Surname Projects

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Project Name
& FTDNA Link
Member Count Project SiteFTDNA Link
B(a)(o)ugh(a)n59FTDNA Link
B---good1FTDNA Link
B2244FTDNA Link
Ba'Alawi ?????? ?? ?15FTDNA Link
Baalsen0FTDNA Link
Babb21FTDNA Link
Babcock-Badcock43Project SiteFTDNA Link
Baber - Babers16FTDNA Link
Babson0FTDNA Link
Bâby2FTDNA Link
Baca26Project SiteFTDNA Link
Baccelli0FTDNA Link
Bach to Back16FTDNA Link
Bacharach/Bachrach43FTDNA Link
Bachiler16Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bachle1FTDNA Link
Bachman61FTDNA Link
Back14FTDNA Link
Backes-Backus11FTDNA Link
Backlund4FTDNA Link
Bacon36Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bade/Baade2FTDNA Link
Badger8FTDNA Link
Badgerow / Bagereau2Project SiteFTDNA Link
Badman3FTDNA Link
Badon0FTDNA Link
Baeckeland0FTDNA Link
Baez8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bage4FTDNA Link
Baggett5Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bagley41FTDNA Link
Bagwell33FTDNA Link
Bahamas Dna590FTDNA Link
Bahr6FTDNA Link
Bahrain33FTDNA Link
Bahrani People0FTDNA Link
Bailey206FTDNA Link
Bailey-New England54FTDNA Link
Bain/Bayne65Project SiteFTDNA Link
Baird191FTDNA Link
Baisden18FTDNA Link
Baker721FTDNA Link
BAKER Family Finder16FTDNA Link
Bakodi/Bakody family1FTDNA Link
Balbi11FTDNA Link
Balch24FTDNA Link
Balch-Turner-Pyle0FTDNA Link
Baldacchino2FTDNA Link
Baldwin119FTDNA Link
Balfour5FTDNA Link
Balkans4FTDNA Link
Ball219FTDNA Link
Ballard113FTDNA Link
Ballenger27FTDNA Link
Ballew134FTDNA Link
Balobaid0FTDNA Link
Balogh19FTDNA Link
Baltic Sea 373FTDNA Link
Baltic/Lithuanian2FTDNA Link
Balto-Slavic DNA57FTDNA Link
Baltzell3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Baluba7FTDNA Link
Baluch_Tribe29FTDNA Link
Balunsat3FTDNA Link
Bamber0FTDNA Link
Banat-DNA22FTDNA Link
Bancroft10Project SiteFTDNA Link
Banda7Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bandy21FTDNA Link
Bangs6Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bani Hani7FTDNA Link
Bani Hashem E-M18347FTDNA Link
Bani Hashem L859+71FTDNA Link
Bani Hilal DNA25FTDNA Link
Bani Ka'ab ??? ???1FTDNA Link
Bani Khalid143FTDNA Link
Bani Salih2FTDNA Link
Bani3abs4FTDNA Link
Banister33FTDNA Link
Bani_Utbah/al-Utub31FTDNA Link
Bankhead2FTDNA Link
Banks163Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bankston36FTDNA Link
Bannockburn4FTDNA Link
Bannon7FTDNA Link
Banting4FTDNA Link
Banu Sulaym ??? ????39FTDNA Link
Bany Tamem (Arabia)36FTDNA Link
Bany Zaid (NAJD)111FTDNA Link
Bany_Tamem212FTDNA Link
Baptist Church Group (Strong)51FTDNA Link
Baquero0FTDNA Link
Barad2FTDNA Link
Baraga3FTDNA Link
Barajas2Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barbee38FTDNA Link
Barber137FTDNA Link
Barbera20FTDNA Link
Barberie6FTDNA Link
Barbier / Mezalaine3FTDNA Link
Barchard0FTDNA Link
Barclay65Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bardach0FTDNA Link
Barden_Bardeen35FTDNA Link
Bardes3FTDNA Link
Bardot1FTDNA Link
Bardy Assis5FTDNA Link
Bardyga14FTDNA Link
Barfield13Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barger9Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barilovits3FTDNA Link
Barker82Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barkett2Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barksdale6Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barlaz4FTDNA Link
Barlex1FTDNA Link
Barling5FTDNA Link
Barlow103FTDNA Link
Barnaby5FTDNA Link
Barnard_Bernard60FTDNA Link
Barner6FTDNA Link
Barnes189FTDNA Link
Barnett192FTDNA Link
Barney15FTDNA Link
Barnhart12FTDNA Link
Barnhouse14FTDNA Link
Barnts/Barntz/Barnt/10FTDNA Link
Barnum / Barnham5FTDNA Link
Baron25Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barra to Canada/US14FTDNA Link
