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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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The Yarbrough Patriarchs

The goal of the Yarbrough DNA Project is to obtain the participation of as many our extended family members as possible, so that everyone may have a clear, unambiguous understanding of our Yarb*rough heritage. So far, a number of family genetic groups have been identified. It is our belief that as more of our family members are tested, there will be several well-defined family groups.

Anomalies in DNA data will appear from time to time. These may arise from individuals being identified who have surnames other than Yarb*rough; 1) are members of genetic groups other than the early Danish ancestors who settled in eastern England sometime in the ninth century A. D., or 2) whose DNA does not appear to match exactly the DNA of other members because of mutations or other factors. As more individuals are tested, it is expected that these and other questions will resolve themselves.

We invite all members of the extended Yarb*rough families to join the Yarbrough DNA Project and send your pedigree by email directly to Worldfamilies at or the Project Administrator, Leonard Yarbrough, at . The lineage will be added to the project's Patriarchs Page. If you are a Researcher who is not a member of the Surname DNA Project, but wish to share a family pedigree, we ask you to post your pedigree on the applicable Surname Project's Pedigree Forum. Please begin the pedigree with the ID number (if known) and test kit number, followed by the oldest ancestor first and then the subsequent generations. Each entry should be followed by date and place of birth, date and place of death, spouse(s) and date(s)/place of birth and death.

Your participation, both with your test results and with your financial support, is vital to the success of our project. The latter allows us to defray testing costs for selected individuals who are chosen because of their known place in extant genealogical history of our family. We also have an on-going project to definitively link the DNA of an early Yarb*rough ancestor to the appropriate genetic family group.

About the Groupings


The groupings are determined by the genetic markers. Generally speaking, this obtains from sorting the marker data by the genetic haplotype codes (for example, R1a2b1a1a1) taking into account any mutations in a data set. Because, the haplotype determination is based on a statistical analysis, it is not necessarily 100% precise, nor will the haplotype necessarily agree with the family grouping. What is given, then, is a best estimate of family groupings based upon the obtained data samples. Also, as the genetic database grows, there may be subsequent changes to a family grouping.

 Insofar as practicable, the groupings are by the assigned Y-number (these numbers are assigned arbitrarily and are used solely for sorting purposes). Submitter information is included if the submitter gives permission to do so. The test kit number associated with each pedigree is a hot link to the submitter’s test data at (Not all test data is provided by this testing laboratory). Only the submitter can view this data set (although the submitter’s DNA test markers are shown on the y-Results page).

It must be always remembered that DNA matching merely indicates a blood relationship with others who share the same DNA markers. The type of relationship (father, son, uncle, nephew, etc.) requires physical evidence (birth, marriage, military service, death and court records, sworn testimony, etc.) of the relationship.


There are surnames other than the Yarb* surname variations; these reflect the matching of those individuals whose DNA matches that of one or more of the several Yarb* family groups. This may result from an adoption, from someone of Yarb* lineage who has taken another surname for whatever reason(s), or from a “significant irregular paternal event”.

Yarb* Family Groups in America
and Related Surnames

The Yarb* Lineages



Lineage 1 - Family Group I [Haplogroup R1b]

Lineage 1 - Family Surname Subgroup I [Haplogroup R1b]

Lineage 2 - Family Group II [Haplogroup R1b]

Lineage 2 - Family Surname Subgroup II [Haplogroup R1b]

Lineage 3 - Family Group III [Haplogroup R1b]

Lineage 3 - Family Surname Subgroup III [Haplogroup R1b]

Yarb* Lineage Not Established - Family Group Not Established [Haplogroup R1b]

Surname Family Groups Not Established[Haplogroup R1b]

Family Group of Haplogroup E

Family Group of Haplogroup I

Family Surname Subgroup of Haplogroup I




<a href="#efss:>English Family <i>Surname </i>Subgroup of Haplogroup R1a</a></span></p> <p class=MsoNormal style='margin-top:0in;margin-bottom: 0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-indent:0.25in'><span style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:" times="" new="" roman","serif"'="">English Family Group of Haplogroup R1b

English Family Group of Haplogroup I


Yarbrough Families  -  DNA NOT TESTED


* “b” = born.

* “d” = died.

* “abt” = about. It means there the precise year is not known.

* “ca” = an abbreviation for “circa” a Latin term meaning about. It implies a calculated date. That is, if a man is 60 years old in the 1850 census, then his birth date is calculated to be 1790 or “ca 1790”. It is not proof that he was born then, but the determination of the date is based on an established record.

* “md” = married.

* “Co” = County.


Lineage 1 - Family Group I [Haplogroup R1b]


There are two documented Yarb* family lines in this group.


Karen Mazock provided the lineage from Thomas Yarborough (born 1685-died after 1761) back to the Immigrate Richard Yarbrough (born 1614).


Richard Yarbrough, b 1615

John Yarbrough, b ca 1645

Thomas Yarborough, b 1685-d aft 1761


Y-chromosome DNA results prove William Yarborough (born 1692- died 1748) is related to Thomas (born 1685), but not how. William and Thomas could be bothers, cousins or an undocumented relationship further back.


The members included in this section that does not have lineages back to Thomas or William are related to this family group.


Y-003 68876

Moses Yarbrough, b ca 1743 NC?-d 1772 SC, md 1 Ann, 2 Frances Foote-Moore

Gilson Yarbrough, b 16 Mar 1772 SC-d 10 Feb 1836 SC, md Elizabeth Hogan

William Yarbrough, b 02 Aug 1808 SC-d 1870 GA, md Sarah W Dillard

Jessie Cleveland Yarbrough Sr., b 1849 FL-d 1931 TX, md Jane W Johnson-Furlough

Jessie Cleveland (Cleve) Yarbrough Jr., b 1885 TX-d 1975 TX, md Pearl F Davis

Jack C. Yarbrough, b 31 Oct 1911 TX?-d 04 Nov 1959N

Y-003 (J Yarbrough, jcyarb AT


Y-004 73145

Thomas Yarborough Sr., b 1685 VA-d 1761 NC, md Mary Unknown

John Yarbrough, b 1717 VA-1789 BC, md Elizabeth Hudson

Nimrod Yarbrough, b 1773 NC-1844 AL, md Jane Unknown

Elam Thomas Yarbrough, b 1806 GA-1888 AL, md Mary Rebecca House

Elam Hudson Yarbrough, b 1853 AL-1930 GA, md Dixie Irene Gresham

Jack Fitzallen Yarbrough, b 1891 GA-1958 GA, md Lida V Arringon

Y-004 (C Killian for J Yarbrough, fbcheryl AT Charter DOT net)


Y-006 92828

Joseph Yarborough, b ca 1756-d 1820 NC, md Mary Allen

Matthew Yarborough, b ca 1794 NC-d c 1870 NC, md Mary Unknown

Elias Gaston Yarborough, b 1844 NC, md 1) Florence Webster, 2) Sarah E. Unknown

James Matthew Yarborough, b 1867 NC, md Amanda Wilkes

Loney William Yarborough, b 1912 NC, md Viola Wright

Y-006 (R Southers, rsouthers AT


Y-007 129280

William John Yarbrough, b c. 1790 NC-d bef1860 KY, md Winifred Elliott

Henry Yarbrough, b 1817 KY-d abt 1859 MO, md Rachel Piper

John William Yarbrough, b 1844 KY-d 1924 TX, md Helen Harris

Jeff Lee Yarbrough, b 1877 MO-d 1863 TX, md Annie Mattie Burk

John Harris Yarbrough, b 1909 TX-d 1978 TX, md Frances Marie

Y-007 (J D Yarbrough)


Y-008 92174

James Yarbrough (Rev.), b 1765 Anson Co NC-d 1835 AL, md Sarah "Sallie" Morris

Nathan Yarbrough, b 1799 NC-d 1870 AR?, md Melinda Young

Nathaniel Bryant Yarbrough, b 1826 AL-d 1862 AR?, md Elizabeth S. Hagler

Elbridge Everette Yarbrough, b 1849 MO-d 1904 TX, md Marguerite Elizabeth Hindman

