Surname Projects

Your Surname may already have a DNA Project!

Check the lists below to see.  If you don't find your surname in the list, use "Search for a Project" below--it might be included in another project.



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Project Name
& FTDNA Link
Member Count Project SiteFTDNA Link
K mtDNA Haplogroup3061FTDNA Link
Kaartinen26FTDNA Link
Kabakoff7FTDNA Link
Kaffenberger3FTDNA Link
Kahriman-Kahrimanis2FTDNA Link
Kaifeng_Jews12FTDNA Link
Kaighin19FTDNA Link
Kaiser89Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kajikawa1FTDNA Link
Kajouk1FTDNA Link
Kalischer3FTDNA Link
Kals1FTDNA Link
Kaminker9FTDNA Link
Kamish2FTDNA Link
Kanaim12FTDNA Link
Kanaka - First Natio23FTDNA Link
Kaplan81FTDNA Link
Karachay-Balkar DNA283FTDNA Link
Karaites Middle East2FTDNA Link
Karaites of E.Europe35FTDNA Link
Karakalpak118FTDNA Link
Karlin0FTDNA Link
Karner1FTDNA Link
Karnovsky11FTDNA Link
karpov0FTDNA Link
Kartik1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kartsev12FTDNA Link
Kartzinel4FTDNA Link
Karvoski0FTDNA Link
Kasbohm6FTDNA Link
Kasch7FTDNA Link
Kaschny0FTDNA Link
Kaser8FTDNA Link
Kashani1FTDNA Link
Kashubian20FTDNA Link
Kasparek1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kastler Families25FTDNA Link
Kastner Family46FTDNA Link
Katchhi-Turks11FTDNA Link
Kathrens Y-DNA Surna3FTDNA Link
Katz47FTDNA Link
Katz HV1b Haplotype85FTDNA Link
Katzenstein3FTDNA Link
Katzman46FTDNA Link
Kauffman142FTDNA Link
Kaul2FTDNA Link
Kava1FTDNA Link
Kaveberg0FTDNA Link
Kavet0FTDNA Link
Kavkaz DNA Project59FTDNA Link
Kazakhstan96FTDNA Link
Kazakhstan DNA 13FTDNA Link
Kazdoy2FTDNA Link
KCWelch Ancestry Pro0FTDNA Link
Keach3FTDNA Link
Keane140FTDNA Link
Kearon15FTDNA Link
Keating45FTDNA Link
Keaveney9FTDNA Link
Keefer65FTDNA Link
Keenan28Project SiteFTDNA Link
Keener13FTDNA Link
Keep24FTDNA Link
Kehoe/Keogh/Keough29FTDNA Link
Kehrig1FTDNA Link
Keicher5FTDNA Link
Keidan DNA Project11FTDNA Link
Keig0FTDNA Link
Keilty0FTDNA Link
Keiper0FTDNA Link
Keis3FTDNA Link
Keith70Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kelahan5FTDNA Link
Kelkar1FTDNA Link
Kelker8FTDNA Link
Kellam28FTDNA Link
Keller-Keeler-McKell86Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kelley490FTDNA Link
Kellogg10Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kelman1FTDNA Link
Kelmer2FTDNA Link
Kelsall2FTDNA Link
Kelsey14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kelso DNA Project21FTDNA Link
Keltner5FTDNA Link
Kelty14FTDNA Link
Kemmerer6FTDNA Link
Kemouche1FTDNA Link
Kempen/Kepno Prussia22FTDNA Link
Kemper19FTDNA Link
Kempner0FTDNA Link
Kenchington4FTDNA Link
Kendall DNA Project150FTDNA Link
Kendrick42FTDNA Link
Kenefick / Kennefick / Kenefeck / Kenefake / Kenif3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kenmore3FTDNA Link
Kennard6FTDNA Link
Kennedy293FTDNA Link
Kennerly - Kenerley69FTDNA Link
Kennett2FTDNA Link
Kennevan6FTDNA Link
Kent60Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kent/Clifford Cousin6FTDNA Link
Kenyon31FTDNA Link
Keohane26FTDNA Link
