Administering Your Project at WFN

         How WFN helps you steer your project grew out of Terry's   experience as a pioneer in genetic genealogy and in administering DNA projects.  More information about WFN helps by:                                         
  • Supporting new Project Administrators while they learn the skills they need.
  • Allowing Project Administrators to do the parts of the job they like and are good at.
  • Giving relief to Project Administrators who are feeling overwhelmed, because of illness, time pressure, loss of a co-administrator or other issue.
  • Setting up surname projects at FTDNA when none exists.
  • Providing free websites for FTDNA projects to be used instead of or in addition to the FTDNA site. 
  • Increasing your project's visibility in internet searches.
  • Administering FTDNA projects where no family member has stepped forward yet.
  • Providing frequent updates to the Patriarchs and Results Pages for the projects we administer.
  • Answering emails from interested researchers and steering them to your project. 
  • Offering understandable information for DNA testees and for Project Administrators.
  • Giving Admin a resource to ask questions or be directed to the needed information. 
  • Allowing the Project Administrator to make plans for the continued administration of the project if he/she is not able to continue to administer it.


How to Request a new Surname Project or a Website for my Existing Project