Barranco2FTDNA Link
Barrera1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barrett190FTDNA Link
Barringer4FTDNA Link
Barron DNA Project80FTDNA Link
Barrow19Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barrows, Barrow, Bar3FTDNA Link
Barrs43Project SiteFTDNA Link
Barry34FTDNA Link
Barsanti2FTDNA Link
Bartak0FTDNA Link
Bartalos6FTDNA Link
Barteit5FTDNA Link
Bartel0FTDNA Link
Barth7FTDNA Link
Barthmes9FTDNA Link
Bartholomew14FTDNA Link
Bartlebaugh17FTDNA Link
Bartlett313FTDNA Link
Bartlow6FTDNA Link
Bartolome_de_Montoya20FTDNA Link
Barton293Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bashaw4FTDNA Link
Bashkortostan15FTDNA Link
Bashqort Tribes and 74FTDNA Link
Basinger6FTDNA Link
Baskett10FTDNA Link
Basnight / Basnet4FTDNA Link
Basque-DNA341FTDNA Link
Bass107FTDNA Link
Bassano and related0FTDNA Link
Bassett332FTDNA Link
Bassin1FTDNA Link
Bass_Ashkenazi6FTDNA Link
Batavian Descendants5FTDNA Link
Bateman25Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bates258FTDNA Link
Bath/Bathe/De Bathe10FTDNA Link
Battams7FTDNA Link
Battenfeld6FTDNA Link
Battle28FTDNA Link
Baucum, Baucom et al7FTDNA Link
Baugh25Project SiteFTDNA Link
Baugher/Bager2FTDNA Link
Baum30Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bauman118FTDNA Link
Baumgartner Y-DNA39FTDNA Link
Bautista0FTDNA Link
Bava3FTDNA Link
Bavouzet4FTDNA Link
Baxley16FTDNA Link
Baxter57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bayaney5FTDNA Link
Bayha8FTDNA Link
Baylen3FTDNA Link
Bays/Baze/Baize25FTDNA Link
Beach48FTDNA Link
Beahm28FTDNA Link
Beakhust 2FTDNA Link
Beal Surname DNA173FTDNA Link
Beams14FTDNA Link
Bean73Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beaney4FTDNA Link
Bear-Barr68Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bearden2Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beardsley/Beardslee6FTDNA Link
Bearse19FTDNA Link
Beasley137FTDNA Link
Beatty240FTDNA Link
Beauchamp22Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beaugrand13FTDNA Link
Beaulieu7Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beauvais2Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beaver(s) - Biwer130FTDNA Link
Beavis1FTDNA Link
Beck87Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beckemeyer3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beckham3FTDNA Link
Beckman9Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beckner8FTDNA Link
Beckwith10FTDNA Link
Becton0FTDNA Link
Bedard8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bedder8FTDNA Link
Bedell9FTDNA Link
Bedford12Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bedfordshire4FTDNA Link
Bedini - Guidi4FTDNA Link
Beede17FTDNA Link
Beekman0FTDNA Link
Beeks/Beakes/Beaks2FTDNA Link
Begay0Project SiteFTDNA Link
Begley25FTDNA Link
Beha8FTDNA Link
Behra0FTDNA Link
Behrens12Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beider0FTDNA Link
Beiler20FTDNA Link
Beirne2FTDNA Link
Belarus-Lida Region31FTDNA Link
Belarus-SIG214FTDNA Link
Belarusian Jewish Po128FTDNA Link
Belarusian Nobility 46FTDNA Link
Belasco4Project SiteFTDNA Link
Belcher Y-DNA45FTDNA Link
Belding4FTDNA Link
Belfry0FTDNA Link
Belgium Walloon40FTDNA Link
Belk1FTDNA Link
Bellamy41FTDNA Link
Bellas4FTDNA Link
Beller19FTDNA Link
Bellevan0FTDNA Link
Bello2Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bellve4FTDNA Link
Belmar3FTDNA Link
Belt10Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beltman9FTDNA Link
Belton1FTDNA Link
Beltons_Connect0FTDNA Link
Beltran11FTDNA Link
Beltz13FTDNA Link
Belvin0FTDNA Link
Bemis16FTDNA Link
Benavides9FTDNA Link
Benbow46FTDNA Link
Benbrook2FTDNA Link
Bender44Project SiteFTDNA Link
Benedict61FTDNA Link
Benelux424FTDNA Link
Benelux mtDNA152FTDNA Link
Benepe1FTDNA Link
Benge23FTDNA Link