Kepford6FTDNA Link
Kepler11Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kepplinger/Kopplinge3FTDNA Link
Kerala136FTDNA Link
Kerchner87FTDNA Link
Kern53FTDNA Link
Kernohan1FTDNA Link
Kerry0Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kersenbrock5FTDNA Link
Kertesz0FTDNA Link
Keskinen2FTDNA Link
Kespohl5FTDNA Link
Kessler51FTDNA Link
Kestenbaum14FTDNA Link
Kesterson5FTDNA Link
Ketchum9FTDNA Link
Kevan5Project SiteFTDNA Link
Key (and Variations)160FTDNA Link
Khamjan Family35FTDNA Link
Khazars21FTDNA Link
Khmer Cousins87FTDNA Link
Khowessah/El-Khawas2FTDNA Link
Kicklighter2FTDNA Link
Kidd107FTDNA Link
Kiely30FTDNA Link
Kiemle2FTDNA Link
Kiernan6Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kiersey DNA Project17FTDNA Link
Kiessig1FTDNA Link
Kiest3Project SiteFTDNA Link
kihlstrom2FTDNA Link
Kilbey12FTDNA Link
Kilbourne0Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kilby14FTDNA Link
Kilcoyne/Coyne26Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kilcrease/Gilcrease5FTDNA Link
Kiley15FTDNA Link
Kilgore62FTDNA Link
Kilker0FTDNA Link
Kille3FTDNA Link
Killen7FTDNA Link
Killian86FTDNA Link
Kilman3FTDNA Link
Kim8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kimble75FTDNA Link
Kimbrough18FTDNA Link
Kime-Kyme_Family_Project1FTDNA Link
Kimelman2FTDNA Link
Kincaid211FTDNA Link
Kinchen 0FTDNA Link
Kindig7FTDNA Link
Kindsvater4FTDNA Link
King302FTDNA Link
King Europe22FTDNA Link
Kingsbury50FTDNA Link
KingslandGS9FTDNA Link
Kingston63FTDNA Link
Kinnamon15FTDNA Link
Kinney169FTDNA Link
Kinney-Bopp Family 15FTDNA Link
Kinnick1FTDNA Link
Kinsel24FTDNA Link
Kinsey20Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kinsey18FTDNA Link
Kinsman14FTDNA Link
Kipling17FTDNA Link
Kipp12FTDNA Link
Kirby61Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kirgiz184FTDNA Link
Kirk, Kirkland etc148FTDNA Link
Kirkman46FTDNA Link
Kirkpatrick-Kilpatri89FTDNA Link
Kirsch10FTDNA Link
Kirtley3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kirwin/Kirwan/Kerwin10FTDNA Link
KISIEL-coat of arms5FTDNA Link
Kisilstein3FTDNA Link
Kiss/Klein20FTDNA Link
Kissane3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kissinger14FTDNA Link
Kistler8FTDNA Link
Kisvardai2FTDNA Link
Kitchen-Kitchens23Project SiteFTDNA Link
KittrellsofAmerica0FTDNA Link
Kitts8FTDNA Link
Kitzes1FTDNA Link
Kivett4FTDNA Link
Klaas-Tiemann10FTDNA Link
Klausner1FTDNA Link
Klehn3FTDNA Link
Klehn/Wedger/Pierce 10FTDNA Link
Klein88FTDNA Link
Kleinfeld4FTDNA Link
Kleinhans1FTDNA Link
Kleinsteuber4FTDNA Link
Kleiser3FTDNA Link
Kleman0FTDNA Link
Klemanowicz5FTDNA Link
Klepper14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Klett Surname DNA Pr3FTDNA Link
Klettner0FTDNA Link
klevtsov2FTDNA Link
Klindworth1FTDNA Link
Klingel5FTDNA Link
Kliot3FTDNA Link
Klodzen/Kladzan0FTDNA Link
Klopfenstein1FTDNA Link
Klopp7FTDNA Link
Klubertanz0FTDNA Link
Klug8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Knaggs1FTDNA Link
Knapp48Project SiteFTDNA Link
Knarr14FTDNA Link
Knauer5FTDNA Link
Kneeland Surname Pro2FTDNA Link
