Success Story - with a twist

Today, I did another DNA for Genealogy presentation - my second in 8 days.  This was my 5th time to do the DNA segment for our local Genealogical Society's "Beginner's Workshop".  Each time, my talk is a little different - and today, I included a section on the newest dna test for genealogy - autosomal block dna.
I always give success story examples as a part of my talks and one of them today described me finding my 4th Cousin through an atDNA match and then sharing ancestral surnames to see if there might be a paper trail connection to go with the dna match.   I laughed as I said the common surname - "Hassell" and I said - "I'll guess no one in this room knows anyone named Hassell".  To my surprise - our President, Joanne,  raises her hand and exclaims - "That's one of my ancestral surnames!"  I commented that we must be related - as research has indicated that there is only one Hassell family in the USA.

After the presentations for today were over - Joanne and I got together and shared paper trails. And, indeed!  We are 5th Cousins - sharing an ancestral couple one generation earlier than my atDNA match in the presentation.
How's that for using DNA to find your cousin?  (and Joanne still hasn't done any dna testing)