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James Byrd DNA

My DNA Gaplogroup R1b Lineage VI lists the James Byrd (1797-1864)and wife Nancy Carpenter. My niece has her DNA submitted through Ancestry.com. It shows she is fourth cousin to ancestor, John Bird married to Grace Stegge who is from Byrd Haplogroup G lineage I. I would appreciate knowing how this works. Thanks.

L V Byrd

How-to - Deep Clades

My name is Robert McClure.

I was lurking until yesterday until I received the revelation that I have the same markers as being discussed and now:

I believe I may find a suitable starting point for subclade testing.

R1b1a2, I shared a mutation at CDYa of 37 and came within a genetic distance of 2 compared with another testee on the McClure DNA Project.

Indicating common ancestor 8 generations back.

When compared to a pedigree of the wife (McClure) of a brother of my 4th great grandmother pointed to John McClure, b. 1665 Northern Ireland (also in the testee’s pedigree.

Robert McClure

Maria Susan E. McClure

Are you possibly related to Maria McClure, b. 16Aug1830 in Ky, d. 23Jan1878 in In? She was married to George Washington Nugent who was my great-greatfather. If so, would be happy to share mutual information with you.

James Michael Nugent

James M Byrd & Elizabeth Bevers/Beavers

I am trying to find out names and birth/death on all children born to my James M Byrd & Elizabeth Bevers-Byrd (born ca 1800-1805 and 1805-1810 respectively In Tennessee. They are found in Mississippi documents in Mississippi in 1840's and up to at least 1854. By 1860 they are found in Hunt Count, Texas. We have found several male BYRDs that were in the Civil War from that area (JAMES BYRD, SAMUEL BYRD, etc.). We are not able to participate in a DNA test until we are able to find male BYRD descendents still living in our family to take such test. The earliest born child that we know of was Mary Ann Byrd born ca 1828 in Alabama who married a James Bonaparte Dorough/Dorrough and resided in Mississipi with their family before migrating to Leon County, Texas and then other counties (both are buried in Texas).

My 2nd great grandmother was Sarah Frances Byrd (younger daughter of James M Byrd & Elizabeth Bevers) who married John Elbert Shelton.

Anyone having information on this BYRD line (esp. male children), please email me, as we are trying to find all MALE chldren and possibly a line that has living BYRD males that could participate in a DNA.


Lynda Lehmann-French email: lynda@tableshuffleboard.org

Where do I come from?

Hello my name is Enmanuelle, for some time now I been feeling a great love and passion for Jewish people (Israel) I ask my father if we had Jewish blood and yes he told me that we do, then one of my unts from my mother side confessed to me that I was adopted , I need to find out where do I come from if is true what mu unt told me or not, by the way I'm from El Salvador my paternal last name is magaña y rosas from my mother side of course supposedtly not my mother, what should I do.

Matching Niall of the Nine Hostages

My family's match has a Niall badge, but we do not. I know there are maximum, minimum and modes shown on the project results. Could that affect us not having the Niall designation? We have also been in the project for 6 years and the Niall badge has only appeared in the last year or so.

On the Niall comparison we are 24 at marker 390, 14 at 389-1, and 30 at 389-2. We match all of the key markers at DYS 385a/b, DYS 392 and DYS 364. Can anyone help me with this?


Contacting Walsh project Adsministrator

Hi: I would like to contact the Walsh Project Administrator about contacting John J. Walsh (Kit # 131266)since he is in my possible Lineage I R1b list. Thanks.

Michael Walsh

Blounts of Ga, Tn, Va, England

Looking for materal links to Blounts of Hancock County GA

Jane Byrd

James My ggg-grandmother is Jane Byrd and ggg-grandfather ts Wllliam Randolph McDonald. Their daughter is Elizabeth McDonald married to James Hogan in Alabama. My DNA is R1b1a2, Viking out of Ireland. Jimmie Lee Robins

Y DNA Halpogroup

My father was an only child, and I have no brothers. I have no male Blankenship to do DNA testing. I want to find out what the family Y DNA is, but I have no way to do this. If anyone related to me has been tested, I would appreciate this information. I am a descendant from Ralph Blankenship that came here from England. My father's name was Floyd Blankenship born in Tennessee and died in Indiana. My grandfather was Roy Patterson Blankenship (Born in Macon County, Tennessee 1900, Died in Indiana in 1970 - however he is buried in the Hayesville Cemetary in Tennessee. My great-grandfather was Henry Barnett Blankenship (born in Macon County, Tennessee 1875, Died in Oklahoma in 1944). Henry's father was Wesley Blankenship born in 1852 in Macon County, Tennessee, and died in 1914. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.
e-mail: twilas3640@aol.com


For any of my readers with the above surname. I have detailed records going back to our common ancestor dated 1276 in West Kent, U.K. and many other parts of the UK.
We also have paper trail connections in the US
We are most interested in exploring the family as far back as possible any help and interest would be very welcome
Should you have any comments, family records, or require information, please post your request.
Ted and Mike Cockett


any information on the above would be most welcome R-M269

DdNA Results

I had taken the Ancestry Y-Chromosome DNA 46 marker test in 2011. I discovered that Simpson was my g,g,g, grandmother's maiden name and that my g,g, grandfather was born out of wedlock to the Christian family of Tazewell Virginia and Charles City Virginia. Ancestry.Com furnished me a list of names of people that were related by DNA up to 35 generations. I have been able to trace many of them but am having trouble connecting several that do ot carry the Simpson or Christian surname. Does anyone recognize any of the following names:

Richard Wayne Loveland, 3 generation match.
Dean Stanley Krahn, 6 generation match.
Michael D. Aylor, 8 generation match.
James H. Hunter, 1838-1915 Alabama

I have been unable to find anything at all pertaining to the following Christian matches;

Robert Lee Christian, 3 generation match
Darryl Brian Christian, 3 generation match

I am also trying to make the connection between the Christian families of Tazewell Virginia and the Christian Families of Charles City and Goochland Virginia.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Y-Chromosome testing

I had a 37 marker Y-chromosome test a few years ago at ancestry.com and recently the same test at familytree.com. The names of the markers were not exactly the same at the two labs, but both labs tested DYS385,388,3911,38911,390,391,392,393,426,437,438,439,442,447,448,449,454,455,456,,458,460,and 464.

Should the numbers be the same from each lab or does a DYS456, for example, mean something diffrent at eapmueNch lab?

Cornelius Beavis Durham

Does anyone have a connection with Cornelius Beavis Durham who was a miniature portrait painter in London. he was born in June 1809 and married Mary Cuisset in 1836. He was active as a painter between 1827-1858 and was associated with John Day's paintings of orchids. He had a son Cornelius John who was an Assistant Art Master at the Slade School of Arts before becoming Head Art teacher at the Bradford Technical College ca1885