Thomas Elbridge "Buck" Yarbrough, b 1889 TX-d 1958 WY, md Frances Edith Koons

Y-008 (I B Hawkes)


Y-009 125010

Joseph Yarborough, b abt 1725 Brunswick Co VA-d ?, md Unknown

Joseph Yarborough, b 1755 Brunswick Co VA-d ? NC, md Mary Allen (Mason)

Matthew Yarborough, b abt 1794 NC-d 1870 Cumberland Co NC

James Wesley Yarborough, b abt 1824 NC-d 1880 NC, md Elizabeth Jane McFarland, Cumberland Co NC

Neill A. Yarbrough, b 1848 NC-d 1899 NC, md Emaline F. Brooks, Moore Co NC

Archie Emberry Yarbrough, b 1884 NC-d 1960 NC, md Dora Alice Churchill, Moore Co NC

Y-009 (P Yarborough, purewild AT


Y-010 128614

Henry Murray Yarbrough, b 1 Apr 1785 Franklin Co NC-d 14 Dec 1854 Limestone Co AL, md Mary Ann Briggs Malone, b 11 Aug 1801-d 19 Oct 1870 Limestone Co AL

David Berthier Yarbrough, b 14 Mar 1835-d 23 Aug 1899 Tuscaloosa AL, sp. Mary Elizabeth Turner, b 30 Oct 1858-d 1 Mar 1905 AL

William Thomas Yarbrough, b 24 Mar 1868-d 25 Feb 1935, sp. Fannie Myrtle Black, b 19 Jan 1882-d 28 Oct 1959 Athens Limestone Co AL

Frederick Howard Yarbrough, b 4 Oct 1912 AL-d 11 Apr 1982 AL, sp. Agnes Odell Hill, 7 Dec 1941 AL

Y-010 (F Howard Y/Ann Y Bush)


Y-011 131009

John Yarbrough, b abt 1725 VA/NC-d 1785 NC, md Miss Verer (Wright?)

John Yarbrough, b 1756 NC-d 1819 NC, md Joanna Chambers

John Yarbrough, b 1788 NC-d 1845 NC, md Nancy Chisolm

Daniel Yarbrough, b 1818 NC-d ???? TN, md Mary Jane Biglow

James Yarbrough, b 1862 TN-d 1944 TX, md Ida Hightower

Walter Lee Yarbrough, b 1894 TX-d 1932 TX, md Mattie Marie Thornton

Y-011 (Glen D Yarbrough)


Y-012 132090

William Yarbrough, b bet 1758/1766 NC-d bet 1833/1856 TN, md Bethsheba Unknown

Harvey Americus Yarbrough, b 1812 TN-d 1873 TX, md 1) Unknown, 2) Margaret Ann Miller

William M. Yarbrough, b 1849-d bef 1900 TX, md Chaney Richardson

William Reagan Yarbrough, b 1898 TX-d 1981 TX, md Berta Holmes

Y-012 (R L Yarbrough)


Y-013 134735

William Roland Yarbrough, b 1799 SC-d 1877 TN, md Elizabeth Nicholson

William Henderson Yarberry, b 1838 TN-d 1919 OK, md Jane Thomas

Floyd Taylor Yarberry, b 1874 AR-d 1952 AR, md Elizabeth S. Beach

William Henderson Yarberry, b 1896 AR-d 1949 AR, md Ella L. White

Y-013 (M & P Harrison, Presharr AT


Y-014, Y-015 138728 , 138791

Joel S Yarbrough, b 1780 NC-d 1840? NC, md Salley Sledge

Wade L Yarbrough, b 1815 NC-d 1852 GA, md Elizabeth Ann Tankersley

Thomas S Yarbrough/Yarbor/Yarber, b 1846 GA-d 1905 MS, md Narcissus Emeline Whittamore

Thomas Lafayette Yarber, b 1875 MS-d 1931 MS, md Susan A Robinson

Andrew Charles Yarber, b 1903 MS-d 1993 MS, md Sarah Elizabeth Williams

Y-014, Y-015 (W A Yarber/Twins)


Y-017 141652

Moses Yarbrough, b ca 1743 NC?-d 1772 SC, md 1 Ann, 2 Frances Foote-Moore

Gilson Yarbrough, b 16 Mar 1772 SC-d 10 Feb 1836 SC, md ? Elizabeth Hogan

Gilson Yarbrough Jr., b 4 Jan1815 SC-d 26 Oct 1893 SC, md Martha Ann Griffith

Francis Marion Yarbrough, b 5 Nov 1843 SC-d 28 Mar 1825, md Julia Butler Peurifoy

Motte Junius Yarbrough, b 18 Oct 1895 SC-d 15 Jan 1992, md Ethel Shaw

Y-017 (M J Yarbrough, % jcyarb AT


Y-020 149428

William Yarborough, b ca 1695 VA-d c. 1748 VA, md Elinor Chandler (?)

William Yarborough, b 1722-d 1777 VA, md Dianer Carey Smith

Joseph Yarborough, b 1758-d 1828 VA, md Temperance Walton

Joseph Joel Yarborough, b ca 1804-d 8 Feb 1864 NC, md Mary Herring

Richard Loyston Yarbrough, b 1834 NC-d 1908 NC, md Rachel Mildred Pass

John P Yarbrough, b 1863 NC-d 1915, m Cora Pratt

Russell Loyston Yarbrough, b 1895 NC-d 1972 NC, md Mary Sue Blanche Ziglar

Y-020 (Henry L Yarbrough)


Y-021 151208

Thomas Yarborough, b 1685-d aft 1761 NC?, md Mary Unknown

Henry Yarborough, b 1710/15-d aft June 1796 NC, md Martha Robinson

Nathaniel Yarborough, b 1765-d 1803 VA, md Mary Mildred Fuller

Richard Fenner Yarborough Sr., b 1797 NC-d 1851 NC md Elizabeth Agnes Rebecca Brown

Richard Fenner Yarborough Jr., b 1834 NC-d aft 1910 NC, md Eleanar Fortes

William Henry Yarborough, b 1871 NC-d 1943 NC, md Eloise Hill

Charles Hill Yarborough Sr., b 1902 NC-d 1988 NC, md Alice McLean

Y-021 (C H Yarborough, hillyarborough AT


Y-023 151784  

William Yarbrough, b 1692 VA-d 1748 VA, md Elinor (Unknown)

Samuel Yarbrough, b 1705 VA-d 1769 NC, md Sarah (?Bumpass ?)

John Yarbrough, b 1750 NC-d 1811 NC, md Sarah Satterfield

John Yarbrough, b 1792 NC-d 1857 NC, md Sarah Brown

James Madison Yarbrough, b 1831 NC-d 1900? NC, md Mariah Louise Annette Nettie Lunsford

Ora Wesley Yarbrough, b 1873 NC-d 1948 NC, md Harriett Freeland (Hattie) Rogers

Cecil Moore Yarbrough Sr., b 1907 NC-d 1999 NC, md Lucille Ward

Y-023 (C M Yarbrough)


Y-024 157531

Jonathan Yarbrough, b ca 1735 VA-d 1811 NC, md Amelia Milly Lee

William Yarbrough, b 1790 NC-d 1860 TN, md Martha Allen

William Yarbrough, b 1822 NC-d 1896 TN, md 1) Sarah Fausett, 2) Sarah Steele

Joseph Lee Yarbrough, b 1868 TN-d 1938 LA, md Mary E Shaver

Calib Yarbrough, b 1894 AR-d 1971 LA, md Bonnie Sanders

Y-024 (K W (Yarbrough) Gray)


Y-027 156843

William Yarbrough, 1692 VA-1748 VA, md Elinor (Unknown)

Samuel Yarbrough 1705 VA -1769 NC, md Sarah (?Bumpass ?)

