bullet Isenrich von Wisingen, Freysass im Chiemgau 1177 - Manfred Wiesinger [email AT manfred-wiesinger.com]
bullet Chunrad von Wisingen, Freysass im Chiemgau
bullet Hartmann Graf von Wisingen, Kreuzritter ux. Gertraud v. Prambach 1227 - W-2 29175

"Wiesinger" is derived from several small towns in the area of Bavaria/Upper Austria/Tyrolia, by the name of "Wiesing"; the suffix "er" means, that the person is from this town.   In Vienna there is even a lane called "Wiesinger Street"! 


Weissingers of Weilheim -  the Weissinger families from the town of Weilheim an der Teck, Germany beginning in 1558 by Jim Petty

bullet Daniel Weisiger/Wisenger - Dick Weisiger [dickw AT itsa.ucsf.edu]
bullet Daniel, b c1705 near Frankfurt, Germany, m Mary Barbara (arrived 1731, Philadelphia PA on "Snow Louther" from Rotterdam)
bullet Daniel Jr.
bullet John (Johan) Martin Weissinger, (1692-1776) from Weilheim, Nuertingen, Württemberg, Germany, m Anna Maria Fischer
bullet Leonard, b 20 Dec 1727 Weilheim, m Agnes Dorothea Scheifele 
bullet Leonhardt, b 5 Jul 1751
bullet Christian, b 28 Jul 1752
bullet Michael, b 6 Sep 1753
bullet Joh. Michael, b 25 Sep 1754
bullet Leonhard, b 25 Oct 1755 (Immigrated to SC abt 1782-4)
bullet Johannes (John), b 16 Mar, 1758; (immigrated to SC abt 1782-4), m Anna Magdalena Gutjahren
bullet Jacob, b Sep 1761
bullet Johann Georg (George), b 6Jul 1769; (immigrated to SC abt 1782-4), m Winnifred Anderson - Frances Morrison Search for Weissinger
bullet Leonard Alexander, b 1801/2 GA
bullet John Wesley, b c1802, m Elizabeth Coleman, d Villa Americana. Sao Paulo Brazil
bullet George Washington, b 1807 Augusta GA area, m1) Amanthus Bullitt, 1829, Louisville KY, m2) Eliza Poignand 1847, Spencer Co. KY
bullet James Madison, b 1816 Augusta GA area, m Allena Blewett, 1838, Columbus MS  
bullet Alexander Jackson, b 1819 Perry Co. AL, m Cordelia Strong 1841, Marion, Perry Co. AL, d 1865, Winona MS  
bullet Matthias Wössinger (arrived 1752, Charlestown SC on "Snow Rowland" from Rotterdam) - Richard Johnson [rsgreg AT homexpressway.net]
bullet Johan Michael Wessinger, b 2 May 1744, Germany
bullet Catharine "Caty" Wessinger, b c1772, m John Nichols Jr - Michelle Taunton [mtaunton AT mindspring.com]
bullet John Mathias Wessinger, b c1780; married Elizabeth
bullet Michael Wessinger, Jr., b 1782; married Elizabeth
bullet Christian Christopher Weissinger, b 1784 Lexington Dist SC, m Caty Comalander - Liz Lester [LzL1712 AT aol.com]
bullet Matthias Wessinger, Jr, b 22 March 1745/6, m Lydia Ann (Anna Schmitt) Smith
bullet Uriah George Wessinger, b c1772, m Elizabeth Derrick - Marlene Koon Walker [LKLW1 AT aol.com]
bullet Henry Jacob W., b Mar 4, 1808 - Dave Wessinger [davewess  AT nc.rr.com] - W-5 29911
Mathias Wessinger, III, b Mar 1774; married Elizabeth Koon
bullet Catherine Wessinger, b 1776
Anna Barbara Wessinger, b 1778; married Michael Eargle
Mary Magdalene "Mollie" Wessinger, b Nov 29, 1780; married Joseph Lybrand
