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   By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.

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German A Line

   1. Jacob Joë  b. Germany; d. Germany
        2. Hans Joë  b. 1657, Etzean, Germany; d. 1730, Etzean, Germany; m. Christina Scheuermann 1678.
             3. Hans Peter Joh  b. 1691, Etzean, Germany; d. Gammelsbach, Germany; m. Eva Catharina Dörsam 1722.
                  4. Georg Conrad Joh  b 1723, Gammelsbach, Germany; d. 1753, Germany; m. Maria Barbara Johan
                       5. Michael Yohe  b. 1746, Gammelsbach, Germany; d. 1832, Washington Co, PA; m. Anna Maria (Mary) Shouse, 1768 (USA A Line)

  USA A Line (continued from German A Line, Generation 5)

   1. Michael Yohe  b. 1746, Gammelsbach, Germany; d. 1832, Washington Co, PA; m. Anna Maria (Mary) Shouse, 1768
        2. Isaac Yohe  b. 1790, Easton, PA; d. 1856, Washington Co, PA; m. Anna Elizabeth Stecher, 1812
             3. Abraham Stecher Yohe  b. 1827, Washington Co, PA; d. 1912, Morning Sun, IA; m. Glovinia Perry, 1849.
                  4. Harry Ulysses Yohe  b. 1872 Des Moines Co, IA; d. 1955, DuPage Co, IL; m Nellie Allen Blodgett, 1900
                       5. Protected
                            6. (263432)                            

  USA AA Line (probably A line but connection not firmly established)

             3. Michael Yohe  b. bet 1800-1810, PA; d. p1870, Tipton Co IN; m. Mary Ann Strijer.
                  4. John Pierce Yohe  b. 1852, Tipton Co IN; d. 1910, Madison Co, IN; m Alloria Angeline Veach, 1874
                       5. William M Yohe  b 1910, IN; d 1972, Vigo Co IN; m Ruth
                            6. Protected
                                 7. (433353)

German B Line

   1. Johann Georg Joh b. Germany; d. Germany
        2. Hans Georg Joh  b. 1679, Germany; d. 1745, Gammelsbach, Germany; m. Anna Margaretha Seip 1703.
             3.  Hans Georg  Joh  b. 1714, Gammelsbach, Germany. (Probably USA C Line)

  USA C Line (probably from German B Line, Generation 3)

   1. Johan Jerg (George) Joh [b. 1714, Gammelsbach, Germany?]; d. 1782, Berks Co, PA; m. Elizabeth
        2. Peter Yohe, Sr. b. c1745, Berks Co., PA; d. post 1821, prob. Northumberland Co., PA. m. Catherine Charity
             3. Henry Yohe b. 1787, Berks Co., PA; d. 1853, Columbia Co., PA;  m. Elizabeth
                  4. Stephen Yohe b. 1830, Columbia Co., PA; d. 1882, Columbia Co., PA;  m. Mary Fetterman 1851
                       5. Charles Ellsworth Yohe b. 1866, Columbia Co., PA; d. 1918, Lackawanna Co., PA; m. Harriet Leach, 1885
                            6. Harry Ellsworth Yohe b. 1889, Schuylkill Co., PA; d. 1946, Onondaga Co., NY;  m. Helen Flannagan, 1907
                                 7. Charles Ellsworth Yohe b. 1909, Lackawanna Co., PA; d. 1959, New York Co., NY;  m. Anne Quinlivan, 1930
                                       8. Protected
                                            9. (365762)
       2. Jacob Joh b. 1755, Berks Co, PA; d. 1829, Pottsville, PA; m. Catharine
            3. Adam Yohe b. 1786, Northumberland Co, PA; d. 1872, Jefferson Co, PA; m. Christina Ann Sloppey 1815
                 4. Samuel Yohe b. 1818, Northumberland Co, PA; d. 1890, Jefferson Co, PA; m. Catherine Fernwalt
                      5. Adam S. Yohe b. 1845, Clearfield Co, PA; d. 1912, Jefferson Co, PA; m. Margaret Jewell 1872
                           6. Earl C. Yohe b. 1893, Jefferson Co, PA; d. 1955, Castile, NY; m. Bertha E Muth 1911
                                7. Clarence Oran Yohe b. 1918, Jefferson Co, PA; d. 1945, Jefferson Co, PA; m. Helen Louise Reams 1939
                                      8. (283813)
            3. Benjamin Yohe b. 1788, Pottsville, PA; d. 1827, Pottsville, PA; m. Sarah
                 4. Charles Yohe b. 1823, Schuylkill Co, Pa; d. 1898, Dauphin Co, PA; m. Angeline Henninger 1847
                      5. William Henry Yohe b. 1848, Dauphin Co, PA; d. 1911, Dauphin Co, PA; m. Isabel Bechtel 1876
                           6. Frederick Yohe b. 1898, Northumberland Co, PA; d. 1960, Danville, PA; m. Ruth Sholes 1939
                                7. (N21695)

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