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Welcome to the Zachary Surname DNA Project!


We are currently looking for any male Zachary (and surname variations listed below) descendants to provide their DNA for this project.  

Our general objective is to map out all Zachary family lines worldwide. Within that objective we currently have three sub-interests:

  • Looking for any male descendants of John Zachary (b. Abt 1760 in Virginia) and Katie Blackstone (b. Abt 1779 in Henry County, Virginia).  John and Katie are listed at the beginning of an unconnected line in "The Zachary Family Westward from 1680-2000" book authored by Terri A. Zachary Coleman and Beverly Zachary Layton.

UPDATE (2/21/2015):  The latest volunteer results show the John and Katie (Blackstone) Zachary line is related to the John/Bartholemew Zachary line.  See Patriarch page and DNA results pages for further details!

  • Looking for any male Zachary's (or variations listed below) from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Autosomal DNA tests show a majority percentage coming from the UK - for example, one project administrator has 56% from FTDNA and 74% from​
  • ​Seeking male descendants of Thomas H. Zachary (b. 1712 in Essex, Virginia) and Sophie (b. 1717 in Virginia) or his brothers (David - b. 1714, married Ann Crawford; John - b.1704/5, married Ann Taylor) to provide DNA.  This could be another separate Zachary line or connected to a lineage listed on the Patriarch's page.  

Most of our DNA volunteers appear to have direct or indirect ties to the UK based on the paper trail. For example, the earliest record for William Zachary is a 1773 tithable record in Trinity Parish (formed from Fredericksville Parish), Louisa County, Virgina - this parish was a Church of England parish. Interestingly, one of the US Government founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, was a vestryman in this parish for sometime after 1762 (see Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia).


We have already discovered four separate Zachary Lineages with just 8 volunteers!  The test results show the four Zachary Lineages are not related to each other within a minimum of 20 generations.  Please review the Patriarchs and Test Results pages to compare the conventional paper trails vs. DNA.  


If you have the following Surnames, you are welcome to join this project:


Zachary, Zackery, Zachery, Zakery, Zakry, Zaccary, Zachry, Zykorie, Zacharie, Zack, Sakry, Sakyre, Sachary, Sachry, Sacrey, Sacre, Sacrye, Sakary, Sacree, Sakarye, Sacary, Saccary, Sacry, Sakre and any other spelling variant not listed!

(If your surname is not included please contact a Project Administrator (contact links are at the bottom of the page.)

The Project is open to all families with these spelling variations.  The Project is also open to other family surnames where adoption or alternate parentage exists.


If you wish to be a member without ordering a test and would like to be notified of test result updates by email, contact Matthew Zachary

Financial assistance is available to those who cannot afford the entire cost of the test.  Please contact either Project Administrator, listed at the bottom of the page, for more information.


Ready to submit your DNA to the project?  Click the Order Test link (within the top black menu bar at the top of this page - you will be taken to the FamilyTreeDNA website) or click here - Please select the Y-DNA37 test.


If you would like more information than is stated on these pages, contact either Project Administrator listed at the bottom of the page. 


The Zachary Surname DNA Project Objectives:

  • Build a database of Zachary (or in some cases alternate surname) lineages, grouped by DNA signature - those within a given lineage can compare and see where to focus their conventional paper trail research.
  • Find proof of surname change - since there are so many variations to the name Zachary, DNA can help track down name changes.
  • Make research easier by ruling out unrelated Zachary branches.
  • Discover geographic origins in another continent or country.


Participating in any Surname DNA Project provides:

  • Your paternal line prehistoric origins (Also known as Haplogroup - clicking this hyperlink will open a new window and take you to the FTDNA FAQ page).
  • A sense of camaraderie, which is particularly strong for those who share a genetic ancestry - we begin to realize we are a World Family.
  • Stimulation to research the convential paper trail and renewed information sharing.
  • A way to confirm if your ancestors changed their name, either slightly or to something completely different.
  • Genetic matches who do not share your common surname (i.e. adoption, alternate paternity).
  • A better understaning of our ancestors - particularly where the records have been lost (due to war, fire, flood, etc.).


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