Name Changes

Most Project Administrators have probably had a discussion with someone who insisted that a person matching them  couldn't possibly be related because they spelled their name differntly - often with a very minor difference - such as  with (or without) an "e" or an "s".  

We support a project that is really fun to look at for the  name evolutions as immigrants came to America - the Palatine project at

Here are the names from the Lineages (men who share a recent common ancestor):

Hamm & Ham

Gnaegi & Kornegay

Loucks, Laucks & Laux

Herder, Harter & Haurter

Meisser & Meiser

Bauch & Bouck

Presley & Preslar

Add the ones that you've chuckled about as a comment if you wish.  (Note - I now have to approve all comments as the spammers were having a field day with our blog.

Have a great day!