atDNA Outrage

I just read Roberta Estes' blog on's autosomal (atDNA) test.  She is a serious and long-time Genetic Genealogy Pioneer - well versed in using DNA for Genealogy.  (I haven't done the AncestryDNA (atDNA test) - at, as I don't subscribe to services, and that is currently their purchase requirement.)

If you are in the market for an autosomal block dna test (atDNA) - you should definitely read Roberta's blog before you make a purchase at ancestry:

You should also read Debbie Cruwys Kennett's Blog entry.  She is also a serious Genetic Genealogy researcher:

I have done a number of atDNA tests for my personal research and I can recommend the autosomal block dna tests (atDNA) at both FamilyTree DNA and 23andMe - the two places where I did testing.  Both of these companies are professional and both are in the business of selling dna tests - not subscription services.  My preference is the "Family Finder" test at Family Tree DNA, as that is where most of the serious genealogists test.



1. I have a business arrangement with FTDNA.  I choose to work with them becasue they stand alone in experience, quantity, quality and service in DNA testing for Genealogy - often called Genetic Genealogy.
2. I have been contacted a number of times by researchers who wanted to add their results from to one of the surname dna projects that I administer.  This will only work if the test at ancestry was a yDNA test, but it will not work with the AncestryDNA test, which is atDNA.
3. Debbie mentions the yDNA testing started in 2007 at which they seem to have now abandoned.  She didn't mention the two earlier yDNA tests that sold.  This AncestryDNA test is at least the 4th entry by into the DNA testing for Genealogy market.  Only time will tell if they stay with this one - or also abandon it.