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Project Name
& FTDNA Link
Member Count Project SiteFTDNA Link
J Haplogroup Project1636FTDNA Link
J Levites11FTDNA Link
J-L125313FTDNA Link
J-L140564FTDNA Link
J-L24-Y-DNA587FTDNA Link
J-L250115FTDNA Link
J-L817 Clade223FTDNA Link
J-L8580FTDNA Link
J-M24121FTDNA Link
J-M3655FTDNA Link
J-mtDNA1960FTDNA Link
J-P56 Y-DNA Project10FTDNA Link
J-YSC0000076 Project167FTDNA Link
J1 Italy Y-DNA 15FTDNA Link
J1 Y-DNA Project1820FTDNA Link
J1* Z2223+ Z1828+ 214FTDNA Link
J1C2 MT Lineage7FTDNA Link
J1c3703FTDNA Link
J2 Middle East581FTDNA Link
J2-L192.241FTDNA Link
J2-M172 Hg Research1540FTDNA Link
J2a-M67197FTDNA Link
J2a-PF5197142FTDNA Link
J2a4*-L2654FTDNA Link
J2a4d M319+ DNA Proj112FTDNA Link
J2a4_Levant_Matches163FTDNA Link
J2b-M102+199FTDNA Link
J2b1 M205 Y-DNA Project0FTDNA Link
J2b_455-881FTDNA Link
J2Plus59FTDNA Link
Jackman16FTDNA Link
Jacks5FTDNA Link
Jackson513FTDNA Link
Jacob89FTDNA Link
Jacob(s) New England0FTDNA Link
Jacobs Family5FTDNA Link
Jacobson46Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jadwin0FTDNA Link
Jafari_Tayyar6FTDNA Link
Jaffe32FTDNA Link
Jalisco, Mexico DNA 106FTDNA Link
Jalowka area shtetls36FTDNA Link
Jamaica_DNA40FTDNA Link
Jamal Alkhashan0FTDNA Link
James172FTDNA Link
James Smith Cousin19FTDNA Link
James/Mary McCloud0FTDNA Link
Jamieson63FTDNA Link
Jamison25Project SiteFTDNA Link
Janda mtdna0FTDNA Link
Jane Greenman5FTDNA Link
Janhunen Janhonen15FTDNA Link
Jansen van Rensburg28FTDNA Link
Japan53FTDNA Link
Jaquess2FTDNA Link
Jaramillo9FTDNA Link
Jarman73FTDNA Link
Jarrett27Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jarvis18FTDNA Link
Jasku?a 0FTDNA Link
Jasku?a0FTDNA Link
Jatho6FTDNA Link
Jauniau3FTDNA Link
Jauny1FTDNA Link
Jaworski (Galicia)1FTDNA Link
Jay8FTDNA Link
Jaycox6FTDNA Link
Jayne12FTDNA Link
Jazan401FTDNA Link
JCC_Manhattan29FTDNA Link
Jean13Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jeffcoat0FTDNA Link
Jeffers12Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jefferson55FTDNA Link
Jeffries38Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jelley6FTDNA Link
Jenkins97FTDNA Link
Jennett9Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jennex2FTDNA Link
Jennings59Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jennings, Mary/Polly4FTDNA Link
Jensen68FTDNA Link
Jephcott/Jeffcoat Fa6FTDNA Link
Jermy10FTDNA Link
Jernigan42FTDNA Link
Jerome7FTDNA Link
Jessup20Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jester41FTDNA Link
Jeter1FTDNA Link
Jewell19Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jewett38FTDNA Link
Jewish Burgenland (S8FTDNA Link
Jewish CRARG35FTDNA Link
Jewish E415FTDNA Link
Jewish Heritage Proj2190FTDNA Link
Jewish Hessen0FTDNA Link
Jewish Mexico AZ US19FTDNA Link
Jewish Nobility of P22FTDNA Link
Jewish Pfalz0FTDNA Link
Jewish Prague72FTDNA Link
Jewish Prussia18FTDNA Link
Jewish R-M12423FTDNA Link
Jewish Voice Ministries875FTDNA Link
JewishGen246FTDNA Link
JewishGen German SIG289FTDNA Link
JewishGen Scandinavi81FTDNA Link
JewishGenHam27FTDNA Link
JewishGenOregon59FTDNA Link
Jewish_Calabria0FTDNA Link
Jewish_DNA_Project16FTDNA Link
Jewish_Frankfurt82FTDNA Link
Jewish_Hungary0FTDNA Link
Jewish_Moravia9FTDNA Link
Jewish_Q333FTDNA Link
Jewish_R1b517FTDNA Link
Jewish_Ukraine-West1242FTDNA Link
Jews-West Africa0FTDNA Link
Jewson1FTDNA Link
Jews_of_Afganistan15FTDNA Link
Jillard1FTDNA Link
Jillson0FTDNA Link
Jochum8FTDNA Link
JoeWhite5FTDNA Link
John32Project SiteFTDNA Link
John Carson of WNC41FTDNA Link
John Fuller of MD18FTDNA Link
John Madaras0FTDNA Link
Johns34FTDNA Link
Johnson1296FTDNA Link
Johnson Co. Illinois85FTDNA Link
Johnson-Brown Family Finder3FTDNA Link
Johnston/WakeCtyNC11FTDNA Link
Joiner-Joyner42Project SiteFTDNA Link
Joines/Joynes/Jines12FTDNA Link
Jolly41Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jonas14FTDNA Link
Jones493FTDNA Link
Joossens0FTDNA Link
Jopling10FTDNA Link
Jordan8FTDNA Link
Jordan DNA project325FTDNA Link
Jordan Family Finder32FTDNA Link
Jorgenson14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Joseph18FTDNA Link
Joslin Josselyn Joce20FTDNA Link
Jowers DNA project10FTDNA Link
Jowsey-Jossey3FTDNA Link
Joy-Joye25FTDNA Link
Joyce91FTDNA Link
Juarez8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jubbie Genealogy4FTDNA Link
Juby4FTDNA Link
Judeikin19FTDNA Link
Judkins14FTDNA Link
Judy_Russel25FTDNA Link
Juenemann0FTDNA Link
Julian76FTDNA Link
Julies slekt0FTDNA Link
Jump - Jupp6FTDNA Link
Jurasits7FTDNA Link
J├Ąckisch0FTDNA Link
171 projects found!