Nancy Anna Wessinger, b 1782
George, b 1784; married Leah Taylor
Anna, b 1786; married John Koon
Elizabeth Wessinger - may have died as an infant or young child
Ulrich Wessinger - may have died as an infant or young child
Susanna Wessinger - may have died as an infant or young child
Unknown male Wessinger - may have died as an infant or young child
bullet Anna Catherina, b 9 April 1751, Germany, m John Kleckley Jr
bullet Jacob Wessinger, b c1752 SC, m Susannah
bullet John Wessinger, b c1780, m Elizabeth Geiger
bullet Michael Wessinger, b c1782, m Margaret Younginer - Richard Johnson [rsgreg AT homexpressway.net]
bullet Mathias Wessinger, m Selinah Boyer
bullet Jacob Wessinger, Jr. b c 1798, m Celia  - Mignon Wessinger [uriel AT bellsouth.net]
Eve married Frederick Bough
bullet Barbara married Isaac Lybrand
bullet George Weisinger, (Declared at GA in 1802)
bullet George Conrad Weissinger, b 8 Nov 1812, Bavaria Germany, m Elizabeth Reger  (Imported at Baltimore 19 June 1847 on the ship "Keplrr")
bullet Jacob Christ, b 1853
bullet George Peter, b 1859
bullet George Leonard, b 21 Mar 1862, Sidney, Shelby Co OH, m Salome Wilt - Keith Weissinger [kweiss47 AT comcast.net] - W-4 29572
bullet Johann Christian Weissinger, m Elizabeth Vogt
bullet Christian
bullet Friederricke
bullet Fritz
bullet Karl
bullet Charles Gottfried, b 10 Jan 1863 Heitingsham, Württemberg, Germany, m Risa Weber.  (came to America as stowaway and moved to Berlin TX)
bullet Jno, (Immigrated to Charleston SC in 1742)
bullet Jacob F. Wessinger, (Imported at the District of Galveston, TX., 1Q, 1846 on the "Bark Dyle" from Antwerp), m Amelia
bullet John Wessinger, (Imported at TX in 1846)
bullet Anton Weisinger, (Declared at Alleghany Co., PA. in 1850)
bullet John L. Weissinger, (Imported at Philadelphia, PA. in 1850)
bullet Joh Wessinger, (Imported at TX in 1850)
bullet John Michael. Weissinger, (Imported at Philadelphia, PA. 1854 at age 16)
bullet Jos. Wessinger, (Declared at Illinois in 1854 at age 28)
bullet Frederick Weissinger, (Declared at Allegheny Co., PA. in 1870)
bullet John G. Weissinger, (Imported at Philadelphia, PA. in 1871)
bullet Charles Weisinger, (Declared at Washington Co., TX. in 1882 at age 23)
bullet Hanan Eliezer Weisinger, b c1860, Austria - Gary Weisinger PhD [Gary_W AT tasmc.health.gov.il]
bullet Tzvi Hersh, b c1880; migrated from Austria to Buchavina Rumania/Poland to Horodenko, Ukraine
bullet Menachem Mendel, b Horodenko Poland/Rumania, m Batyah Brender


bullet Sebastian Wiesinger, b Zell am Attersee, Austria, m Magdalena Sams - Bob Wissinger [bwissinger AT buckeye-express.com]
bullet Adam Wiesinger, b 1618 Zell am Attersee, Austria
bullet Martin, b 1647, m Mary Mayr - Calvin Weisinger [WB2GWZ AT aol.com] - W-3
bullet Adam
bullet Matthias, b 1650
bullet Georg Wolfgang Wissinger, b 1613, Mittelramstadt, Bavaria, Germany, m Ursula
bullet Johann Georg, b 23 Dec 1660, Mittelramstadt, m Anna Felizitas Runger
