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International Society of Genetic Genealogy
Family Tree DNA
World Families Project Administrators

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Hello Terry,

Thanks for the invite!  I am the Administrator for the HAM(M/E) surname at Family Tree DNA, and compiled a three volume work (nearly 1200 pages) on the HAM surname called "A Short History of the HAM Surname in Virginia & NC," co-authored with Geneva S. Greer & Susan Bullock.

The focus is on the HAM/M/E surname originating from Virginia, plus information on colonial England and medieval France. Also included is some information on origins in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee (here in the U.S).

My blog is at:

HAM Country:

HAM Country Facebook account:


My surname (HAM/M/E) web pages:

My You Tube videos are located at:


- Dave


Dave Hamm Franklin, OH
HAM Surname DNA Project Coordinator









Cruse/Cruwys blog

My blog can be found here:

It is mostly focused on my Cruwys/Cruse one-name study and DNA project but I sometimes write about DNA testing in general and personal genomics as well.

There is a list of genetic genealogy blogs in the ISOGG Wiki:

and also a small list of genealogy blogs by ISOGG members:

Don't forget too that ISOGG is also on Twitter:




Phillips blog

The blog for the Phillips DNA project can be found here:


We also have a Facebook page here:


We also have a one-name study site here:


We also have a twitter account here:!/phillipsdna


Nancy Kiser

Volunteer administrator

Phillips DNA Project and One-Name Study

Cross Connecting

Dave, Debbie & Nancy - thanks!   I am now following your Tweets and I also found ISOGG.

I'll start thinking about the best way to provide useful listings for Facebook and Blogs.   In the meantime, you should have the best visibility

Short Family DNA

I started a Facebook page for the SHORT Family DNA Project a few months ago.  Right now there are 45 members, the majority of whom have not tested, and/or are not SHORT by surname.

Rick Saunders