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I just had an email discussion with an administrator who was trying to decide whether to allow people with only a Family Finder test in his project.  I shared with him my philosophy - which I repeat here:

A surname project is for yDNA tests of men with the project surnames, those who know of a name change from one of the project surnames to the one they currently have, and those who match project members.

I have no problem with women (or men) who have one of the project surnames as their ancestral surname joining the Surname Project as long as they only have mtDNA and/or Family Finder tests.  (if they have a yDNA test, I ask them to please leave the project, as their yDNA result confuses the Surname yDNA evaluations)  I do not provide any coordination or reporting for mtDNA and Family Finder tests – though our project sites do provide a page for this purpose – should the admin want to use it.

I consider anyone with an ancestral surname that is included in the project to be a candidate for testing or sponsoring a representative of their family.  Particularly because of this special relationship (but also because I try to be a nice guy), I try to be gentle and considerate with folks who shouldn’t be in the project


fagan surname in Ireland

I am looking for male Fagan descendants in Ireland. My husbands great grandfather william Fagan came from either County Cavan or west Meath. He was born 1811. My husbands Y-hap group is R1b1a2a1b4 snp l21. Anyone out there with a match?
G fagan

R1b1a2a1b4 and L-21

Hi. That is my Y chromosome group too. Of course "Y chromosome analysis is only one chromosome. One has autosomal and mitochondrial DNA to consider, too. I am a member of the FTDNA project on R1b1a2a1b4 and L-21 - along with many others.

I suspect much of northern Ireland has a lot of these. Of course that still leaves about 44 chromosomes, right? My Dad's people hailed from the parish of Artrea in County Derry. Dad's Mother came to America from her folks place in the parish of Enniskeen in County Cavan. Some of my Mother's people came from Ireland, but others were of Swiss-German descent. My e-mail is


My maiden name is Boykin, and I did have my brother take the Nat Geo DNA genealogy test, is there a way to share that info with this project, and are you interested. Of course I had mine done as well, but that would not apply for your focus group.

Kentucky Durham

I just joined today and have for many, many years been looking for the parents of my William Durham b. 1818 and lived out his life in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. My brother did DNA but didn't really get me close enough to an answer. I hope to find this information some day before my life is done.
Cindy Durham Crawford

Father of Presley Jamison

I am looking for the father of Presley Jamison who was born in Logan county VA and died in Danville, AR in 1857. He is my ggggrandfather and I have been looking for his parents for many years. I suspect they came from Ireland, not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Elizabeth Dunnaway Hicks

I am trying to contact Gary Dunaway, whom I have seen on the message boards, to see if he can tell me about Elizabeth Dunnaway, born 1805, probably Caswell Co, NC, and probably a daughter of Archibald / Archer Dunnaway. Elizabeth married William Hicks Feb 7, 1825, Caswell Co, NC. William was born 1796, probably Caswell Co, NC, and at their wedding the bondsman/ witness was Daniel Hicks, probably William's father.

Elizabeth had a sister named Nancy Aneway Dunnaway, who married Elijah H. Pass 1820 in Person Co, which is right next door to Caswell. At Nancy and Elijah's wedding Archibald (Archer) Dunnaway was the bondsman / witness. These 2 couples picked up and moved to Blount Co, Tenn before 1833. In 1833 my husband's great grandfather, James D. Hicks, son of William and Eliza, was their 5th child, and the first child born in Blount Co, Tenn. William and Eliza had 10 children total, that are known. 5 were either deaf, or hearing and speech impaired, with James D. being the first positively known to be a hearing child. The other 5 were hearing children, and James D. was one of those who could hear. William and Eliza had only 2 deaf children that married (1) William who married, but did not have children; (2) Lans, also known as Lance, or Lancin, who may well have been Larkin Washington Hicks. He was sometimes seen as L. W. Hicks. Lans married Rosa H. Pass, his first cousin, and daughter of Nancy A. Dunnaway and Elijah H. Pass. This branch of Hicks is mostly filled with deaf or hearing and speech impaired descendants that comes forward to the present. My husband's family had no idea there was a deaf branch in the family, and were in shock when I showed them the 1850 census.

So, I have revealed all of this to say that I am hoping to find out more about Elizabeth Dunnaway / Dunaway, and her family. And, secondly, I would love to know if there was a deaf gene in the Dunnaway / Dunaway family.

Hoping to hear soon,
Warmest Regards, Mary Hicks

Request to add 67 Marker Y-DNA & New Akin Family Pedigree.

