Intl Conf Wash DC

The Institute for Genetic Genealogy just announced the 2014 International Genetic Genealogy Conference. 

This is your chance to meet and learn from many of the brightest stars in Genetic Genealogy!  I just went down the list of speakers that Tim & CeCe have pulled together and it will be a special time for me - as I know nearly all of them - and always enjoy a chance to catch up with them  (though there is SO MUCH packed into the conference that there won't be much time for chatting). 

There have never been this many top notch Genetic Genealogy speakers sharing their knowledge in one place at one time.  I am really looking forward to this conference!  I hope that you will join us.

Washington DC August 14-16, 2014

More info at the site:


I can't say that I like the way they scheduled speakers. For example, you and CeCe are to speak at the same time. I would like t hear you both. Same goes for Thomas Krahn and Maurice Gleeson. Also Jim Wilson and Kathy Johnston. Reminds me of a hunting dog I once had that could not decide between two ducks I had downed. She first picked up one, then dropped it for the other, then dropped that one for the first. Finally the dog gave up and returned to me without either.

Scheduling Challenge

Hi Paul.  When I looked at the draft schedule for scheduled speakers, I felt the same concern.  Fortunately, I was able to feel a clear preference for one of the speakers at most time slots (but not all).  Maybe we'll have to convince Tim and CeCe to make it 4 days next year so that we can hear all of the speakers?

You are distressed that I am speaking at the same time as CeCe?  How do you think I feel?  chuckle.   She's a sweetheart - and a distant cousin of mine - according to Family Finder.

I hope you are able to out-achieve your hunting dog.  I look forward to seeing you in August!


Family name Wilcox

My family live in Walsall, England.
I have been researching the name since the 1901 Census was published in the year 2001. Since then I have discovered that my earliest recorded ancestor John b 1639 and I were born within a mile of each other.
My database has over a thousand Wilcox's on file, more than half of whom I can trace back to John. My aim is to connect 1639 John to Jone Wilcox who married Francis Marsh 12 November 1598 at the Parish Church of St. Mathew.

Brian Wilcox