John Yarbrough 1750 NC-1811 NC, md Sarah Satterfield

John Yarbrough 1792 NC-1857 NC, md Sarah Brown

James Madison Yarbrough 1831 NC-1900 ? NC, md Mariah Louise Annette Nettie Lunsford

Ora Wesley Yarbrough 1873 NC 1948 NC, md Harriett Freeland (Hattie) Rogers

Madison S Yarbrough b 1901 Person County, NC-d 1986 NC, md Myrtle Raynor Leavister

Y-027 (R Shipp Y, Madison Simeon Yarbrough)


Y-029 157304

Jonathan Yarbrough, b ca 1740, VA-d 1811 NC, md Amelia Milly Lee

Ambrose Yarbrough, b 1772, NC-d 1861 AL, md (1) Elizabeth Culpepper (2) Phoebe Holcomb

Hardy Yarbrough, b 1810 GA-d 1877 AL, md Rachel Yarbrough (Cousin)

Ambrose Yarbrough, b 1850-d (?), md Frances

John Freeman Yarbrough, b 1872-d 1944, md Anna Josephine Whittington

Clarence Hardy Yarbrough, b 1907 MS-d 1989 MS, md Anna Odessa Tadlock

Y-029 (CRY, B Y Blanton)


Y-031 152396

Thomas Yarbrough, b 1768-d 1840, md Martha Garrett-Harris

Silas Yarbrough, b 1802-d 1884, md Nancy Jane Ray

Robert Bail Yarbrough, b 1836-d 1912, md Martha Hendricks

John Thomas Yarbrough, b 1853-d 1928, md Mary Mollie Britton

Thomas Bail Yarbrough, b 1900-d 1973, md Annie Maud Bowen

Y-031 (Debra M. Yarbrough)


Y-032 157534

Thomas Yarborough, b 1685 Amelia Co VA-d 1761 NC, md Mary (unk.) b ca 1690-d 1729 NC
Zachariah "Joab" Yarborough, b 1729 VA-d 1804 Lexington Rowan Co NC, md Elizabeth Dowd b 1735 Rowan Co NC-d 1775 Lexington Rowan Co NC
Henry Yarbrough/Yarborough, b 1761 Bute (now Franklin) Co NC-d 30 Jan 1843, Tipton Co TN, md Mary Cunningham, b 1779, Salisbury Rowan Co NC-d 24 Jul 1818 Rowan Co NC
Anderson C. Yarbro/Yarbrough, b 27 June 1810 Davidson Co NC-d 30 Mar 1862 Tipton Co TN, md Mary Larimore, b 17 Dec 1804 Bedford Co NC-d 17 Sept 1876, Tipton Co, TN
Elias D. Yarbro, b 19 Oct 1834 Tipton Co TN-d 18 Sep 1913 Covington Tipton Co TN, md Eliza Clark b Feb 1841 AL-d 30 Mar 1906 Covington Tipton Co TN
John M. Yarbro, b 24 Dec 1863 Tipton Co TN-d 19 Jan 1941 Bemis Madison Co TN, md Elenora (Ella) Dickerson, b 9 Jul 1860 AR-d 14 Nov 1949 Bemis Madison Co TN
William Winfield Yarbro, b 22 Dec 1889 Covington Tipton Co TN-d 7 Apr 1937 Bemis Madison TN, md Lila Maie Aydelott, b 12 Jun 1916 Trenton Gibson Co TN-d 1 Sep 1993 Dyersburg Dyer Co TN
Edward Elco Yarbro b 5 June 1933 Trenton Gibson Co TN-d 15 Nov 2004 Dyersburg Dyer Co TN
Y-032 (ayholtin at gmail dot com)


Y-039 163378

William Yarborough, b 1692-1748 VA, md Elinor (Chandler?)

William Yarbrough, b 1722-1771 VA, md Diana Cary Smith

Joseph W. Yarbrough, b 1758-1827 VA, md Temperance Walton

Joseph Joel Yarbrough, b 1804 VA-1860 NC, md Sallie Unknown

James Brutus Yarbrough, b 1845-NC, md Celestia Magdalene Myers

George Carr Yarbrough, b 1877-1949 NC, md Laura Iola Wall

James Ernest Yarbrough Sr., b 1909-1990 NC, md Annie Lois Snidow

Y-039 (J E Yarbrough)


Y-040 164245

James Yarborough**, b ca 1750 NC-1779 UNK, md Caroline Unknown

William P. Yarbrough, 1772 NC-1861 KY, md Lucy Unknown

Thomas C. Yarbrough, 1815 KY-1863 IL, md 1) Sophia Henry, 2) Elizabeth Lawson

Benjamin Franklin Yarber, 1850 KY-1915 KY, md Martha Ann Satchwill

Benjie Yarber, 1885 KY-1950 IN, md Frances Mary Lang

Richard F. Yarber, b 1919 IN

**Was a Patriot in the Revolution

Y-040 (D Y Innes)


Y-044 168063

John Yarbrough, b abt 1728 VA/NC?-d 1785 NC, md Verer (Wright?)

Charles Yarbrough, b 1771 NC-d between 1830/40 NC; md Dinsie Cochran

James Yarbrough, b 1797 NC-d ????, md Isabelle Deaton

Joseph Yarbrough, b 1831 NC-d 1888 NC, md Martha Deaton

Benjamin Franklin Yarbrough, b 1873 NC-d 1943 NC, md Elizabeth Lennon

Charlie Wesley Yarbrough, b 1909 NC-d 1993 NC, md Ruth Averitt

Y-044 (cgyarbrough AT embarqmail. com)


Y-049 171678

Richard Yarborough, b c. 1748-d aft 1811 prob. SC, md Sarah Unknown

Elisha Yarborough, b 1775 prob. SC-d ca 1865 NC, md Sarah Unknown

John Wesley Yarborough, b 1828 SC-d 1897 NC, md Naomia Messer

Thomas Yarborough, b 1861 NC-d 1957 NC, md Martha Elizabeth Wyatt

Y-049 (WEY, A Broadbent)


Y-050 182013

James Yarborough, b 1750 NC-1779, md Unknown

William P. Yarbrough, b 1772 NC-1861 KY, md Lucy Unknown

Thomas C. Yarbrough, b 1815 KY-1863 IL, md 1)Sophia Henry, 2) Elizabeth Lawson

Benjamin Franklin Yarber, b 1850 KY-1915 KY, md Martha Ann Satchwill

Benjie Yarber, b 1885 KY-1950 IN, m Frances Mary Lang

William Henry Yarber

Y-050 (W Yarber, FL)


Y-052 185567

James Yarbrough, b 1787 NC-d 1839 GA, md Mary Bacon Dixon

Winfield Mason Yarbrough, b 1817 GA-d aft 1880 Camp TX, md Margaret Smith

Henry Hines Yarbrough, b 1842 AL-d 1863 AL, md Emily Jane Adcock

William Henry Yarbrough, b 1861 AL-d 1926 AL, md Lupah Lee McIntyre

Robert Easley Yarbrough, b 1891 AL-d 1948 Al, md India Pearson Neal

Y-052 (J & K Yarbrough, FL)


Y-060 265636  

Thomas Yarbrough, b ca 1685 VA

Zachariah "Joab" Yarbrough, b ca 1731 VA-d NC, md Elizabeth Dowd

Thomas Yarbrough, b 10/6/1778 NC-d 6/1833, md Jemima Merrill

Aaron Alpheus Yarbrough (Rev.), b 11/5/1813-d 12/30/1897, md Elizabeth Womack

Alpheus Aaron Yarbrough, b 8/10/1851 NC- d 9/13/1929, md Barbara Francis Beall Wheeler

Harold Wheeler Yarbrough, b 4/27/1899-d 2/23/1983, md Mary Beulah Barnes

Y-060 (R A Yarb, rayarbro99 AT gmail dot com)


Y-061 308685

Henry Yarbro, b 1833-d aft 1877 Gibson Co TN

Y-061 (DRY, ayholtin at gmail dot com)


Y-062 192167              

No pedigree available.

Y-062 (Mr. H A Yarbrough Sr.)


Y-065 311546

Thomas G. Yarborough, b 1785 VA-d ca 1860 Williamsburg Co SC, md Nancy Unknown

Eligah (Eligie) Yarborough, b 1839 SC-d 1905 SC, md Kizzie unknown

John Thomas Yarborough, b 1869 SC-d 1959 SC, md Mary Elizabeth Evans

George Ellie Yarborough, b 1898 Williamsburg Co SC-d 1964 NC, md Daisy Marie Settlemyer

Jack Carroll Yarborough, b 1928 SC-d 2008 SC, md Joyce B. Steele

Y-065 (J R Yarborough, SC, egjames at truvista dot net)


Y-068 198683  

Jonathan Yarbrough, b ca 1740 Anson Co NC, md Amelia Lee

Joseph Yarbrough, b ca 1770 Anson Co NC, md Elizabeth ?