Greeting from New York,..I have a 67 Marker Y-DNA test results and 10 generation pedigee I would like to add to the Akins family website. I have ordered the 111 maker test as well as addition specific snp tests to go deep into the AS12 subclade of Haplogroup I1 with the assistance of Ken Nordtvedt.
Thanks for any assistance you could provide.
David Fulton Akin

Akin project

David - Please join the Akins project and work with the admin - Bill Hatcher

Contacting a 11/12 Y-DNA Match

I have a 11/12 Y-DNA match with Arthur Walter (kit #75682). Is there some way to find his contact information?

about Butterfield

I am looking to see if anyone here is part of this Butterfield Line.

The record of Jonas and Sally Butterfield's family that Lydia
Butterfield was born Feb. 1, 1800 in the town of Wilton. Certified by
Linda P. Jellison Town Clerk of Wilton, Maine, March 20 2000.

Mr Elijah Bunker Jr of Anson And Miss Lydia Butterfield of Wilton
intend Marriage Oct 30 1825, certificate given Nov 14 1825: George
Eustis Town Clerk certified by Linda P. Jellison Town Clerk of Wilton,
March 20 2000.

To George Eustis of the Town of wilton, from S. Strickland Justice of
the Peace a record of Marriages solemnised VIZ. Nov. 24 1825 Elijah
Bunker Jr of Anson with Lydia Butterfield of Wilton. Certified by Linda
P. Jellison Town Clerk Of Wilton, Maine March 20, 2000.

Marriage: November 24, 1825, Wilton ME

i. JONAS BUTTERFIELD8 BUNKER, b. 1827, Wilton ME; d. 1902, Will County
IL. ( my Great grandfather )

Thanks for any assistance you could provide
Betty Jo bunker

WALTON family surname project

1. I am trying to make connections between my nephew's yDNA results (which I upgraded to 67 marker in May 2009) and others on the WALTON surname project. I know there is one match with a fairly near cousin who was also tested. Now I am trying to determine if there are any connections with more distant cousins who appear primarily to be from UK. I attempted to upload a GEDCOM on our WALTON line, but I am not sure if it "took". If it did not, then I need help to learn how to upload it.

2. Recently I completed the Beta autosomal DNA test on myself. I found three good matches which confirm my earlier research based on good source documentation through my father's mother's line. How can I expand this to find connections along my father's paternal line, presumably based on the earlier 67 marker yDNA test? I uploaded a family tree to, but have not yet been able to upload a GEDCOM to ftDNA or ySearch.

Thank you.

Earliest known ancestor

How do I change the earliest known ancestor in the Y-DNA results listing?

BREEN/HORGAN Family from Castleisland

Hello anyone have a match for a Bridget CONNOR father Michael. m Daniel HORGAN abt 1863 Co. Kerry children Mary HORGAN abt 1863 died 1932 New Zealand Thaddeus (Timothy) abt 1864. Catherine (Kate) HORGAN 1866, Castleisland, died 1943 New Zealand. Norah HORGAN 1868 died 1894 New Zealand. Daniel HORGAN 1869, Castleisland & Bridget HORGAN 1869, Castleisland died 1923 Australia, Bridget & Daniel lived in Maglass Daniel died abt 1870 then Bridget remarried a John BREEN Father of John in 1872 in Ballymacelligott, Tralee had Michael BREEN 1873, Castleisland died 1874/75 The RAKAIA Ship Bridget and John immigrated with HORGAN Girls and Michael BREEN to New Zealand 1875 while HORGAN Boys went to the States. Bridget & John BREEN settled in Timaru. Bridget died in 1899, Timaru NZ age abt 56. i think son Timothy HORGAN went back to Ireland to live and Bridget also had a neice and nephew i think came to NZ 1876 John & Amelia CONNOR, Maglass. is there any matches


Am I reg. with your DNA project?
If so do I have any conection yet?
Roland Young

Walther dna

Are there any Walther family members in this group?

I am researching Henrich Walther who was a Hessian soldier. He may be my 4th great grandfather.

help fine my dad

Hello,I'm looking for my father last name hager,was serv in vietnam war 1970-dec 1971,he was have 2 son,his air base @Qui nhon/airport/hospital/NCO club
my mom name TIN,worker at NCO club cashier.his rank is E7 finance officer
any body know him ,please help me .thank you

Adopted, possible Forney birthfather


I hope this project can help me. Today I've upgraded to the Family Finder DNA test. My birthfather was possibly a Forney. I'm hoping my results will either verify a connection to this surname or negate it.

