FTDNA has recently released professionally done videos that you can see on YouTube.  There are 8 online and at least one more coming soon.  The longest, which is nearly a half hour long, is called: 

FTDNA - discover the story of you

This video covers a lot of ground and has cameos for a number of the folks I have known for years.  Included in this video, in order of appearance, are these folks from the wonderful world of Genetic Genealogy:

Bonnie Cook
Linda Magellan
Whit Athey
Richard Hill
Bennett Greenspan
Lenny Trujillo
Jane Buck
Cynthia Wells
Terry Barton
David Pike
Roberta Estes
Katherine Borges
Tim Janzen

The other videos are about 1 to 5 minutes and include:

FAQ 1 Why chose FTDNA?

FAQ 2 How does it work?

FAQ 3 I'm new to this, can you help?

FAQ 4 What could I find?

FAQ 5 I am an adoptee can you help?

FAQ 7 Find specific ancestry.

FTDNA The largest databases in the world!

Enjoy!  Terry