John Yarbrough, b ca 1808 Jackson Co GA, md Elizabeth Betsy Abner

Ambrose Yarbrough, b ca 1828 Jackson Co GA, md Amy Mcneill

Benjamin Mcdonald Yarbrough, b ca 1858 Paulding Co GA, md Hester Ann Rooks

Walter Scott Yarbrough, b ca 1899 Carroll Co GA, md Nellie Lee Dryden

Y-068 (D L Y)


Y-073 312207

No pedigree available.

Y-073 (Mr. R H  Yarbrough III)


Y-074 246235

Thomas Yarbrough, b 1685

John Yarbrough, b 5 AUG 1717

Nimrod Billington Yarbrough, b 1775

Nimrod Billington Yarbrough Jr, b 14 JUN 1803-d 19 SEP 1864

William James 'Jasper' Yarbrough, b 30 JAN 1829-d Nov. 25, 1902

James Anson Yarbrough, b abt 1852

William Brackston Yarbrough, b 1882 TX

Verdie LaRaine Yarbrough, b 31 AUG 1912 OK

Y-074 (Verdie LaRaine Yarbrough)


Y-075 236536  

Benjamin Yarbrough, b 1760-d 1851

Y-075 (J E Y)


Y-077 N110064

No pedigree available.

Y-077 (R A Yarbrough)


Y-079 312803

George Alexander Yarbrough, b ca 1879-d Dec 1952 Rowan Co NC

George William Yarbrough Sr., d. Rowan Co, NC

George William Yarbrough Jr., b Oct 9 1931 Salisbury Rowan Co, NC-d Aug 28 2001

Y-079 (Geo Wm Yarbrough)


Y-088 253085

Ambrose Yarbrough

Y-088   (Dr. R E Y)


Y-091 260370              

No pedigree available.

Y-091 (Mr. R L Yarborough Sr.)


Y-093 264169

Pelham J. Yarbrough, b 1779 NC-d 1837, md Lucy Kumult

Byram Franklin Yarbrough, b 1809 SC, md Abigail D. Poor

Byron Daniel Yarbrough, b 1847 MS, md Caroline Burden, b TN

James Crawford Yarbrough, b 1876 Texas, md Sarah Jane Hill

Y-093 (Marcia Vierra, mfvierra AT


Y-094 280044  

No pedigree available.

Y-094 (Mr. F W Yarbrough)


Y-096 302610

James Yarbrough, b 8 Mar 1815 TN-d 1889 AR, md Louisa Childers

David Pinkney Yarbrough, b 18 Mar. 1871 AR-d 7 May 1940 AR, md Mary E. Clevenger

George Montgomery Yarbrough, b Feb 8, 1908 AR-d 19 Apr 1990 AR, md Rethey Lilly Mae Smoke

Daniel Edward Yarbrough, b 27 Sep. 1951 AR-d 7 Apr. 1997 CT, md Donna M. Vanloan

Y-096 (B E Yarbrough)


Y-097 300686

Larkin Yarbrough, b ca. 1785 NC, md Nancy Slaughters

John Yarbrough**, b 1810, NC, md Mary (unknown)

Britton H. Yarbrough, b 1837, TN, md Amanda Parrott

William Burrell Yarber, b 1858 IL, md Nancy Dunnaway

James Luther Yarber, b 1895 IL, md Anna Burns

** John is not a proven son of Larkin Y.

Y-097 (D L Yarber)


Y-100 A-4 Ancestry

William John Yarbrough, b ca 1790, NC-d bef 1860 KY, md Winifred Elliott

Henry Yarbrough, b 1817 KY-d abt 1859 MO, md Rachel Piper

Marion Francis Yarbrough Sr., b 1853 KY-d 1913 MO, md Marian Jane McIntosh

Robert Marion "Mack" Yarbrough, b 1890 MO-d 1972 TX, md Margie Mae McClellan

Robert Merlin Yarbrough, b 1915 TX-d 1999 TX, md Martha Ann Bond

Y-100 (D B Yarbrough-Kier)


Y-104 A1

George Yarbrough Sr., b 1743 VA-d 1798 NC, m Elizabeth Norwood

George Yarbrough Jr., b 1776 NC-d 1846 TN, m Rhoda Susan Suiter

Joseph Weldon Yarbrough, b 1827 TN-d 1896 TN, m Mary Millie Yarbrough (dau of John Yarbrough and

Mary Polly Vaughn).

Enac Lucian Jones Yarbrough, b 1870 TN-d 1973 TN, m Gilmer Bell Yarbrough

Y-104 (J B Yarbrough, % W Schaeffer)


Y-105 A2

George Yarbrough Sr., b 1743 VA-d 1798 NC, md Elizabeth Norwood

George Yarbrough Jr., b 1776 NC-d 1846 TN, md Rhoda Susan Suiter

Joseph Weldon Yarbrough, b 1827 TN-d 1896 TN, md Mary Millie Yarbrough (dau of John Yarbrough and

Mary Polly Vaughn).

Henry Y. Yarbrough, b 1870 TN-d 1973 TN, md Theora Adeline Baggett

Herman B. Yarbrough, b 1898 TN-d 1982, md Grace Davis (g-dau of Temperance Yarbrough and Hezikiah Davis)

Y-105 (C Yarbrough, % W Schaeffer)


Y-106 A-5                   

No pedigree available.  

Y-106 (J S Y)


Y-108 DH-1

Thomas G. Yarbrough, b 1785 VA-d ca 1860 SC, md Nancy Unknown

Needham Madison Yarbrough, b 1812 NC-d 1895 GA, md Rebecca Wright

Needam Graham Yarbrough, b 1842 SC-d 1928 GA, md Elizabeth Eliza McCaskill

Thomas Graham Yarbrough, b 1865 GA-d 1944 GA, md Sarah Robertson

Leon Nelson Yarbrough, b 1902 GA-d 1976 GA, md Josie Weaver

Colvin Nelson Yarbrough, b 1919 GA-d 1973 FL, md Alene Reddish

Y-108 (D A Yarbrough)


Y-109 DH-2

Francis Marion Yarbrough, b 1820 SC-d 1860/70 AR, md Minerva A. Morrow

Newton Jasper Yarbrough, b 1854 AR-d 1934 TX, md Josephine Suringer

Marion Francis Yarbrough, b 1879 TX-d 1937 TX, md Lydia Iona Brown

Y-109 (DNAHeritage-2, A F Yarbrough)


Y-110 DH-3

Thomas Yarborough, b 1685 VA-d 1761 VA, md Mary Unknown

Zachariah Yarborough, b 1730 VA-d 1832 NC, md Elizabeth Dowd

Thomas Yarborough Jr., b 1774 NC-d 1833 NC, md Jemima Merrill

Charles Franklin Yarborough, b 1810 NC-d 1879 NC, md Mary Serene Womack

Robert Alexander Yarborough, b 1836 NC-d 1862 VA, md Margaret Shemwell

Whitson Berry Yarborough, b 1856-d 1925 NC, md Martha Jeannette Arnold

Robert Samuel Yarborough, b 1895 NC-d 1949 GA, md Sue Rebecca Webb

Y-110 (H-1963 DNA Heritage) (T S Yarborough)

Lineage 1 - Family Surname Subgroup I [Haplogroup I]


This subgroup has Y-chromosome DNA similar to Thomas Yarborough (born 1685-died after 1761) and William Yarborough (born 1692- died 1748). The surnames in this subgroup may help someone find their lineage back to the Yarb* surname.


Y-045 164018

William Warren, d. 1807 Edgefield SC, m Eleanor Unknown

* Earliest known ancestor: Jarl Eyestein Glumera, 1788.

Y-DNA is a very good match to the Yarbrough surname.



Y-058 75006

Thomas Gillenwater, b 1700?-d 1785 VA

* There is evidence this family line is a Yarbrough descendant and the descendant’s surname was changed

from Yarbrough to Gillenwater.



