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Here's our story -    The Barton DNA Project was started in 2001 and soon
became the focal point of extensive cooperation and sharing within the Barton families. The merger of genetic information with traditional genealogy was an exciting breakthrough. In some cases, it answered questions that traditional research couldn't answer. Probably more importantly, it energized and expanded the group of people working on the histories of the Barton families. Today, we have one of the largest Surname DNA Projects in the world, but more importantly, we have a large community of Barton researchers working together to share their information and puzzle out issues. We have a Barton family-wide Historical Society, a newsletter, a database, a website, a DNA project with sponsorships to focus testing and a set of family websites. (Barton is now about the 60th largest project, having over 320 members)

Our learning evolved into the World Families Network in early 2004, when we created a website to help other Surname Projects by sharing our learning and providing a place to find general information. This was initially a passive helping through information and an offering of a free site to support surname projects with no internet website.  Since late 2004, we have been supporting projects to help more families have the same opportunities we have enjoyed.

What Do We Do?   Why Do We Do It?   Why Do We Work With Family Tree DNA?

What? For the project administrators, we provide free websites to display test results, family pedigrees, and shared information.  There are also forums for family discussions.  We provide any level of help desired, from doing all the posting and administration, to sharing some tasks with the administrator while he/she learns how to administer a project, to simply providing the website and the tools for veteran administrators, who take care of everything else.  We are here to answer questions, as needed, and offer tips to help your project be a success.  To learn more about administering a project at Worldfamilies.net:  click here.

We realized quite quickly that many people are interested in getting started in genetic genealogy, but lack an understanding of the vocabulary and the process.  To provide that information, we have developed the information pages on this website, and the step-by-step guide that makes sure you don't overlook any of the things you should do to make sure your testing is as successful as possible.  We make it easy to join a Surname Project and to order your test.  We think we've provided a wealth of information that should answer almost any question, but we still are happy to answer questions (and we do answer dozens of emails each day!)  Feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not answered on our website. See our guide to DNA testing: DNA The Smart Way.

Why? This website grew out of our passion for genealogy and the knowledge we have gained as successful surname DNA project administrators since 2001.  Since 2004, we have been offering our services to surname projects:  sharing project administration tips and resource information, and by providing free websites.  The hobby grew into a business, as the interest and enthusiasm for genetic genealogy has exploded.  We provide this service at no cost to you.  You pay the same price for any DNA test at FTDNA - whether we are involved with you or not.  (ordering through a project is cheaper for some tests than ordering from FTDNA's main page - so we do encourage you to order through a project)  We receive  compensation from FTDNA, which allows us to continue providing this service.  It is still a labor of love, however, as the best rewards for hours spent at the computer is helping an individual or a project make a connection through the use of genetic genealogy.

Why FTDNA? There are many testing companies offering DNA testing for genealogy these days.  Many have beautifully done websites, but have little structure and few projects.  If you tested at one of these companies with the lovely website - or one who sells you access to their genealogy information - you probably were asking - "What now?" as soon as you received your results.  And - then, you were told - "Join your surname project!".  And - you probably found that your surname project is based at FTDNA. FTDNA has most of the dna results for those focused on genealogy and nearly all of the projects supporting genealogy research.   In addition FTDNA has the largest DNA databases in the field of Genetic Genealogy, a very important factor, as you want your results compared to as many others as you can.  Family Tree DNA is run by genealogists and scientists who understand how genetic genealogy works, and who provide you with the most services of any testing company.  To read more about the benefits of testing with FTDNA, click here.



Terry Barton

An Engineer who earned his MBA in mid-career, Terry is retired from the corporate world and works full time on WorldFamilies.net these days. Terry was President of Barton Historical Society for 10 years (and is now VP) and has been Coordinator of the Barton DNA Project...

Some of our Ancestral Surname Projects:

Allard, Armistead
Barton, Biggs, Birdsong, Blow, Briscoe, Bynum
Cheney, Clewis, Conway, Cresap
Deberry, Dillard
Geer, Goudelock
Harlan, Hassell, Heald, Hinekley, Hockley, Hodges, Hornsby
Kerby, Kilbourne, Kirby
Marriott, Mizell, Murff
Nance, Newsome, Norwood
Ogle, Oldham
Ramsford, Rentz, Robeson
Seat, Shackleford, Sheppard, Sherbourne, Sneed, Sowerby
Taaffe, Tate, Thompson, Tidmore, Tyler
Waddell, Wakeham, Wisinger, Woodard, Woodward, Wortham