Hooray! A huge announcement from FTDNA on 11-9-13! The BIG Y

This is a new huge SNP test for yDNA: Nearly 25,000 known SNPs, placing you deep on the haplotree. 10 Million base-pair coverage - more than any other Y-DNA test on the market.

This is only for men already tested at FTDNA at this tine. The test is listed at $695 and is on sale this month for $495. There is a further discount for men previously tested in the Walk thru the Y.

I will be doing this test and will be expecting to see new SNPs and spectacular increases in the y-Haplogroup tree. More soon.


Update - 11-14-13

My Big Y test is now underway, with results projected for very early January. I have been seeing a lot of order notices and hearing a lot of buzz.  There is a lot of excitement and anticipation within the Genetic Genealogy Community.  I'll provide updates as new info is available.

Also - take a look at two of my prior Blog entries ("LineageDeepClade" and SNPs are Coming!") which I just pulled up to the top of "Terry's Blog" listings.  

If you want to work together with your genetic family - read my 2012 "LineageDeepClade" for ideas of how to collaborate.  If you want to join me in the anticipation of this major breakthrough - read my 2011 prediction "SNPs are Coming!"

Enjoy.  Terry


Update - 12-8-13

The Big Y results are now projected to be available "Mid February 2014".  The Big Y test is no longer on sale - meaning that you will pay the full $695 to order this test.  



Update - 2-25-14

FTDNA advised us earlier today that the first Big Y results will be released on Friday, February 28.  I am really curious to see what we will get.


Update 9-10-14

I finally received my Big Y results on April 28.  At that time, there weren't many tools and the Haplogroup projects seemed to be overcome with too much info.  I now have a second Big Y test from my Lineage and there are somewhat better tools.  It appears that there will be at least two SNPs that are only in Barton Lineage I (making a total of 3)  I am waiting on two more Big Y tests from Barton Lineage I..  It's my hope that I will be able to discern branches within our Barton Lineage I.

big Y

I have my dad, kit 17113, testing thru African Ancestry simply because it was $210 vs the $495 thru FTdna. We'll see how it works out. I just couldn't do the FT right now, even with the discount.


What did you actually buy?

To tbunch:  I found several DNA testing companies when I searched for "african ancestry" - including two who actually focus on African Ancestry.  None of these companies offer a test that compares or competes with the "Big Y".  Some tests were ones that I could recognise (like yDNA, mtDNA and autosomal block) and others were described in a way that kept me from figuring out what they actually test.  You may be happy with what you get - but it will be very different from the info you would have gotten with the "Big Y".

To all Forum Readers:  If you want to know what test you are getting, want to get the best value for your money, and want the most productive comparison to genealogists who understand the use of DNA in Genealogy - you should compare your choice at any DNA testing company with what FTDNA offers (  You should also be clear that the DNA test you choose will provide the information that addresses your objective..  If you aren't sure, ask on one of the discussion boards like the ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) Newbie Forum - (go to and click on "For Newbies")   You can also click on "Resources" at ISOGG and find links to several thoughtful DNA Testing comparison tables.  If you can then make an informed decision to test somwhere besides FTDNA - go for it.  Keep in mind that the less specifics provided about what DNA is actually being tested and reported - the more likely it is to be more expensive and maybe even less useful.   Also - many of the proprietary tests offered at the various companies do not provide you with information that can be transferred to compare with testing done at other companies. 

Disclosure:  I have had a business relationship with Family Tree DNA since 2004, I initially chose to work with them because I thought that they were the best company doing DNA Testing for Genealogy.  After working with them for 9 years, I still think they are the best.  FTDNA have consistently been open, fair, honest and honorable - both to me and to the many friends, colleagues and project members I support - while offering what I beleive to be the best value for your money.  



dna results

william gibson born 1948 lives in kingsport tennessee

I could use some guidance on

I could use some guidance on finding new SNPs in a very small Haplogrop. I am the project admin for FTDNA’s project E1a1 – M44. As you know that haplogroup has relatively few members and is usually said to be of African origin. However our initial analysis of OUR tested men points to mainly “white” men of either Ashkenazi or colonial American origins, the latter with many having no proof of any origin. On the other hand as observed in the other E1a project the other sub-haplogroup breakouts are probably largely or all of African-American, self-defined.

Two of our e1a1 men did the WTY and new SNPs were uncovered. Others were then SNP tested but no new clades developed. Will the Big Y help us?

I could use some guidance on ...

Sorry, I don't check the Forum often.  All postings have to be approved because of past trouble with spammers.  If you want a timely resonse from me, please send me an email.

The expectation is that the Big Y will help anyone (or any geentic group) seeking to extend the depth of their Deep Clade.  It is testing parts of the genome that have not been commercially tested.  More info at:

I will be working through the FTDNA Halogroup project that serves my branch of theR1b tree.  The fellows who analyze things understand how to recognise new branching from SNPs much better than me.  There should be a similar effort going at Haplogroup E and maybe some of its branches.  They will be much more closely connected to your situaton than me..

Giffen / Giffin Y-DNA Project

As one who dipped his toe in the genetic testing pool about 6 years ago, I have not had much success in breaking through my genealogical "brick walls". But as Pope said, "hope springs eternal," so I decided to start a global Giffen-Giffin Y-DNA Project at FTDNA. My Uncle Curtis Giffin's Y-67 test should be completed in 7-9 weeks at which time we will start actively recruiting Giffin/Giffen candidates in Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the U.S of course and whereever else the wanderlust has taken my cousins. I have started a Facebook site called Giffin Family Tree which has already attracted 214 members from around the globe and a website is in the planning phase.

The reason for my post here is twofold. How I do get the Giffin/Giffen surname(s) included in your world families surname list and is anyone here knowledgeable in genetics have any ideas about promoting such a project. I may be reached at


Belmont County, Ohio, USA

Giffen / Giffin Y-DNA Project