Joseph Smith Mystery

There is an interesting story in the Deseret News about Joseph Smith - founder of the Church of Latter Saints (often called the Mormon Church)  Here's a sentence from the article: 

"Historians and critics have struggled for more than a century to identify children Joseph Smith may have had through polygamous marriages in the 1840s. If definitive answers could be found, it would shed light on how plural marriage was introduced to Mormons by Joseph Smith in Illinois. Brigham Young succeeded Joseph Smith as leader of the LDS Church and announced the practice publicly in Utah. The church ended polygamy in 1890."

The researcher. Ugo Perego,  is a solid member of the genetic genealogical community.  His work - as reported in the article - is the sort of research that we all aspire to do with our dna testing - to explore and either prove or disprove a historic legend.  Based on what he found, there is still no evidence that Joseph Smith was a polygamist. 

So - was Brigham Young the man who introduced Polygamy to the LDS?  I guess we'll have to wait for the answer

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Joseph Smith? my line?

Having worked at local LDS Family History Centers a LONG TIME, using their great resources for researching old handwritten US and Colonial county/state records, I have many wonderful 'Mormon' friends.
My curiosity about Joseph Smith will always remain unfulfilled, because my Smiths left no living males to ydna test.
My Lyman Smith was living in the same western NY county as Joseph Smith's family. My Smiths had history of being from early Vermont, were Loyalists during Revolutionary War, left for Canada at that time and did not return to the U.S. until after 1800. My Lyman Smith and his new bride, Clarissa Lyman b.1815, left NY with a group in 1836. Somewhere in Ohio, Lyman Smith either died of illness or was killed by accident in latter half of 1836; his only child, son Ira Harvey Smith was born in Jan 1837. Widow Clarissa Lyman Smith remarried widower Amos Moore as they traveled further to Greene Co Ill, where they stayed. Moore had children older than my Ira Harvey Smith b.1837, and later he and Clarissa had several additional Moore children. Long story about Ira's service as a Union Soldier during Civil War (as a Company Captain's clerk), but after the war he and his wife Electa Grandy (mother a Merrick) and 3 children moved to Texas; he had been introduced to Arkansas and Miss during the Civil War. Ira had only one son, my grandfather. My grandfather had only 2 sons, neither of whom had a son; so, we are without males to ydna test. I have FF autosomal tests on my brother, a maternal 1st cousin (as well as myself), which may reveal some of this Smith dna.

Joseph Knight and Joseph Smith

While I know your interest is in Joseph
Smith,I also am very
intrigued by the early Morman movement and am especially interested in Joseph Knight,a man who helped make the trip, West for Joseph Smith possible.
My earliest
known Knight was John,
born Delaware or Ct.
married to Jane born
abt 1800, Maryland.
I do not know where they met or Married only that they lived
for a time in Ohio. lived in indiana, Illinois and some of
there children ended up in Livingston County, Kentucky.
I think part of this
family may have lived
in Iowa and it seems
when Joseph Smith began the tradition of
having multiple wives he and his group of
followers was asked to
leave a Community and the
group did and they moved
a few times, before going
with Brigham Young to Utah.
Do you know if the Jospeh
Knight who traveded with
Joseph Smith has descendents who have had DNA
testing done.
I've often wondered if
my Knights were part of
the early Morman movement and if tested
might match the line of Joseph Knight.
They were in some of the
same areas the early Mormans were.

Joseph Smith Mystery

"Based on what he found, there is still no evidence that Joseph Smith was a polygamist."

Well, except for the historical evidence of his polygamy, that is. We have no DNA evidence of his polygamy, but that only means no living male-line descendants of Joseph Smith have their origins in one of his polygamous "sealings." There could have been male offspring of his sealings who have left no living male-line descendants. Again, there could be female-line descendants, but y-DNA testing is of no use in proving or disproving such descents.

"So - was Brigham Young the man who introduced Polygamy to the LDS?"

Joseph Smith's own writings show that he introduced polygamy to the LDS. There is doubt about how many women were "sealed" to Joseph Smith, but that there were women sealed to him is indisputable.