Y-063 119937

Not provided

Y-063   (S K Howard)


Y-113 H-1

H A Howard, b 1782-d 1817 NC



Y-114 T          

J H Tillery from ySearch match



Y-116 311271

John Frank Newman, b 1856-d 1947

Y-116 (K D Newman)

Lineage 2 - Family Group II [Haplogroup R1b]


This group is largely considered to be descendants of Joshua Yarborough I (born 1710-1715-died 1800). It is not known how George Yarbrough Sr. (born 1743-died 1798) and other 18th Century Yarb* families lines are related to Joshua I.


Y-001 54120

William H. Yarbrough, b 1828 TN-d 1896 AR?, md Catherine Davis William

William F. D. Yarbrough, b 1862 TN-d abt 1905 AR, md Sarah J. Gothard

Elmer Yarbrough, b 1893

Raymond Yarbrough, b 15 Mar 1917-d 10 Oct 2012

Y-001 (C Hickman, Hickman AT


Y-016 140644

Edmund Yarbrough, b 1766 NC-d 1850 TN, md Sophia Gostwick

Henry Yarbrough, b 1790 NC-d 1868 TN, md Delilah Crawley

Rufus M. Yarbrough, b 1843 TN-d 1919 TX, md Susan Elizabeth Bledsoe

Joseph Corey Yarbrough, b 1889 TN-d 1967 CA, md Zora Bailey

Anthon (Tony) Euell Yarbrough, b 1917 CA-d 1997 CA, md Renee Anderson

Y-016 (J A Yarbrough, T Devine)


Y-022 151209

Joshua Yarborough I, b ca 1715 VA-d 1780 NC, md Sarah Powell

Joshua Yarborough II, b 1740 VA-d 1800, md Susannah Thompson

Joshua Yarborough III, b ca 1775-d 1844 GA, md Elizabeth ?

Uriah H Yarborough, b 1798 NC-d 1846, md Elizabeth Brock

Nathan Yarborough, b 1816 SC-d 1886 AL, md Elizabeth Lucas

James Monroe Yarborough, b 1849 SC-d 1914 AL, md Louvisa Tidwell

Cleveland Yarborough, b 1884 AL-d 1961 AL, md Daisey Ella Deaver

James Monroe Yarborough II, b 1914-d 1972 TN, md Ova Lorie Coleman

Y-022 (Cy Yarborough)


Y-025 154933

Joseph Manuel Yarbro, b 1832 TN?-d 1871 KY, md Margaret McLean

Enoch Milton Yarbro, b 1855 TN-d 1928 KY, md Julie Frances Jones

David Yarbro, b 1893-d 1975 KY, md Ruby Ford

Y-025 (R N Yarbro, rnyarbro at


Y-026 155052

Edmund Yarbrough, b 1766 NC-d 1850 TN, md Sophia Sefiah Goswick

Henry Yarbro, b 1790 NC-d 1868 TN, md Delilah Crawley

Rufus Martin Yarbro, b 1843 TN-d 1919 TX, md Susan Elizabeth Bledsoe

Benjamin Dudley Yarbro, b 1877 TN-d 1971 TN, md Leona Bell Ivey

Benjamin Floyd Yarbro, b 1913 TN-d 1978 TN,

Y-026 (B F Yarbro)


Y-028 157143

Joshua Yarborough I, b 1710-15 VA-d 1800 NC, md Sara Unknown

Joshua Yarbrough II, b 1740 NC-d 1820 NC, md Susanna Thompson

Joshua Yarbrough III, b 1775 NC-d 1844 GA, md Elizabeth Register

Uriah Yarborough**, b 1798-d 1846, md Elizabeth Brock, d. Hayden, AL

Jonathan Yarborough, b 1822 Chester City SC-d ca 1880 Sand Rock AL, md Caroline Hudson

**While there is only circumstantial evidence that Jonathan is a son of Uriah, most researchers believe that he is.

This is reinforced by the matching of DNA from a proven descendant of Jonathan with the DNA of proven

descendants of Uriah and Joshua.

William Marion Yarborough, b 1847, Chester City, SC-d 1928 Altoona, AL, md Martha Evits or Everett

William Reuben (Willie) Yarborough, b 1876, SC-d 1935 Arkadelphia, AL, md Sara Ethel Lee Handley

Levis Harvey Yarbrough, b 1906 AL-d 1992 Jackson, MS, md Olga Josephine Johnson

Y-028 (Leonard S Yarbrough)


Y-030 155645              

Jonathan Yarbrough, b 1740VA -d 1811 NC

Y-30 (L A Yarber)


Y-036 159996

Joshua Yarbrough I, b 1710 VA-d 1800 NC, md Sarah Powell

Joshua Yarbrough II, b 1740 NC-d 1820 NC, md Susanna Tompson

Joshua Yarbrough III, b 1775 NC-1844 GA, md Elizabeth Register

Uriah Yarborough**, b 1798-d 1846, md Elizabeth Brock

Joshua T. Yarbrough, b 1828 SC-d 1905 MS, md Martha Peggy Breakfield

(**There is evidence, but not proven, that Joshua T. Yarbrough, 1828 SC-1905 MS is a son of Uriah Yarborough


George Washington Yarbrough, b 1850 SC-d 1920 TN, md Malinda E. Hodges

Joshua T. Yarbrough, b 1877 MS-d 1949 TN, md Molly Norabell Cambell

Graydon Lewis Yarbrough, b 1900 MS-d 1963 TN, md Opha Pearl Hammonds

Floyd E Yarbrough, b TN-d 1984 TN, md Mabel White

Y-036 (B E Yarbrough)


Y-043 167629

Shem Yarborough, b 1775 NC-d 1850 TN, md Elizabeth Nellie Helms

William Dawson Yarber/Yarbrough, b 1911 NC-d aft 1870 TN, md Nancy Huddleston/Huston

John Culpepper Yarber, b 1840 NC-d 1916 GA, md Lucretia Hampton

William Albert Yarber, b 1887 TN-d 1965 GA, md Nora Irene Stephens

Y-043 (S G Yarber)


Y-047 169676

Joshua Yarborough I, b 1710 VA-d 1800? NC, md Sarah Unknown

Joshua Yarborough II, b 1740 NC-d bet 1820/30? SC, md Susannah Thompson

Joshua Yarbrough III, b 1774 NC-d 1844 GA, md 1)Elizabeth Unknown, 2) Nancy Unknown

George Washington Yarbrough, b 1806 NC/SC-d aft 1860 SC, md Judy Unknown

Charles Yarbrough, b 1832 SC-d bef 1860 SC, md Margaret Susan Nolan

Charles Washington Yarbrough, b 1857-d 1946, md Louella Ewing

William Enoch Yarbrough, b 1882 GA, md 1) Lois Langston, 2) Queen Victoria Smith

Y-047 (C R Yarbrough)


Y-051 184418

William Yarbrough, b 1774 NC-1857 TN, md Martha Unknown

Wade Hampton Yarbrough, b 1809 SC-12 Mar 1886 KS, md Mary M. Davis

Felix Grundy Yarbrough, b 1840 TN-1917 KS, md Mary Elizabeth Sanders

Matthew Lee Yarbrough, b 1867 MO-1953 CA, md Katheryn Ida Anderson

George Earl Yarbrough, b 1896 KS-1993 KS, md Zoe Thelma True

Y-051 (W L & B Yarbrough)


Y-053 187971              

No pedigree available

Y-053 (R L Yarbrough)


Y-070 212316              

No pedigree available

Y-070 (W A Yarbrough)


Y-071 220361

Samuel Murphy Yarbrough

Y-071 (D L Y)


Y-072 222260

Captain James Yarborough, b 1748 -d 1792

Y-072 (R W Y III)


Y-082 234885              

No pedigree available.  

Y-082 (R E Yarbrough Jr.)


