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Tiger/Tyger Family German Valley, Hunterdon Cty. NJ

Looking for relatives of the Tiger family & the origin in Germany of the family patriarch, Jacob born 1736. Family Tree DNA has found a possible link with members of the Deichert/ Dygert/ Tygert family of Huttengesaab Germany and the Mohawk Valley of NY. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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just rec'd dna results from familytreedna

My last name is Groves and recently rec'd my y dna results. However, there is not one person with the surname Groves on my matches. I am thinking there was a paternal event somewhere. How does one figure out where that happened?

I have been reading dna information for two days now and must admit I am a bit overwhelmed. There is so much to take in.

I am R1b1a2 M269.

Please forgive my ignorance in dna. I sincerely have read and reread so much material lately I am a bit on overload.



I have my dna results and have nothing but dna information over the past two days. My matches don't even show one surname with Groves or anything like that. Could be a paternal event somewhere or maybe my line is just not in familytreedna database.

Anyone have any ideas?

My results are R1b1a2 M269

thank you