Can someone tell me if other tests would be useful? I'm still learning.


england connection

I have been workking for years on my geneology on my fathers side name Fields, have got back to rhode island, with my 7x great grandfather John Fields m. elizabeth ames, but I think it goes on to england with the henry fields at least in my paper work it does, I am disabled and live in Wi. and I just was kinda lookng for alittle advice on where to go from here. My father came from a family of 12 siblings and three are still alive, but I know more than them, Thank you Cheryl Fields Skenandore

Seeking Contact With Close Y-DNA Match

I will appreciate the individual identified as kit number 174236 contacting me at

Doyle Research

Looking for any leads any dates on the Doyle line from Knox county Ohio area, preferably a few live ones that has some of that word of mouth history. Just a thought. thx Jim

DNA Results

I am now confused about this project. Do I qualify for this project or not?

My full name is Kennith A. Simpson, my family has had this name for approximately 158 years. Sometime betsween 1850 and 1854 my great, great grandmother Elizabeth Simpson had a son out of wedlock. I have spent 10 years researching my family tree in hopes of determining who my great, great, grandfather was. All I knew for certain was that Elizabeth had two children, a son named John Walden Simpson and a daughter she named Mary Lucinda Simpson. Elizabeth gave both here children her last name because she did not marry their father. I did locate a death certificate for my great, grandfather for some time and when I did I discovered that all the information on the certificate was correct except I could not account for the father's name, ATTIE CHRISTON, since determined to be a mispelling for CHRISTIAN. I was ab le to locate only two Attie Christians that could have even remotely been associated with my family. Attie Christian who died as a very young child and Addison "Attie" Baiely Christian. Addison Christian fit the criteria to a tee. I discovered that the Simpson and Christian families were accquainted during the time as well. To try and figure out what happened I did take the Ancestry.Com, Y-Chromosome 46 marker DNA test. The results came back clearly indicating that it was a member of the Christian Family that got my great, great grandmother pregnat. all matches within 6 generations came back to the Christian family. Those matches seemed to havde their root source in Charles Hunt Christian, Charles City Virginia and back to the Isle of Man. Because I am from West Virginia I had to make the connection between the Tazewell Virginia and Charles City Virginia Christians wich I believe I have done. One major obsticle however has been the "Christian Family Chronicle". This document reports that Addison "Attie" Bailey Christian, was of Native American Ancestry. I also trace my genealogy back through Nathaniel Christian. This has caused a problem because according to the "Christian family Chronicles" Addison Christian and Nathaniel are not related. The only way I had to resolve this matter (so I thought) was to take it one step further and do the more advanced 70,000 marker DNA test offered by Ancestry.Com which I did. I got the results back several days ago and I really was not surprised. It came back basically with what I anticipated.

The new DNA test is one that is mostly for Ethnicity of the donor. This test takes into consideration both the male and female sides of a family. The test indicates the following; Scandinavian 50 %
British Isles 26 %
Southern European 12 %
Eastern European 12 %
Total 100 %

This new test did not indicate that there was any Native American DNA in my blood line, nor any African American. I believe this to be accurate. My research does indicate that the Christian family did in fact originate in Denmark (Scandinavia), relocated to the Isle of Man and spread from there. Based on this test I was able to go further back and connect Elizabeth Christian1779-1816, Huntingdonshire, England. Other Christian connections were also confirmed. I attribute the Eastern European percentage to the fact that my grandmother Armilda Bishop's family originates in Germany. All of my family except Elizabeth Simpson's father, can be traced back in America as far as the late 1600 and early 1700's. My great, great, grandmother Elizabeth Simpson's father was reported to be from Ireland.

A break down of family birth locations and percentage of the family tree are;

USA 67 %
England 15 %
Gemany 7 %
Ireland 6 %
Other 5 %

I believe that had Elizabeth married the father of my great, grandfather my family name would have been Christian not Simpson. according to the Y-DNA test there has not been a Simpson in my family for over 375 years.

I also assure you that 150 years of Simpson's are not about to change their name regardless of the outcome of the research, HA! But for genealogical purposes I can not research my ancestry without researching the Christian family.

Now tis is the good news. The bad news is; if it turns out that Addison "Attit" Bailey Christian was in fact my great, great, grandfather then the "Christian Family Chronicles" are flawed. It would appear that in this case the Indians were most likely white captaives rescued by Thomas Mastin and his raiders.

Any help you may give on this matter would be deeply appreciated.


i have just gotten results for my brother andrew arias,from family tree. cannot these results apply? why would i need further testing? i am new at this but since there is an arias project i would like to contribute my info..and see if there are connections.


I am enquiring into Frederick Haworth married, living in Rumney Monmouth Wales from circa 1928 to at least 1932. My testing kit number is 218751