Y-090   314415            

William Yarborough, b 1774 NC-d 1857 TN, md Martha (Unknown)      

Benjamin Yarbrough, b ca 1823 TN-d 1862 TN (Shiloh), md Mary Jane McAliley

James Walter Yarbrough, b 1856 TN-d 1929 TN, md Emma Branson

R. E. Yarbrough, b 1888 TN-d 1965 TN, md Linnie Canada

Robert Edward Yarbrough, b 1926 TN-d 1983 TN, md Sarah Witt

Y-090 (D E Y)


Y-097 263708  

Jeptha Yarbrough

Y-097   (W R Y)

Lineage 2 - Family Surname Subgroup II [Haplogroup R1b]


This subgroup has Y-chromosome DNA similar to Joshua Yarborough I (born 1710-1715-died 1800).The surnames in this subgroup may help someone find their lineage back to the Yarb* surname.


Y-067 96813

George Megginson, b 1800 NC-d 1853 Clarke Co AL, md Sarah N Hill

William T. Megginson, b 1827-d 1857 Clark Co, AL



Y-103 M

George Megginson, b 1800 NC-d 1853 Clarke Co AL



Y-107 B

W Barlow, b 1735 VA-d 1784 Caroline Co NC, md Mary Mason


Lineage 3 - Family Group III [Haplogroup R1b]

This family group is unique in that a Sims Family Researcher found the connection between Richard Yarborough Sr., Richard Yarborough Jr. and Owen Yarborough tying the John Yarbrough (born ca 1782) family line back to the Sims surname.


Y-033 158429

John Yarbrough, b 1790-d 1843 Fairfield Co, SC, md Courtney Haygood

Thomas Griggs/Gregg Yarbrough, b ca 1815 SC-d ca 1870 Fairfield Co, SC, md Margaret Unknown

Archibald J. Yarbrough, b 1847-d 1934 AR, md Agnes Yount

James Arthur Yarbrough, b 1885 AR-d 1958 AR, md Mary A. Ashcraft

James Archibald Yarbrough, b 1914 AR-d 1977 AR, md Eva Marie Gavin

Y-033 (A Brantley)


Y-048 171196

Joseph Sims, b ca 1697 VA-d 1750 NC, md Sarah (Jones?)
Benjamin Sims, b ca 1726 NC-d aft 1790 SC, md Mary Martin

John Sims, b ca 1756 NC-d 1816 LA, nmd Miss Yarborough (prob. dau. of Richard Yarborough**), b ca 1757-d ca 1782 (Miss Yarbrough is the sister of Owen Yarborough and Richard Yarborough Jr.**)

John "Jack" (Sims) Yarborough, b ca 1782 SC-d 1843 SC, md Courtney Haigood/Haigwood

Thomas Griggs Yarborough (Sr.), b ca 1814 SC-d 1870 SC, md Margaret F. Hamilton

Thomas Griggs Yarborough (Jr.), b 1846 SC-d 1920 SC, md Annie Elizabeth Steele

Albert Jasper Yarborough, b 1896 SC-d 1940 SC, nmd Nelle Frances Tevepaugh

**Note: Richard Yarborough, b VA,-d NC/SC, md Elizabeth, probable, but unproven parents of the Patriarch ancestor of Y-048

Y-048 (DSR, Sims family researcher)

Lineage 3 - Family Surname Subgroup III [Haplogroup R1b]


The matching Sims surname member.


Y-069 261679              

James M. Sims, b 1822 NC-d 1889 TX

Y-069 (B E S)

Yarb* Lineage Not Established - Family Group Not Established [Haplogroup R1b]

This family group has no common Patriarch. Each member is his own family line until a match is found.


Y-005 79028

John Yarbrough**, b abt 1825 Mason TN/NC, md ?Caroline Buford, b TN 1837


Jim Yarbrough, b 1856, Somerville, TN

Alice Yarbrough, b 1859, Somerville, TN

Dave Yarbrough, b 1862, Somerville, TN

John Yarbrough, b 1863, Somerville, TN

Winnie Yarbrough, b 1867, Somerville, TN

Orange Yarbrough, b 1868, Somerville, TN

Anthony Yarbrough, b 1870, Somerville, TN

Priscilla H Yarbrough, b 1873, Somerville, TN

Zack Yarbrough, b 1877 Somerville, TN

William S Yarbrough, b 1879 Somerville, TN

**The Y-DNA project member surname is Yarbrough. In the Yarbrough Y-DNA project, the project member does not have a Yarbrough surname match. African American, 67-marker DNA test taken.

Y-005 [Melvinyb AT]


Y-018 142184

William Yarbrough, b 1785 NC-d 1860 KY, md 2) Ann Winstead

John Yarbrough, b 1813 NC-d 1884 KY, md Eliza Tapp

Robert Yarbrough, b 1857 KY-d 1941 CA, md Rebecca A. Fann

William R. Yarbrough, b 1894 CA-d 1965 CA, md Ethel Jones

William Jay Yarbrough, b 1924-d 1982 CA, md Margaret Marie Oberg

Y-018 (SJY, M Y Kientz)


Y-019 144845

William Yarbrough, b 1740 VA-d ca 1838 GA, md Elizabeth Unknown

William Yarbrough, b 1784 SC-d 1866 TN, md Sarah Unknown

Nathan D. Yarbrough, b 1827 GA-d 1900 AL, md Lemirah C Thurston

Daniel Ellis Yarbrough, b 1845 TN-d 1922 TX, md Malissa Brock

Ellis Nathan Yarbrough, b 1879 TX-d 1969 TX, md Lucy Voorhies King

Paul Earl Yarbrough Sr., b 1906 TX-d 1999 TX, md Mary Ethel Waller

Y-019 (C E Yarbrough)


Y-035 159524

Rufus Yarbrough, b ? TN-d ? TN, md Rachel Bailey or Blivins 1844-1934 AR

James Albert Yarbrough, b 1867 TN-d 1945 AR, md 1) Emma Dula McCrutchen, 2) Anna Mae Williams, 3) Mary Elizabeth Lizzie Blakeley

Y-035 (D Duesenbury)


Y-042 167294

John Swanson Yarbrough**, b 1774 NC-d 1862 TX, md 1) Elizabeth Galbreath 2) Cynthia Unknown Coker? 3) Frances Coker

David M. Yarbrough, b 1831 AR-d 1869 TX, md Mary Ann Anderson

David Melvin "Dee" Yarbrough, b 1869-d 1946 Canada/ buried in TX, md Zadie Mahan

**A comprehensive pedigree can be viewed at .

Y-042 (L D Yarbrough, Canada)

Surname Family Groups Not Established [Haplogroup R1b]



There is a variety of reasons the following are members of the Yarb* Y-DNA project. When a man takes the FamilyFinder test or the mtDNA test (Maternal Ancestor), his Y results are included in project. Others might be looking for a Yarb* family connection.


Y-078 85131                

Not Available  

Y-078 (J W Milam)                  


Y-080 31249    

Not Available  

Y-080 (N J Crockett)


Y- 081 N114672          

John Harris, b 1588-d 1638    

Y-081(R L Church)


Y-083 84100    

Minor Winn, b 1704-d 1778 Wales-Fauquier VA

Y-083 (B W Winn)


Y-084 87746

Thomas Morris, d 1791 Chester Co SC

William Morris

Y-084 (W Morris)


Y-086 247271

Levi Whitten, b 1780-1849

Y-086 (G Whitten)

Family Group of Haplogroup E


Currently hypothesized, Haplogroup E dispersed south from northern Africa within the last 3,000 years with the Bantu agricultural expansion. It is an old, diverse haplogroup with many branches.


Y-041 165758

Calvin Yarborough, b 1839 TN-d aft 1910 Franklin Co NC, md Precilla Shaw

Louis Neal Yarborough, b 1862 NC-d 1931 NC, m. Olive “Ollie” Yarborough

James Winfred Yarborough, b 1898 NC-d 1948 NC, m. Paralee Scarborough

Y-041 (R Yarborough-Sanders)

Family Group of Haplogroup I


The Haplogroup I lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in northwest Europe and has since spread down into Central and Eastern Europe, where it is found at low frequencies.


Y-002 61468

No ancestry data provided

Y-002 (P A Yarb)


Y-034 251637

Brian Yarborough

Y-034 (S K Yarb, TX)

Family Surname of Haplogroup I


Y-085 246992  


Y-085 (J C Sheffield)   

English Yarb* Family Groups

English Family Group of Haplogroup R1b

The Haplogroup R1b is the most frequently occurring haplogroup in Western Europe and the most common haplogroup in the genetic genealogy databases.


