Terry on BlogTalk

Join us tonight 8:00 to 9:30 - Tuesday, March 8.

Have you ever followed a Blog Talk?  (or even heard of one?)  Well, I am very new at this  - but I'll be the guest for Steve St Clair's "SinclairDNA" show on BlogTalkRadio.com  on Tuesday, March 8. 

Click here to go to Steve's BlogTalk Page or use this link:


Steve's page lists this description:  "Terry Barton, founder of WorldFamilies.net joins us to discuss how his company helps families start a family DNA study. Also, we'll go over mutation rates and SNP studies, the next step for any family DNA project. I call Terry for advice on a regular basis in understanding our Sinclair DNA lineages, recruitment ideas and for general advice. If you've ever thought of using DNA to better understand your family's history or go get over "brick walls" in your genealogy work, Terry is the guy to approach."

My Comment:  Nearly 6 years ago, Steve contacted me with an interest in the Sinclair Surname DNA Project - which I had established a few months before as a part of an initiative with FTDNA to see that all major surnames were served by a Surname DNA Project.  After a brief discussion, I turned the project over to Steve and another Sinclair researcher.   Steve's team has done a wonderful job of leading the Sinclair project to its current rank as the 138th largest surname project in the world - with 178 members.

Don't let him kid you -  Steve is quite knowledgeable about yDNA and Haplogroups.  He doesn't need to ask me anything very often.  However, it's always a pleasure to talk with him and I am looking forward to the BlogTalk.  Here's the link to Steve's BlogTalk home page:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stevestclair

Hope you'll join us!



Listener Update

Steve tells me today (April 14, 2011) that 225 people have listened to my show.  It's still on line if you want to hear Steve and me discuss DNA