Project Administrator's Tasks

We believe the most successful projects have a family member taking the lead in communicating with project members, raising awareness of the project, and recruiting new members, so we ask Admin to take on those tasks right away.  Posting pedigrees and results on the website are tasks that we are happy to do for you until you feel ready, or you can take on right away. 

The 4 main Tasks of the Project Administrator

We expect that every Project Administrator will take on

Tasks 1 and 2

2.  Recruiting new members and raising awareness of the Project.

Project Admin are encouraged to Personalize the Project's Website using the WFN Editing Tools.

Let us know when you're
ready to take on

Tasks 3 and 4

If you want to ease into it, WFN will post pedigrees on your project's Patriarchs Page until you notify us you are ready to begin.
(Or recruit a Co-Admin for this task.)

4.  Posting on the y-Results Page--
Most administrators let WorldFamilies post results using our WFN Results Tool, at least at the beginning. When you are ready to take over this task, we can make the WFN Results Tool available to you. 

Click here to let WFN know if there is a change in the tasks you are performing.

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