, and where his four oldest children were born. 

This discovery was made a year ago, and I submitted my findings for publication in The Register, Journal of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. I was advised not to let the information out until publication, so I have kept the secret until now. Our Patriarch Page and Y-results page have been corrected with this new information. If you are a member of NEHGS you may read the article online at and download it from the January issue. If you are not a member, and wish to have a copy or a genealogical summary, please contact me at

Last summer I visited St. Peter's Church in Cockfield and was warmly welcomed by the locals. They graciously offered to find lodging in local homes for any American descendants of Thomas who choose to visit the church. They are justly very proud of the beautiful old church that dates to the 14th century, and the membership is struggling to keep it going. Donations in memory of your Cockfield ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

I warn you that reading the article might be a bit tedious, as conformity to the accepted style and format for genealogy papers was required. It was necessary to start with proof of the relationship between Thomas and the Page family of Watertown, MA, then introduce evidence that the Page family was from Suffolk, etc. You might want to skip over the wills. But the paper tells quite a lot about the families of Thomas and Susanna, and their forebears.

Please update your Earliest Known Ancestor information on your personal FTDNA pages when you can.

It has been a great experience for me to serve as your FTDNA administrator, and I wish you all the joy of finding answers of your own.


Judith Gleason Claassen
Administrator Gleason Family, FTDNA


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