Benghiat1FTDNA Link
Beni Habs430FTDNA Link
Benítez1FTDNA Link
Benjamin43Project SiteFTDNA Link
Benjamin Rose FF12FTDNA Link
Bennett232FTDNA Link
Bennett_229FTDNA Link
Benninghoff_Pentico2FTDNA Link
Benoit18Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bensinger3FTDNA Link
Benson60Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bensyl DNA Project8FTDNA Link
Bentley81Project SiteFTDNA Link
Benton72FTDNA Link
Berbach2FTDNA Link
Berchansky5FTDNA Link
Bereskin9FTDNA Link
Berezik3FTDNA Link
Bergeron15Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bergman, Berg** Burg73Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bergum3FTDNA Link
Berkeley1FTDNA Link
Berkhof - Berkhoff4FTDNA Link
Berkman4Project SiteFTDNA Link
Berko0FTDNA Link
Berkson7FTDNA Link
Berlfein3FTDNA Link
Berman26Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bermudez7Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bernacki1FTDNA Link
Bernadotte0FTDNA Link
Bernal9Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bernhardt5FTDNA Link
Bernheim4FTDNA Link
Bernstein27Project SiteFTDNA Link
Berry294FTDNA Link
Berryman29FTDNA Link
Berthus0FTDNA Link
Bertram Surname10FTDNA Link
Berwick6FTDNA Link
Beslin0FTDNA Link
Bess10FTDNA Link
Bessarabia41FTDNA Link
Best37FTDNA Link
Bethel18FTDNA Link
Bethlehem0FTDNA Link
Bettinger8FTDNA Link
Bettis DNA Project6FTDNA Link
Betz10FTDNA Link
Bevard12FTDNA Link
Beverly8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bhatt4FTDNA Link
Bhosale1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Biby8FTDNA Link
Bickel3FTDNA Link
Bickerstaff13FTDNA Link
Bickford29FTDNA Link
Bickham DNA Project9FTDNA Link
Bickley0FTDNA Link
Bicksler-Bixler10FTDNA Link
Biddle/Bechtel/etc.31FTDNA Link
Biebinger0FTDNA Link
Bielinski21FTDNA Link
Biffle4FTDNA Link
Bigelow6FTDNA Link
Biggins18FTDNA Link
Biggs59Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bilbao8FTDNA Link
Bilbrey0FTDNA Link
Bilderback4FTDNA Link
Billet14FTDNA Link
Billings38Project SiteFTDNA Link
Billingsley12FTDNA Link
Bilodeau9FTDNA Link
Bilstein13FTDNA Link
Binenbaum0FTDNA Link
Bingham74FTDNA Link
Binkley/Pinkley56FTDNA Link
Birch-Byrch-Byrchett18Project SiteFTDNA Link
Birdsong/Voglesang22Project SiteFTDNA Link
Birkinbine3FTDNA Link
Birmingham9Project SiteFTDNA Link
Birnbach5Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bisceglia1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bisgrove/Besgrove3FTDNA Link
Bishir/Bisher10FTDNA Link
Bishop93FTDNA Link
Bissell-Bizzell22Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bissett26FTDNA Link
Bitterli0FTDNA Link
Bittick18FTDNA Link
Biven / Bivens8FTDNA Link
Bixby8Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blach3FTDNA Link
Black179Project SiteFTDNA Link
Black Belt of Alabam588FTDNA Link
Black O'Kelleys14FTDNA Link
Black Potomac Valley200FTDNA Link
Blackadder7FTDNA Link
Blackburn85FTDNA Link
Blackledge/Blacklidge Project12FTDNA Link
Blackler7FTDNA Link
Blackmon26Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blacks of Webster Pa0FTDNA Link
Blacksmith4FTDNA Link
Blackstone41FTDNA Link
Blackwelder7Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blackwell81FTDNA Link
Blahnik18FTDNA Link
Blahut, Blahant, etc3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blair221FTDNA Link
Blais11FTDNA Link
Blake74FTDNA Link
Blakely101FTDNA Link
Blakeney3FTDNA Link
Blaker81FTDNA Link
Blalock11FTDNA Link
Blanch1FTDNA Link
Blanchard134FTDNA Link
Blanchet11FTDNA Link
Blanco15FTDNA Link
Bland106FTDNA Link
Blandford3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blank10Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blankenship31Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blankfeld27FTDNA Link
Blankman1FTDNA Link
