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Editor's Corner

'Satiable Curiosity' - Identity Crisis: Identical by State or Identical by Descent?
Ann Turner


On the Structure and Age of mtDNA Haplogroup JT--A Phylogenetic Tour
J. J. Logan

The Evolution of the Gordon Surname: New Insight From Y-DNA Correlations and Genealogical Pedigrees
Tai A. Gordon and William H. Howard

Dating Y-DNA Haplotypes on a Phylogenetic Tree: Tying the Genealogy of Pedigrees and Surname Clusters into Genetic Time Scales
William E. Howard III and Frederic R. Schwab

Review Article

Melungeons, A Multi-Ethnic Population
Roberta J. Estes, Jack H. Goins, Penny Ferguson, Janet Lewis Crain



I am of Orcadian heritage according to DNA testing. I am trying to find more information concerning Margaret Wiggins Born:1756 in Scotland. (My mother's side. My 4th Great Grandmother. Also, John Joseph Davidson Born: 1733, Scotland (my 5th Great Grandfather). It's my understanding Clan Davidson was actually merged with Clan McIntosh of Scotland. I am seeking to establish a link.

John Joseph Davidson

John Joseph Davidson of Georgia born 1733 Scotland is my 4x great grandfather. Is this the same person? His date of death everywhere I can find is 1753 which would make him dead 10 years before his oldest child, or 1853 which would make him 120...if this is the same person, do you have any other background? Thanks!