Y-046 169128

Robert Yarbor, b 1550 Burgh in the Marsh, Lincolnshire, England-d 1598, md Unknown

William Yarborough, b 1578 Burgh in the Marsh, Lincolnshire, England-d 1604

Matthew Yarborough, b 1600 Burgh in the Marsh, Lincolnshire, England-d 1661

William Yarborough, b bet 1627 /30 England

William Yarborough, b 1650 Friskney, Lincolnshire, England

Robert Yarborough, b 1686 Burgh in the Marsh, Lincolnshire, England

Robert Yarborough, b Oct 1704 Burgh in the Marsh, Lincolnshire, England-d 1786

Richard Yarborough, b Leake

**(The above was provided by Peter Yerburgh and is being further researched for proof).

John Yarborough (or Yerbury), b Dec 2, 1763 Leake, Lincolnshire, England

John Yarborough, b 1781 Leeds, England

John Yarborough, b 1820 Leeds, England

Albert Yarborough, b 1857 Bradford, England

John Charles Yarborough, b Dec 1884 Bradford, England-d 1934 Harrogate, England, md Minnie Taylor

John Yarborough b 5 Mar 1933 Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, md Anne Cundall

Y-046 (T Yarborough, Yorkshire)

English Family Group of Haplogroup I

The Haplogroup I lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in northwest Europe and has since spread down into Central and Eastern Europe, where it is found at low frequencies.


Y-037 161490

Thomas Yarborough, b 1805 ENG-d ???? Lincolnshire ENG, md Mary Unknown

George R. Yarborough, b 1831 Lincolnshire ENG-d 1896 ENG, md Sarah A. Unknown

George Yarborough, b 1870 Lincolnshire ENG-d 1937 SD, md Eliza Maddison

George Fredrick Yarborough, b 1894 Lincolnshire ENG-d 1938 USA, SD, md Ellen Mabel Sletten (Immigrated to USA 1914)

Y-037 (F M Yarborough)


Y-038 161834

*Robert Yarber, of Wrangle yeoman, b 1704-d 1786, md 1732 Francis Mapleston. They had 6 sons (3 died) & 5 daughters (3 died as infants)

*Richard Yarborough, of Old Leake, md 1735 Mary Pickwell. They had 10 sons and no daughters (7 died young)

*Joshua Yarborough, (fisherman) b 1731, md Ethel Curson 1801 of Boston and Grimsley England

Y-038 (Mr. Peter Yerburgh)


Y-138 DH

YERBURGHs of Cockeringhton St. Mary family tree.

Approved by the College of Arms.

YERBURGH    Born         Age      Marriage Wife's Name   Death   Burial Location
William C.
George C.
Edmund R.
Oswald R.
Yerburgh (twins)
ca 1420
ca 1525
ca 1484
ca 1516

ca 1450

ca 1514
ca 1546
2nd Anne Gentle
Alice Gainsborough
Mary Coddington
Bridgett Arnall
Elizabeth Norton
Susan Higgin
Connie Thwaites
Joan Saville

C. St. Mary
C. St. Mary
C. St. Mary
C. St. Mary
Cov. St. B
Cov. St. B.

Sleaford DD
N. Bickington BA
Wrentham BA
Studland MA

List printed by Peter Yerburgh, Aug. 22, 2009.

Re-formatted by Leonard Yarbrough, Nov. 13, 2013.

Y-138 (Peter Yerburgh)

English Family Surname Subgroup of Haplogroup R1a


The Haplogroup R1a lineage is believed to have originated in the Eurasian Steppes north of the Black & Caspian Seas. This lineage is found in central & western Asia, India, and in Slavic populations of Europe.


Y-055 28267            

John Pike, b 1572-d 1654 Wiltshire England       

Y-055 (E L Pike epike33 at

Yarbrough Families   -   DNA NOT TESTED

{Listed in order of the earliest born}



Jeptha Yarborough, b 1763 NC-d 1853 AL, md Nancy Ann Franklin

Reuben Yarborough, b 1805 GA-d 1865 AL, md Cynthia Hawthorne Short

William Yarbrough, b 1829 GA- d bef 1869 AL, md Sarah Jane Kelley

John Thomas Jefferson Yarbrough, d b 1855 AL-d 1940 OK, md 1) Georgia Ann Lindsey, 2) Erminnie Bell Lokey

Eddie Eugene Yarbrough, b 1887 TN-d 1973 OK, md Dovie Pearl Lindley

Ollie Edward Yarbrough, b 1911 OK-d 1974 CA, md 1) Manda King, 2) Ruby Fritz


John Yarbrough, b bet 1725-1728- d abt 1785, md Verer (Wright ?) [G F Yarbrough, NC]

Charles Yarbrough, b bet 1768-1771 NC- d1850 NC, md Disnie Cochran

James Yarbrough, b 1797 NC-d bef 1870 NC, md Isabelle Deaton

Joseph B Yarbrough, b 1831 NC-d aft 1880 NC, md Martha Deaton

William Lincoln Rawls Yarbrough, b 1859 NC-d 1918 NC, md Loutishia Brewer

Ira Dell Yarbrough, b 1893 NC-d1963 NC, md Georgia Lee Shaw


William Yarbrough, b 1740 VA-d 1835 Abbeville SC, md Elizabeth Unknown [C Johnson, beeman AT Ardmore dot net]

William Yarbrough, b 1784 SC-d 1866 Lincoln TN, md Sarah Unknown

Jeptha L. Yarbrough, b 1823 GA- d???? TN, md Julia A. Cambell

William Jefferson Yarbrough 1847 TN-1922 AL, m Mary Ellen Nellie Giles

**Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test

Theola Kate Yarbrough-Bailey-Oldham, b 1874 AL-d 1954 AL, md Peter Columbo Bailey

Mary Viola "Ole" Bailey, b 1895 -d1950 AL, md Charles Reuben McCulloch

Geneva Estell McCulloch, b 1917 - d???? AL, md Charles Beal Johnson


Jonathan Yarbrough, b ca 1740 VA - d 1811 NC, md Amelia Milly Lee [B Sheppard]

Ambrose Yarbrough, b 1772 NC - d 1861 AL, md (1) Elizabeth Culpepper (2) Phoebe Holcomb

Hardy Yarbrough, b 1810 GA - d Feb 28 1877 AL, md Rachel Yarbrough (Cousin)

Ambrose Yarbrough, b 1850-d (?), md Frances Fannie Knott Goodwin

James Peyton Yarbrough, b 1880 AL-d 1948 MS, md Mary Lulu Tanner

James N. Yarborough, b 1761 NC-1d 831 AL, md Mary UNKNOWN [T & N Yarborough]
James Alfred Yarborough, b 1792 NC-d1857 AL, md Mary Smith
Neil Smith Yarborough, b 1835 AL-d 1861 AL, md Sally S. Manley
Neill Sydney Yarborough, b 1861 AL-d 1900 LA, md Carrie Hillman
Neill Albert Yarborough, b 1894 LA-d 1925 LA, md Louise F. Woodyard


Edmund Yarbrough, b 1766 NC- d 1850 TN, md Sophia Gossett/Gostwick [D. Yarbro]

Henry Yarbrough, b1790 NC- d 1866, md Deliliah Crawley

Milton Jasper Yarbro, b 1832 TN-d 1912 TN, md 2nd wife Mary C, (Maggie) Bledsoe Brock

Grover Cleveland Yarbro, b1894 TN-d. 1984 AR, md Daisy Ethel Taylor

J. T. Yarbro, b 1931 AR- d. Jan 2004 AR, md Emma Jane Bollinger


William P. Yarbrough, b 1772 NC [Earl E. Chandler [eze75 AT]

Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test

Mary Polly Yarbrough, b abt 1807 Henry Co KY, md Benjamin McCoy Phillips b Aug 12 1789 VA (now part of Bourbon Co KY)

William Harrison Harry Phillips, b Apr 11, 1840 Marion Co IN


William Yarbrough, b 1775 NC-d 1840 IL, md Permelia Parker [E Wolfe]

