A Cousin Weekend

I'm tired today!  I'm at my Mother's home in Texas and we just spent the weekend (driving 3 hours each way) to see her ancestral home area where at least 3 generations of her family lived - sometimes more than 3 (they were all in the same small area - Elkhart, Grapeland & Slocum - just south of Palestine).  Saw a dozen ancestral graves and couldn't find 8 more that we looked for.  Got to see both of her grandparent's home places and spent time talking to many distant cousins - plus met 2 of Mother's first cousins that she had only seen a couple of times in her life. Met the man who "wrote the book" about her most famous ancestral family (Parker), heard many of the family "stories", saw the first protestant church in Texas (Pilgrim Church at Elkhart - started by Mother's family), saw a nearly 200 year old family bible and held a percussion rifle used in the early days of Texas.  Three of my first cousins joined us.  A GREAT weekend!!