bullet Johann Bartholomaus, b 22 Aug 1694, Gross-Gerau, near Darmstadt, Bavaria, Germany
bullet Johann Georg, b 3 Feb 1696, Gross-Gerau
bullet Johann Nicolaus, b 18 Nov 1700, Gross-Gerau
bullet Johan Ludwig Wissinger, b 6 Mar 1703, Gross-Gerau, m Catherine (arrived 1740, Philadelphia PA on "Friendship" from Rotterdam)
bullet Balthasar, b 10 Feb 1746, m Catherine
bullet Johannes Jacob, b 29 Dec 1784, m Elizabeth Martin
bullet Daniel Thomas, b 1812, Harpers Ferry VA, m 1) Cynthia Maria Conkling 1834, 2) Catherine Kelly 1850
bullet John W, b 5 Feb 1844 Springfield OH - Jim Johnson [uff-da-9 AT juno.com]
bullet Charles E, b 29 Jun 1852, Springfield OH - Roger Wissinger [rwissinger299 AT yahoo.com]
bullet Ludwig, b 1756, MD or PA, m Susanna Miller
bullet John, 22 Sep 1784 Woodbury Twp, Bedford Co PA
bullet Daniel, b Mar 1791, Woodbury Twp - Allen Wissinger [awissinger AT san.rr.com] & JoAnn Lucas [josie AT micoks.net]
bullet Jacob M, b c1783,  Woodbury Twp
bullet Isaac, b 26 Aug 1824, Montgomery Co OH - Michael Fullmer
bullet Lewis, b 21 June 1793, Bedford Co PA, m 1) Barbara Strayer - Bob Wissinger [bwissinger AT buckeye-express.com]
bullet John, b 27 Feb 1836, Cambria Co PA, m 1) Sophia Mackall
bullet  Eli Benshoff, b 1865, Cambria Co PA, m 1) Onessa S Smith - Wanda Barrett [wanda_59 AT hotmail.com]
bullet Ralph W, b 6 June 1888, Cambria Co PA, m Roxanne Marcela Jaynes   - W-1 29172
bullet David, b c1800 Conemaugh Twp, Cambria Co PA - Greg Wissinger [greg_wissinger AT hotmail.com]
bullet George W, b 1803 Conemaugh Twp, m Sarah Strayer - Lynne Canterbury [landd AT accnorwalk.com]
bullet Ephraim, b 25 Mar 1827, Cambria Co PA, m Jane Lemon
bullet Samuel, b 1805 Stoney Creek Twp, Cambria PA
bullet Isaac, b 5 Jul 1808, Conemaugh Twp - Ellen Lambert [carl_lambert AT earthlink.net]  & Bill Culp [willculp AT adelphia.net]
bullet Peter, b c1760
bullet George, b c1763
bullet Jacob, b c1764
bullet Johann Phillip, b 26 Sep 1711, Gross-Gerau
bullet Martin, b 28 Nov 1664, m Barbara Brand
bullet Michael, b 9 Aug 1668, m Maria Lechner
bullet Martin (1607-1677) from Boxberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, m Agatha
bullet Hans Conrad, b1651, m Anna Catherina Springer
bullet Bernard, b 1683, m Barbara
bullet Martin, b 1714
bullet Johann David, b 1747
bullet Georg Martin, b 1787
bullet Martin, b Boxberg, Baden, Germany (Imported in NY, 4 May 1861 on the steamship "Zurich")
bullet Fred
bullet Henry
bullet Alexander
bullet Otto
bullet Adam
bullet Thomas
bullet Michael Weissinger - Brenda Antal [bantal AT tampabay.rr.com
bullet Johan Michael Weissinger, b 1708/9, m Barbara Shurer
bullet Melchior Wissinger, b 27 Mar 1742, naturalized on Sept 22, 1765 in Philadelphia, PA, m Anna Maria Staus
bullet John Peter, (Imported at Philadelphia, PA., October 2, 1727 on the "Adventure Galley" from Rotterdam)
bullet Leonhardt, (Imported at Baltimore, Md., 1851)
bullet Andr., (Imported at New York in 1854 at age 24 from the port of Bremen)
bullet Gottlieb, m Margaret Ritman