Blanton21Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blasingame0FTDNA Link
Blattner - Plattner4FTDNA Link
Blaufuks9FTDNA Link
Blayney16FTDNA Link
Blecher Y-DNA0FTDNA Link
Bledsoe12Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bleifer/Blafer10FTDNA Link
Bleiler/Plyler/Plile3FTDNA Link
Blenda 20050FTDNA Link
Blenkarn DNA Project2FTDNA Link
Blevins98FTDNA Link
Blin0FTDNA Link
Blindell0FTDNA Link
Bliss14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blizzard DNA17FTDNA Link
Block20Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blocker/Blocher/Ploc15FTDNA Link
Blodgett8FTDNA Link
Blofeld3FTDNA Link
Blomerus0FTDNA Link
Blondin0FTDNA Link
Blood15FTDNA Link
Bloom41FTDNA Link
Bloomfield7FTDNA Link
Bloor, Bloore, Blore32FTDNA Link
Bloud-Blou-Blout-Blo1FTDNA Link
Blouin9FTDNA Link
Blount40Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blount County TN34FTDNA Link
Blow1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blowers3FTDNA Link
Blue24Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blundell3FTDNA Link
BNL_dna38FTDNA Link
bnyYass492FTDNA Link
Boardman22FTDNA Link
Boatright/Boatwright71FTDNA Link
Bobb28FTDNA Link
Bobier6FTDNA Link
Bobst0FTDNA Link
Bockenstedt4FTDNA Link
Bocker0FTDNA Link
Bod-Both11FTDNA Link
Bodamer4Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bodiford12FTDNA Link
Bodine15FTDNA Link
Bodnar Y-DNA 1FTDNA Link
Bogel3FTDNA Link
Boggess15FTDNA Link
Boggs and similar na84FTDNA Link
Bogle8FTDNA Link
Bohan14FTDNA Link
Boland15FTDNA Link
Bolch11FTDNA Link
Bolen/Salley Project 35FTDNA Link
Boler12FTDNA Link
Bolgeri8FTDNA Link
Bolitho2FTDNA Link
Bolling374FTDNA Link
Bolt52FTDNA Link
Bolton53FTDNA Link
Boltze2FTDNA Link
Bomar12Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bond134FTDNA Link
Bondurant22Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bone DNA Project3FTDNA Link
Bones13Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bonham40FTDNA Link
Bonilla2FTDNA Link
Bonilla-Rosa9FTDNA Link
Bonis0FTDNA Link
Bonkowski3FTDNA Link
Bonner68FTDNA Link
Bonnett15FTDNA Link
Bonstein1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bonython0FTDNA Link
Bookout21Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boone265FTDNA Link
Boorman/Borman19FTDNA Link
Booth76Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bootle5FTDNA Link
Bopp8FTDNA Link
Bordeaux0FTDNA Link
Bordelon0FTDNA Link
Borders42FTDNA Link
Border_Reivers1179FTDNA Link
Bordini0FTDNA Link
Borg3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Borges9FTDNA Link
Borghese4FTDNA Link
Borkowski2FTDNA Link
Bornbach/Bornback3FTDNA Link
Bornefeld3FTDNA Link
Bornheimer1FTDNA Link
Boroff0FTDNA Link
Borowski12FTDNA Link
Borror5FTDNA Link
Bortolan Family0FTDNA Link
Borton-Borden-Burden19Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bosley DNA Project2FTDNA Link
Bossenberry1FTDNA Link
Bostick20Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boston9FTDNA Link
Boston Irish DNA185FTDNA Link
Boston_DNA8FTDNA Link
Boswell45Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boswijk12FTDNA Link
Bottom18Project SiteFTDNA Link
Botts10Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bouchard10Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boucher75FTDNA Link
Boudreaux3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boughton-Bouton37FTDNA Link
Boullier4FTDNA Link
Bourgeois19Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bourisly0FTDNA Link
Bourland-Burland14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boushelle4FTDNA Link
Boustred4FTDNA Link
Bovitz/Bavec/Bavetz3FTDNA Link
Bowden24Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bowen97Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bowerman17FTDNA Link
