Christmas Presents That Give the Past

When you reach a certain age, there are so few things you need or want for Christmas.  Most of us, by middle age and beyond, have all the trinkets and doodads we could ever want, and if we do desire a new gadget or clothes, it's doubtful someone else can pick it out as well as we could ourselves. 

If you or someone on your Christmas list fits this description, a DNA test for genealogy may be a great gift.  No problem about choosing the correct color or size, and you're giving the gift of personal history.  The recipient will learn his haplogroup, which will tell him his ancestors' ancient origins, migrations, and ethnic heritage.  He also has the possibility of finding a match with his test results which may take him farther up his family tree, or tell him things about his family he never knew.  Family mysteries may be resolved.  If the gift recipient is a genealogist, a dna test will enable him to use the newest tool available to the genealogist. 

If he's lucky, he may find a "genetic cousin" through testing, as I did, who will meet him in the "old country" and show him the ancestral places they share. 

There's never been a better time to DNA test for genealogy, as the database has expanded to include thousands of tests.  And there's never been a better price at FTDNA than there is now during the Holiday Sale:

37 markers--$119
67 markers--$209

For help in choosing the right test, take a look at this page:     Find the Right DNA Test

To order a test through your project, find the project by typing the name in the search box, follow the links to the project's website, then click "Order Test" in the menu bar across the top of the project page.