Good Blogs

A number of my Genetic Genealogy colleagues also publish a blog.  (I put my own in the list in case you copy it to send to someone)

I know each of these individuals and can recommend them as a fine Genetic Genealogist and as a valuable resource to our community. 

Please let me know if you are aware of others!   Terry

R1b1a2a1a1b Haplogroup


I have tested positive for DF19 and testing right now for L644. Been working with Henry Zenker of the R-P312 & Subclade Project with Family Tree DNA. Wondering if any other Millers or non-Millers from this subclade would like to correspond. Interested in taking my Müllers from 1625 Dörrenbach Germany to farther back into that area.

Kevin Miller
(270) 559-4789
FT #96908

Blankenship Halogroup for Y DNA

My name is Twila Blankenship. I am a descendent of Ralph Blankenship that came to America from England. I am new to all this and am trying to learn. I would like to know what my Y-DNA Halogroup is. My father was an only child (so I have no uncles), and I had no brothers. I have absolutely no male Blankenship to do Y DNA testing. I was wondering if any male Blankenship decendent of Ralph,that has done a Y-DNA test, would let me know what the halogroup is, or let me know if I'm going about this all wrong. Thank you.


I have ordered a DNA test - FTDNA, and am currently waiting for the kit to be shipped to me. My information so far is Ann Oldham , b.. approx. 1770, who married John Audley, b. 1792 and d. 1746. Ann's father was John Oldham, b. 1746.