WFN is Retiring

We are both excited and saddened to announce our retirement and the closing of the WorldFamilies Project Administration services after 14 years, effective May 23, 2018. 

We will delete the project sections of the WorldFamilies site on May 23, 2018, so please copy any information that you wish to save. 

We are looking forward to our retirement, as we have delayed work on our own ancestral research for many years. 

We ask that you respect our retirement and obtain your support from FTDNA.


yHaplogroup R1b

Haplogroup R1b is the haplogroup of my Father's paternal line (R-U152) and my Mother's paternal line (R-U106) - so I  pay attention to the Haplogroup projects that support us.  Mike W is lead asmin for the Haplogroup R1b - All Subclades.  He recently shared with us a shocking statistic (which I'm sure is already out of date - but it's still illustrative)  He advised on November 19 that there were these quantities of branches on the R1b tree at these key sites: ... Read more

Not Dead

From time to time, a project member or interested reearcher reports to me that the Administrator of a project that we support has died.  Most of time, that's true and knowing of the event allows me to do whatever is needed in that project - such as updating results, removing the Administrator's name and email address from the project and making my name/email visible as Interim Admin if needed, ... etc. ... Read more

Contact Matches

It's been too long since I've posted.  There is a world of useful information here at WorldFamilies, so I plan to regularly highlight a useful info page here at WorldFamilies.

Many Researchers don't understand how to contact their matches - particularly when just getting started.  Here are two typical contacts I receive - and my reaction: ... Read more

FTDNA myGroups

Sigh.  The first week of using the FTDNA myGroups page wasn't fun - as the feature just wasn't ready for launching.  Some of the biggest issues have been addressed - but there is still much needing to be fixed.  (I have only converted a couple of projects so that I can try things out and monitor the progress) ... Read more

FTDNA Long form

FTDNA is starting to share their y-Haplogroup Long Form info again after hiding it last summer (shortly after they switched to reporting what they first called "Terminal SNPs" and what is now called "Short Hand")

This should be good news - but it is not.  Here's why: ... Read more

Identify yMatches

One of the frustrations of using the FTDNA system is in trying to identify your matches - as you see them in the Project Results Table - so that you can be sure that you know which ones you have contacted and which ones not.   

On your myFTDNA kit page yDNA Matches, you are told ... Read more

Merry Christmas!

I usually don't post a Holiday greeting message on the blog, but decided this is the year.

We celebrate Christmas at our house, so forgive me if I've wished you a "Merry Christmas" at some stage, when that isn't your holiday.  For me, this is a magical time of year, with lots of good wishes, beautiful music, special church services (including Christmas Eve - a long-standing tradition in our home), presents and family.  ... Read more

No Matches at 37

I have been a very strong advocate of "More Markers" for more than a decade.  I particularly dislike to see men tested only at 12 or 25 markers and would like to be able to block those poor choices from being offered through projects that I administer.  (while I acknowledge that there area few - limited - cases where 12 markers can make sense.) ... Read more

Cart, No Horse

I just answered yet another person who did their Geno 2.0 test at National Geographic without understanding how things go together.  Here is the basic info I gave him: ... Read more

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