Bowers107Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bowes (and variants)70FTDNA Link
Bowie19Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bowker10FTDNA Link
Bowles106FTDNA Link
Bowman118FTDNA Link
Bowman/Cooper0FTDNA Link
Bowser6Project SiteFTDNA Link
Box7Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boxall4FTDNA Link
Boyajian0FTDNA Link
Boyce50Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boyd184FTDNA Link
Boyer85FTDNA Link
Boyette77FTDNA Link
Boykin12Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boylan0FTDNA Link
Boyle56FTDNA Link
Boylen5FTDNA Link
Boyns4FTDNA Link
Bozeman40FTDNA Link
Braatz14FTDNA Link
Brabant -Duchy/Hertogdom0FTDNA Link
Brabazon14FTDNA Link
Bracebridge3FTDNA Link
Bracey Y-DNA 14FTDNA Link
Brackbill DNA0FTDNA Link
Brackett23FTDNA Link
Brackley0FTDNA Link
Brackstone2FTDNA Link
Bradberry/Bradbury17FTDNA Link
Braddock, Braddick5FTDNA Link
Braden-Breeden13FTDNA Link
Bradford98FTDNA Link
Bradford_Family4FTDNA Link
Bradish DNA0FTDNA Link
Bradley87FTDNA Link
Bradner11FTDNA Link
Bradshaw70Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bradt22FTDNA Link
Bradway8FTDNA Link
Brady59FTDNA Link
Brad_Pomerance7FTDNA Link
Braga0FTDNA Link
Bragg17FTDNA Link
Braham1FTDNA Link
Brahney1FTDNA Link
Braidwood10FTDNA Link
Braithwaite8FTDNA Link
Braley4FTDNA Link
Braly3FTDNA Link
Bramlett13FTDNA Link
Branam98FTDNA Link
Branch58Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brandenburg41FTDNA Link
Brandon72FTDNA Link
Brandt71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brannock1FTDNA Link
Branscomb, Branscome0FTDNA Link
Branson27FTDNA Link
Brantley97FTDNA Link
Braren0FTDNA Link
Brashear15FTDNA Link
Brasil350FTDNA Link
Brasilian Borem Fami2FTDNA Link
Brasser0FTDNA Link
Brassfield4FTDNA Link
Braswell201FTDNA Link
Braude/Brody16FTDNA Link
Braund18FTDNA Link
Bravo14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Braxton7FTDNA Link
Bray44FTDNA Link
Brazeale15Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brazilian_Anusim126FTDNA Link
Breakspear0FTDNA Link
Breedlove12FTDNA Link
Breen/Brien/Bruen0FTDNA Link
Brees11FTDNA Link
Breetwor0Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brega2FTDNA Link
Breifne Brady0FTDNA Link
Breifne Clans555FTDNA Link
Breitenstein3FTDNA Link
Bremble1FTDNA Link
Brennan168FTDNA Link
Brenner15Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brereton 7Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bresee/Bresie4FTDNA Link
Bresnan6FTDNA Link
Bressner Surname Project0FTDNA Link
Bret 0FTDNA Link
Bretagne/Brittany259FTDNA Link
Bretton6FTDNA Link
Brewer205FTDNA Link
Brewster57FTDNA Link
Brianna Group1FTDNA Link
Bricker46FTDNA Link
Bricmont1FTDNA Link
Bridges120FTDNA Link
Bridgman25FTDNA Link
Briese7FTDNA Link
Brigance10FTDNA Link
Brigantes25FTDNA Link
Briggs96FTDNA Link
Bright20Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brighton/NewtonMA140FTDNA Link
Brightwell4FTDNA Link
Brignac2FTDNA Link
Brill18FTDNA Link
Brimberry14FTDNA Link
Brimer0FTDNA Link
Brindle0Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brink18FTDNA Link
Brinkley14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brinley32FTDNA Link
Brinston3FTDNA Link
Brion7FTDNA Link
Briscoe19Project SiteFTDNA Link
Briss7FTDNA Link
Bristow17FTDNA Link
Brit Bracha8FTDNA Link
British E-M35 Geo Pr63FTDNA Link
British Isles by County4898FTDNA Link
British Quakers DNA284FTDNA Link
Britt44FTDNA Link
Britton101Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brlica0Project SiteFTDNA Link
Broach/Broatch19FTDNA Link
Broadway-Broadhurst-35Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brock154FTDNA Link
Brockett1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brockman18FTDNA Link
Brockwell1FTDNA Link
Brodfuehrer2FTDNA Link
