9th Intl Conf

The 9th Annual International Conference for Genetic Genealogy is next week in Houston TX.   (I have been to every one)

The Conference is for Project Administrators and is always very well attended.  It goes two days and we get an array of current topics - presented by scientists, academics and citizen scientists - with a nice dose of FTDNA staff - who may fit into one, two, or all three of the categories.

For me, this is a special time - as the folks who come year after year are my friends and colleagues.  I see most of them only once a year - at this conference.  But, I also meet some folks for the first time each year - adding to my cadre of friends.

#9 will join #2 in being particularly special to me.  In 2005, at Conference #2 in Washington D.C., I presented our learnings from the Barton Surname DNA Project.  This year, at #9, I will make a presentation on Surname Project Administration - presenting both my personal approach on my ancestral surname projects and the approach we use at WorldFamilies.  (as you might expect - they are similar)  If you have considered taking advantage of our offer for a free site at WorldFamilies - this presentation could be particularly useful to you.

Hope to see YOU in Houston.