Knickerbocker9Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kniephoff1FTDNA Link
Knierman4FTDNA Link
Knight154Project SiteFTDNA Link
Knisbacher1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Knoph4FTDNA Link
Knopp13Project SiteFTDNA Link
Knott/Knotts and oth23FTDNA Link
Knowles152FTDNA Link
Knowlton37FTDNA Link
Knox53FTDNA Link
Knutson-Knudson15Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kobel-Coble1FTDNA Link
Kobulnick2FTDNA Link
Kocanda0FTDNA Link
Koehler27Project SiteFTDNA Link
Koeppe8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kogel Surname DNA Pr111FTDNA Link
Kohen51FTDNA Link
Kokernot3FTDNA Link
Kolb36Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kolber3FTDNA Link
Kolczynski5FTDNA Link
Kolisz0FTDNA Link
Kolker4FTDNA Link
Kolling/Koelling1FTDNA Link
Kolmar / Chodzie?0FTDNA Link
Koltai6FTDNA Link
Koltuv/Koltov/Koltow6FTDNA Link
Komi23FTDNA Link
Komninos1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Konczak9FTDNA Link
Konigsfeld (Kingsfield)0FTDNA Link
Kopetzky4FTDNA Link
Korb4FTDNA Link
Korea DNA52FTDNA Link
Korean Nobility8FTDNA Link
Korenfeld0FTDNA Link
Kornowski9FTDNA Link
Kosaras0FTDNA Link
Kosgard0FTDNA Link
Kosovsky7FTDNA Link
Kostelec6FTDNA Link
Koteles YDNA Project2FTDNA Link
Kotlicki1FTDNA Link
Kotwicki1FTDNA Link
Kotwicz13FTDNA Link
Koulouris0FTDNA Link
Koustic0Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kovacs/Kovats15FTDNA Link
Kowallis0FTDNA Link
Kozlowski9Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kozsan and Kozan3FTDNA Link
Kraby9FTDNA Link
Kraejonwinkila23FTDNA Link
Kraft14FTDNA Link
Krahn3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Krajnik4FTDNA Link
Kramer53Project SiteFTDNA Link
Krannawitter4FTDNA Link
Krassin1FTDNA Link
Kraus88FTDNA Link
Krauth0FTDNA Link
Krawiec0FTDNA Link
Kreim0FTDNA Link
Kreindler5FTDNA Link
KremenetsShtetlCO-OP52FTDNA Link
Kretschmann3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kreuter1FTDNA Link
Krienke2FTDNA Link
Krise19FTDNA Link
Kroening1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Krokus4FTDNA Link
Kronish21FTDNA Link
Kropf22FTDNA Link
Krotin0FTDNA Link
Krout7FTDNA Link
Krska7FTDNA Link
Kruizenga3FTDNA Link
Krupicka3FTDNA Link
Krupinski6FTDNA Link
Kruse14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kruta2FTDNA Link
Krüger16FTDNA Link
Kube12FTDNA Link
Kucharski Project2FTDNA Link
Kuckuck-Kukuk0FTDNA Link
Kudzu Kin20FTDNA Link
Kukkonen6FTDNA Link
Kuklin, Cuckle, Cookle, Kukla Surname Project3FTDNA Link
Kultov0FTDNA Link
Kuncaitis7FTDNA Link
Kuncio0FTDNA Link
Kunkel-Kunkle21Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kuntzi/Kuenzi4FTDNA Link
Kurdish HaploGroups22FTDNA Link
Kurdish_Jewish18FTDNA Link
Kurer2FTDNA Link
Kurmann10FTDNA Link
Kursk DNA Project162FTDNA Link
Kurtz29Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kushnier / Kusnyir7FTDNA Link
Kutcher0FTDNA Link
Kuwaiti168FTDNA Link
Kuykendall40FTDNA Link
Kvochick4FTDNA Link
Kwoczka7FTDNA Link
Kyle3FTDNA Link
Kyrgyzstan0FTDNA Link
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