John Yarbrough, b 1803-d 1856, md Mary Polly Vaughn

Francis Marion Yarbrough, b 1833 TN-d 1914 TN, md Clarissa Davis

William Henry Yarbrough, b 1862 TN-d 1937 TN, md Maggie J. Powell

William Grant Yarbrough, b 1892 Clarksville TN-d 1973, md Ida M. McMahon


Pelham J. Yarbrough, b 1779 NC-d1837 TX, md Lucy Kumult [ P Y Simmons]

Byram Franklin Yarbrough, b 1809 SC-d 1877 TX, md Abigail D. Poor

Byron Daniel Yarbrough, b 1847 MS-d 1883 TX, md Caroline Burden

John Riley Yarbrough, b 1873 TX-d 1949 OK, md Sally Ann Cunningham

Edgar Daniel Yarbrough, b 1896 TX-d 1979 OK, md Bernice Pittman


John B. Yarbrough,b 1782 KY- d aft 1860 OR, md Mary E. Unknown [ S Yarbrough]

Thomas Jefferson Yarbrough, 1830 KY-d 1874 OR, md Sarah Jane Mansfield

Howard Monroe Yarbrough, 1857-d 1943 OR, md Hannah Jane “Jennie” Haggerton

Elbert Charles Yarbrough, 1891-d 1930 OR, md Elise Doggett


Larkin Yarbrough, b abt 1790 SC/TN-d 1843 Stewart Co TN, md Nancy Slaughter [ramona2362 AT hotmail dot com]

John Yarbrough, b 1810 NC/TN/IL-d 1830-1843 Stewart CoTN, md Mary Unknown

Britton H. Yarbrough/Yarber**, b 1836 TN/IL-d 1863 IL, md Amanda Parrott Hardin

William Burrell Yarber, b 1858 IL-d 1952 IL, md Mary Lancaster?

Charles Henry Yarber, b 1885 IL/IN-d 1959 IN, md Luella Millis

** Member Y-097has tested from this family line back


William Collins Callie Yarbrough, b1794 NC-d 1894 OK, md 1) Unknown 2) Katherine Boyd [MLY Dawson]

James Yarbrough, b 1815 TN-d 1889 Yarbrough Mountain Johnson Co Arkansas, md Louisa Childers

James Thomas Yarbrough, b 1848 TN-d 1892 AR, md Arminta Pate

James Claud Yarbrough, b 1880 TN-d1957 AR, md Emma D Hughes

Lee Hoyl Yarbrough, b 1916 AR-d 1984 AR, md Geneva Sory


Thomas Griggs Yarbrough, b abt 1796 SC Fairfax Co SC, md Margerie Mahaley Brown [Cindi B., labecker AT sbcglobal dot net] Y-033, Y-048

John W Yarbrough, b abt 1849 MO, md Sarah Ellen Sansoucie

Samuel G Yarbrough, b Nov 14 1873 MO, md Mary Ann "Molly" Whaley


Asa Yarbrough, b NC, [Lonnie Yarbrough]
George Chapman Yarbrough, b 1801 SC-d 1880 AL, md Virginia Jane Jenkins

Richard Cyrus Yarbrough, b 1844 AL-d 1935 AL, md Susan Jane Sutton
Henry Cyrus Yarbrough, b 1882-d 1966 AL, md Agnes Leona Denton

Lonnie Everett Yarbrough Sr., b 1908 AL-d 1980 AL, md Caroline Elizabeth Yarbrough


Asa Yarbrough, b 1809 TN-d 1869 TX, md Sarah Jane White [R O Haggard]

William Henry Yarbrough, 1837 TX-d 1881 TX, md 1) Amanda Little 2) Sarah C. Billingsley

**Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test

Winnie Pauline Yarbrough, d1875 TX-d 1958 TX, md Osceola Ireland Orum, Sr.


James Yarbrough, b 1811 NC-d ca1859 GA, md Elizabeth Unknown [R Sloan]

James A. Yarbrough, b 1847 GA-d 1923 AR, m Mary Samantha Nichols

**Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test

Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, b 1867 AR-d 1951 OK, md George Washington Thompson


James Yarbro, Sr., b ca 1830-d NC, md Patsy Burnett [J Yarboro]
Hillard Yarbro, b 1861 Franklin NC-d 1912 NC, md Martha Narron
John Cleveland “JC” Yarbro, b 1885 NC-d 1960 NC, md Etta Lee Joyner


Lenard Washington Yarbrough, b 1830 NC-d 1921 Franklin Co NC, md Martha Anna Kearney [C Pearson]

African American

Joseph Christian Yarbrough, b 1874 NC-d 1943 VA, md Olivia Virginia Scott

**Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test

Lillie Ione Yarbrough, b 1928 VA

The participant is female; mtDNAtest results are Haplogroup L3f


Joseph Yarbrough, b 1840 GA-d AL, md Mary Jane Unknown [V Y Ruedger]

Augustus Henry Yarbrough, b 1881 AR- d GA, md Wilner Flora Unknown

William Joseph Yarbrough, b 1910 GA-d 1987 GA, md Unknown


Pleasant Walter Yarbrough, b1872 GA-d 1944 TX, md Susan Jane Jones [P Yarbrough]
Pleasant Walter Yarbrough Jr., b 1904 GA-d 1983 TX, m dTallieMae Padgett


John Yarbrough, b abt 1875 Pulaski AR, md Adeline [J Destiny, jamikadestiny AT]

African American

Children: Willie J ,Alberta, Tennie B., Joe Samuel, Marie, Luel


Randolph Yarbrough, b ca 1876 MS-d AR?, md Cynthy (Hawkins ?) [starwish2006? AT]

African American

Johnie Yarborough, b 1895 AR, md Matilda (Unknown)


William R. Yarbrough, md Jul 3 1921 Lillie Gay Ince, b Dec 4 1902 Purdy Indian Territory


Clarence N. Yarbrough, md Jul 31 1923, Bethel Lee Ince, b Jan 19 1906 Lindsay Indian Territory


Groves Yarbrough, b 9 May 1776 SC-14 Nov 1857 Little River Franklin Co GA, md Martha Langston [fbcheryl AT charter dot net]

**Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test


Andrew Jackson Yarborough**, b1812 GA-d 1 Jul 1894Choctaw Co MS, md 7 Jul 1840 Chambers Co AL, Mary Mathis b 15 Feb 1813 GA -d 17 May 1898 Choctaw Co, MS [fbcheryl AT charter dot net]

**Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test


James M. Yarborough, b Sep 1842 AL-d aft 1900, md Frances Unknown b Aug 1852 MS-d Aft 1900

Children of James and Frances:

            James Yarborough, b abt 1869 MS

            Henry Yarborough, b abt 1871 MS

            Ida Yarborough, b abt 1874 MS

            Martha Ada Yarborough, b Dec 1877 MS

            William W Yarborough, b Oct 1880 MS

            Burrell E Yarborough, b Jul 1884 MS

            Sylvainia A Yarborough, b Oct 1886 MS

Elisabeth Yarborough, b abt 1842 AL

Henry A Yarborough, b abt 1844 AL-d 1863 of measles in Vicksburg MS

Mary Frances Yarborough, b abt 1847AL-d aft 1880 MS, md Asbury Chapman b abt 1849 Heard Co GA-d 15 Apr 1887 Choctaw Co MS

Ann E. Yarborough, b1850 Chambers Co AL


Joseph Yarborough**, b 1801 GA-d 1866 Tarrant Co TX, md Matilda Nelson [fbcheryl AT charter dot net]

**Need male line descendant for Y-DNA test


John Yerbury, md Mary Dickenson b May 17 1790 [T Boyle –England]

John Yarborough, md Ann Ramsden b Jun 6 1818-d 1838-1841

John Yarborough, b ca 1817-1819 Leeds, md Martha Benson 1841

Albert Yarborough, b May 1 1856 Bradford, md Hannah Morgan 1881

John Charles Yarborough, b Sept 16 1884 Bradford, md Minnie Taylor 1915

Ronald Yarborough, b 1916 Harrogate, md Hazel Glen 1942

(Same as Y-46 under tested)


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