bullet Jacob Gottlieb, b 1837, (immigrated to the US in 1855 and settled in NYC), m Jennett Coyle
bullet Tobias, b 12 Mar 1854 Heidigkute, Tolna, Hungary, m Matherine Shulthesis
bullet John (Janos), b 1880 (immigrated to US in 1903 on ship "Vanderland" from Antwerp, Belgium)
bullet Philip (Fulop), b 1886
bullet Peter (immigrated to US in 1903 on ship "Vanderland" from Antwerp, Belgium)
bullet Tobias, b 1877
bullet George, (Imported at Pa. in 1864 )
bullet Jac., (Imported at New York on Oct. 27, 1865 at age 18 on the "Hansa" from Bremen)
bullet Joh, (Imported at New York in 1868 at the age of 36)
bullet Aug., (Imported at New York from Danzig on June 25, 1870 on the "Donau" at age 21 from Bremen)
bullet Johann (John), (Imported at Ellis Island on April 28, 1903 on the "Vaderland" from Antwerp)


bullet Bonifaz Wiesinger/Wieser, died 1612 - Elke de Vries [elke AT netz-intern.de]
bullet Sebastian, b 1621/2 Osterreich, m Kunigunda Schmidtkunz
bullet Hans Wissinger, b 19 Feb 1644, m Maria Ellinger
bullet Johann Adam Wiesinger, b 1695, Ruppmannsburg, Germany
bullet Hans Adam Wiessinger, b 1725 Ruppmannsburg, m Elisabeth Preier
bullet Johann Jacob Wiesinger, (Imported at Philadelphia, PA. September 14, 1753 on the "Edinburgh" from Rotterdam)
bullet John Weisinger, b c1775 SC, m Mary Elizabeth ?
bullet Mathias Weisinger, b 1796/7 Lexington Dist SC, m Leah Caroline Hornsby
bullet John Mathias Weisinger, b 1838 Dallas Co AL, m Nancy Catherine Williams - Terry Barton - W-6 30212
bullet Reuben Jacob Weisinger, b 1839 Dallas Co AL, m Martha I. Williams - George Weisinger [GLWeisinger AT houston.rr.com]
bullet Savannah Jane, b 15 Jan 1846, m Henry Franklin Martin - Sherry Brown [byteme103sb AT peoplepc.com]
bullet Levi (Eli ?) A. Wysinger, b c1804, Lexington, SC
bullet Jesse B.Wisinger, b Oct 15, 1806; d Dec 19, 188, m Susannah Bell
bullet John Jacob Wisinger (Jr.), b Dec 5, 1808; d Oct 24, 1878, m 1) Pamela Ann Graves 1835/6, m 2) Frances Elizabeth Garrett 1854
bullet William Thomas Wisinger, b Dec 5, 1808; d Feb 14, 1865, m Elizabeth Ann M. Graves
bullet Ernst Wiessinger, of Prussia, Germany - Gary Wiessinger [gwiessinger2001 AT kellogg.northwestern.edu]
bullet Heinrich (Henry), b 1832 Germany, d 1917 Dane Co WI, m Hina Maria Hasted
bullet Henry Albert, b 7 Feb 1862, m Maria Caroline Freudenberg
bullet Freidrich
bullet Edward
bullet George Wisinger, (Imported at Philadelphia, Pa. in 1864)
bullet Bernhard Wiesinger, (Imported at the Port of New York, May 15, 1880 on the "Steamship Sailor" from Bremen


bullet Johan Georg Wissner, (Imported at Philadelphia, PA. September 12, 1750 on the "Priscilla" from Rotterdam)
bullet Maria Wissing, (and husband and 5 children), (Imported at New Orleans in 1854 on the "New England" from Bremenhaven)
bullet Johann Wissing, (Imported at New York on July 2, 1866 on the "SS Bremen" from Bremen)
bullet John Wissing, (Imported at Philadelphia, Pa. in 1876)
bullet Conrad Wissig, (Imported at Philadelphia, Pa. in 1879)