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Benefits of yDNA Testing:

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  • Confirm or eliminate relationships.
  • Focuses research to related families.
  • Directs research into a geographic area.
  • Directs research into a specific timeframe.
  • Establishes country or region of origin.
  • Confirms variant surnames are family.
  • Identifies pre-surname migration.
  • Strengthens weak paper trails.
  • Avoids pursuing false connections.

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Surname DNA (yDNA)

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

yDNA looks at the DNA that a man inherits from his father's (paternal) side.

The y-chromosome is compared from two or more men to see if they share a common male ancestor.

mtDNA looks at the DNA that either a man or woman inherits from the mother's mother's side.

The mitochondria is compared to see if they share a common female ancestor in their maternal lineage.

This test can also be used to explore your ethnicity.

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