Surname Projects

Your Surname may already have a DNA Project!

Check the lists below to see.  If you don't find your surname in the list, use "Search for a Project" below--it might be included in another project.



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Project Name
& FTDNA Link
Member Count Project SiteFTDNA Link
I Haplogroup mtDNA541FTDNA Link
I-L161 (I2a2b-Isles)177FTDNA Link
I-M223 Y-Haplogroup 1656FTDNA Link
I-P109 Y-DNA169FTDNA Link
I1 East/Central EUR256FTDNA Link
I1 yDNA Haplogroup4494FTDNA Link
I1-L130230FTDNA Link
I1-Z140 YDNA Project83FTDNA Link
I1d ( L22 / S142)301FTDNA Link
I1d2 (L205+)54FTDNA Link
I2*, L415, L596, L12265FTDNA Link
I2a Y-Haplogroup1172FTDNA Link
I2a2b-L38242FTDNA Link
Iamurri1FTDNA Link
Ibarra3FTDNA Link
Iberian Ashkenaz633FTDNA Link
Iberian I162FTDNA Link
Iberian N112FTDNA Link
Iberian Peninsula2091FTDNA Link
IberianAshkenazmtDNA257FTDNA Link
IdahoStateGS4FTDNA Link
Idrisid Tribes91FTDNA Link
IGRA - Israel Genealogy Research Association20FTDNA Link
Ilitsky(I,E,W)litzky20FTDNA Link
Illston and Variants2FTDNA Link
Imbeau3FTDNA Link
Imbriani1FTDNA Link
Imer0FTDNA Link
IndependenceAR3FTDNA Link
India Pakistan Nepal536FTDNA Link
Indianer9FTDNA Link
Indigenous_Outeeach0FTDNA Link
Ingalls21FTDNA Link
Ingham_Co_GS42FTDNA Link
Ingle26FTDNA Link
Ingram90FTDNA Link
Ingush DNA Project52FTDNA Link
Inman33Project SiteFTDNA Link
Innerst2FTDNA Link
Inniger1FTDNA Link
Innis12FTDNA Link
Inscho5FTDNA Link
Inshaw3FTDNA Link
Iocco1FTDNA Link
Iowa Loess Hills32FTDNA Link
Iranian DNA Project126FTDNA Link
Iraq204FTDNA Link
Irby4FTDNA Link
Ireland70FTDNA Link
Ireland mtDNA1363FTDNA Link
Ireland yDNA5531FTDNA Link
Irey1FTDNA Link
Irish Caribbean Y10FTDNA Link
Irish Families788FTDNA Link
Irish in Barbados and the West Indies0FTDNA Link
Irish Mapping171FTDNA Link
Irish-Caribbean Y0FTDNA Link
Irizarry Surname Pro4FTDNA Link
Irmann1FTDNA Link
Irons24FTDNA Link
Irwin Clan367FTDNA Link
Isaac Holland Fmly G0FTDNA Link
Isaacs59FTDNA Link
Isbell30FTDNA Link
Isett/Isacks12FTDNA Link
Isle of Man Y-DNA149FTDNA Link
Isle-Ayles-Ailes-Ile10Project SiteFTDNA Link
Isles of the Hebride63FTDNA Link
Isle_of_Wight36FTDNA Link
Ismail 6FTDNA Link
Isom12Project SiteFTDNA Link
Isquierdo3FTDNA Link
Israel49FTDNA Link
Israelite Samaritans4FTDNA Link
israelnews0FTDNA Link
Isseroff10FTDNA Link
Issroff Family Proje7FTDNA Link
Isted2FTDNA Link
Italkim22FTDNA Link
Italy DNA Project1106FTDNA Link
Ivan0FTDNA Link
Ivey90FTDNA Link
Ivory6FTDNA Link
Iwanowicz5FTDNA Link
Iyer-Iyengar12FTDNA Link
Izatt-Izett_YDNA5FTDNA Link
91 projects found!