Biscuits Graduated

A number of researchers we know followed "Biscuits" blog back in 2005/6 when he was stationed in Iraq.  I also sent out update emails to a number of friends.  It was a tough time during a very serious stage of the Iraq War.  We are so pleased that all of our Military are finally coming home from Iraq!

Biscuits followed that with a tour in Afhanistan in 2009.  The story was a bit different, as the assignment was in a quiet area.  It was also different because he had eloped as his unit was being deployed.  When he returned, he and his happy bride settled in, had a daughter and focused on graduating. 

Today was a very special day, as Biscuits and his wife both graduated from the University of Georgia.  An hour later, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. 

We are very proud of "Biscuits".  As you probably guessed - he is our son. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 


I have the 111 Y DNA results. Is there one that is an upgrade that one? I am trying to find Tatum DNA results for my 86 year old Dad.

RE: Upgrade

The next step would be to get a Deep Clade Test to better refine your haplogroup. It's currently priced at $89 for the holidays.

Childs surname

To the Childs Surname Director.

My Mothers mother was Childs born in Arkansas, Union County. I have done lots
of research on this surname mostly on How can I join and or
view this Patroic Page?

Thank You,
Nan Lynch @


My Petersons can't spell and neither can you. Edgar Allen Peterson Jr. was in WWI in 1918 when Edgar Allen Peterson III was born. They???? put Edgar Allan Peterson III by mistake on his birth certificate. EAP III used Edgar Allen Peterson III as his name all of his life and that is what is on his tombstone. My name IS Richard Allan Peterson son of EAP III. My Allan is spelled with an "A" not an "E" on my birth certificate as is the "A" in Edgar Allan Poe . Please make the propper correction so we don't get off on the wrong fot.

P.S. I changed my name but for geanalogical purposes lets just use Richard Allan Peterson


Richard - I am going to treat this a real issue and not a joke - as your frustration message is full of mis-spellings.  And, typically, we copy/paste instead of retyping

Send me an email to terry AT worldfamilies DOT net with the specifics - such as the url where this occurs. 

Based on what you have written - the easiest way to do this will be for you to tell me exactly what large chunk of info to remove and for you to give me EXACTLY what you want to be put in its place