Bullet Points

  • When using a text editing program for website pages, bullet points are one of the areas most likely to cause problems. 
    • If you are able to understand and write code, you can click on "Edit this page!", scroll down below the editing box, and click on "Switch to plain text editor" to see and change the code.
    • If you are using the text editing program to edit on the website using the tools provided, we have a few tips that may be helpful.  Please read through them to see if any of them will solve your problem with bullet points.
  • Troubleshooting Tips for Bullet Points: 
    • To help create the bullet points in the form you want, you can do this: 
      • Look for the correct place to post the pedigree chronologically, by the birthdate of each postings earliest ancestor.
      • Place your cursor at the end of the last line of the posting that should appear just above the new posting.. 
      • Hit enter.  This will give you a bullet point.
      • Use the "Decrease Indent" tool to move the bullet point to the left until it is in the right place to begin your new posting.
      • Paste (control v) your new posting by the bullet point and proceed with the editing as described above.