New Website Announcement - now offline

Please be patient with us and the new site, as it is still a work in progress.  We launched it knowing that there would be the inevitable glitches and programming errors, which there were, and we are so grateful to all of you who have called them to our attention and helped us work our way through them.  If you find a problem on the site, it may be because we are still working on some programming and some features are off-line or out-of-whack for awhile.  We hope you'll hang in there with us, because we know you're going to like this site better than the old one once everything smooths out. 

Genetic Genealogy and Surname DNA projects have become a lot more involved and sophisticated since we launched our first website in 2004.  Through the years, and with Terry's experience in running his own projects and in helping administer hundreds of surname projects, we've learned what the Project Administrator needs to run a successful surname project and we've tried to give him the tools.   We've learned that people need a lot of information to understand DNA testing and Surname Projects, and we've tried hard to provide sometimes complex information in a fairly easy-to-understand way.  

We began planning this new site a while ago, and the implementation of  these new features and improvements have taken longer than we anticipated to go from planning to launch. 

We could never have created this site without the magic and mastery of our programming guru, Andrew.  We have had to share him with grad school and with Google, but he was worth the wait.  He has been able to implement our requests and then gone on to create features we could never have imagined that made it all work so much better.  We are so pleased we were able to waylay him on his road to creating the the next Microsoft or Google!  Thanks, Andrew!

So, take some time to look over the site.  You don't have to be registered to view the pages of the site, but you do have to register to post.  But, if you haven't registered yet, go ahead and do so (it's easy and there's no charge) so that you can "track" the projects of interest to you.  Links to these projects will appear each time you return to the site and log in.  After you've registered, post your pedigree on your surname pedigree forum so the administrator can display it on the project's Patriarch Page (you don't have to be tested to post a pedigree.) 

We hope you'll be patient with us as we deal with the inevitable glitches, and that you'll return to the website often.  Join a project, become the project administrator, tell your friends about DNA testing for genealogy, and recruit your family.  It's fun, it's fascinating, and, now, with our new website, we hope it's easier.

Here are some of the reasons we think you'll like the new site: 

For All Visitors to the Site and Surname Project Members:


  • WorldFamilies main Navigation Bar unifies our site (dark gray bar)  (Navigate to the project website and back to information pages with ease)
  • Project Navigation Bar on each of the project website pages (light gray bar) and on every page of the Forum, so you can always get back to the other pages on the site.
  • Forum links are included in the WorldFamilies and Project Navigation Bars
  • "Track Project" tool allows you to navigate directly to your project from WorldFamilies homepage and information pages.  By clicking on the "Track Project" button on the surname projects of interest, links to those projects will appear each time you sign in.
  • "Search" Box on every page finds the projects - or use it for an "Any word" search
  • "Surname Projects" page makes it easy to find a project by alphabetic listings and to go directly to project ordering page at FTDNA or to the project page ( or not)  Includes all variations included in each project.
  • "Order Test" takes you directly to your project's order page at FTDNA, automatically enrolling you in the project when you order a test - and gaining you the best price - which comes from group projects.
  • The left sidebar (provided on most pages) includes navigation menus that helps you locate pages under specific categories.
  • "Tell a Friend" feature lets you invite others to view the website.
  • Notes at bottom of project website pages explain how to read or use the information (Results, Patriarchs).
  • Results Viewer that allows you to utilize the full size of your monitor to view the Results and Patriarchs Pages.
  • Surname Project Family Forum and Pedigree Forum easier to access from your project website, making it easier to post on the project's forum and to post your pedigree. 
  • Expanded Information Pages, especially DNA the Smart Way, helping you and your family members understand genetic genealogy and how to get involved.
  • "Help" page in navigation bar gives guidance for answering most questions.

For Project Administrators: 

  • Now "at-the-page" editing (no more separate editor)
  • Optional html upload feature for Results & Patriarch pages is quick and painless  
  • Editor notes at the bottom of each project page with instructions for posting.
  • "Administer Page" gives you ability to change your project name and tag line in the project pages banner
  • Choice of which pages you display and use
  • Choose "Default" text for each page or write your own
  •  New Pages for the Project Sites
  • Your FTDNA & Forum Links are now in the Project Menu Bar
  • A merging of and sites
  • One sign-in allows you edit access to all of your project, forum & editing pages
  • Easier movement back and forth

    and more!

    Hope you will enjoy using the newest version of!