Brodie5FTDNA Link
Bromley8FTDNA Link
Bronaugh0FTDNA Link
Broniatowski5FTDNA Link
Brooking32FTDNA Link
Brookman6FTDNA Link
Brooks278FTDNA Link
Brookshire/Brookshie12FTDNA Link
Broom90FTDNA Link
Brophy5FTDNA Link
Broschart1FTDNA Link
Brosgol Ebro River120FTDNA Link
Brosovich0FTDNA Link
Brotherton1Project SiteFTDNA Link
Broughton17FTDNA Link
Broussard24Project SiteFTDNA Link
Broward4FTDNA Link
Brown-Browne-Braun1061FTDNA Link
Browning22FTDNA Link
Brownlow/Brownlee46FTDNA Link
Brownrigg17FTDNA Link
Broyles Family DNA13FTDNA Link
Broyles/Fleishman FF24FTDNA Link
Bruce149FTDNA Link
Bruce_Baker21FTDNA Link
Bruch4FTDNA Link
Bruff5FTDNA Link
Bruggeman6FTDNA Link
Brugh10FTDNA Link
Brumel/Brunell0FTDNA Link
Brundage5FTDNA Link
Brunner33FTDNA Link
Bruno3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bruns9FTDNA Link
Brunson24Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brunswick Co. VA0FTDNA Link
Brush7FTDNA Link
Bruton/Brewton43FTDNA Link
Bruttger0FTDNA Link
Bryan245FTDNA Link
Bryson48FTDNA Link
Brzoska 3FTDNA Link
Brzozowski9FTDNA Link
BTPM Family15FTDNA Link
Bua2FTDNA Link
Buchanan188FTDNA Link
Bucher/Beecher etc.128FTDNA Link
Buchheim0FTDNA Link
Buchholz20FTDNA Link
Buchler7FTDNA Link
Buchmiller0FTDNA Link
Buck66FTDNA Link
Buckelew3FTDNA Link
Buckheimer0FTDNA Link
Buckles4Project SiteFTDNA Link
Buckley56Project SiteFTDNA Link
Buckner13Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bucko4FTDNA Link
Budwig18FTDNA Link
Buehler16Project SiteFTDNA Link
Buesing3FTDNA Link
Buesseler1FTDNA Link
Buick0FTDNA Link
Bulach8FTDNA Link
Bulgarian DNA292FTDNA Link
Bull-Buell27Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bullen/Boleyn Origin16FTDNA Link
Bullis5Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bullock40FTDNA Link
Bulthuis0FTDNA Link
Bumgarner17Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bumpus22FTDNA Link
Bunch78Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bundrick5Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bundy13Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bunker42FTDNA Link
Bunkley6FTDNA Link
Bunt6FTDNA Link
Bunting-Bunton24FTDNA Link
Bunyan/Bunyon7FTDNA Link
Bunzey0FTDNA Link
Burch24Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burchfiel/Burchfield8FTDNA Link
Burditt88FTDNA Link
Burgenland DNA116FTDNA Link
Burgess268FTDNA Link
Burguieres61FTDNA Link
Burkett45Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burkholder22FTDNA Link
Burks192FTDNA Link
Burleson, Burlison, 29FTDNA Link
Burley3Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burness10FTDNA Link
Burnett Y-Chromosome74FTDNA Link
Buro2FTDNA Link
Burr11Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burrell28Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burrier26FTDNA Link
Burris56Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burroughs113FTDNA Link
Burson14FTDNA Link
Burt31Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burton141Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burtonwood1FTDNA Link
Burtz-Burts6Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burville1FTDNA Link
Bury5FTDNA Link
Busby44FTDNA Link
Busey Bucey Bucy5FTDNA Link
Bush98FTDNA Link
Bushong14FTDNA Link
Busi1FTDNA Link
Buskerud1FTDNA Link
Buss10FTDNA Link
Bussey5FTDNA Link
Bussgang Family DNA4FTDNA Link
Butler329Project SiteFTDNA Link
Butt57FTDNA Link
Butterfield14Project SiteFTDNA Link
Button40FTDNA Link
Buttram10FTDNA Link
Buxton2Project SiteFTDNA Link
Buzaladze0FTDNA Link
Byars 5FTDNA Link
byderia21FTDNA Link
Byerley8FTDNA Link
Byers57FTDNA Link
Bynum13Project SiteFTDNA Link
Byrd131Project SiteFTDNA Link
Byrne/Burns, etc.379Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bäker-Becker German0FTDNA Link
799 projects found!