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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed. We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page. We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Willett / Willette / Houallet / Ouellette / Ouellet

  • Edward Willett, b c1620, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, m Bridgett Clutterbuck -- Willett [JWill32005 AT]
    • Edward Willett, b 7 Oct 1656, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, m Tabitha Mills
      • William W. Willett, b 1715, Prince Georges Co. MD, m Mary Griffith
        • Capt. Samuel Willett, b 1754, Prince Georges Co. MD, m. Anne Nancy Lee
          • John Willett, b 1787, Nelson Co. KY, m Matilda Summers
            • Samuel Willett, b 30 May 1808, Washington Co. KY, m Elizabeth Hobbs
              • Charles Constantine Willett, b 19 Apr 1850, Graves Co. KY, m Anna Isabelle Cash
                • William Irie Willett, b 1887, Graves Co. KY, m. Ida Mary Stahr W-1
            • John Wm. "Jack" b. 1821 KY d 1909 m. Florida Carrico -- Willett1544 leo.willett AT]
              • Thomas Jefferson b. 1846 Graves Co., KY d 1908 m. Emma (Wilson) Carrico
                • James Alton Willett b. 1904 Graves Co., KY d 1970 m. Teresa Toon 97519
        • George E. Willett, b. 1756, Prince George's Co MD, m. Elizabeth Sanders - cleotaylor [cleotaylor AT]
          • Samuel Willett, b. 8 Sep 1796, Nelson Co KY, m. Mary Dant
            • George W.F. Willett, b. 9 Mar 1819, Union Co KY, m. Ann Ellen Mills
              • Samuel Lewis Willett, b. 12 Sep 1842, Union Co KY, Julia Ann Clements
                • Charles Louis Willett, b. 3 Nov 1884, Union Co KY, Agnes Geneva Fitzpatrick
                  • Joseph Edward Willett, b. 21 Jun 1922, Vanderburgh Co IN, Joann Marie Stone
  • James Willett Rev. b 24 Nov 1649 England m Elizabeth Hunt - whiteint [whiteint AT]
    • Thomas Willett b c1670 m Mary Burgis
      • William John Willett b 1730 Acomac Co., VA m Polly Wait
        • William John Willett Jr. b c1758 Philadelphia, PA m Mary Gilker
          • Peter Benjamin Willett b 13 Oct 1800 New Richmond, Quebec, Canada m Mary Sarah Hamilton
            • Catherine Lydia Willett b 8 May 1820 m William "Willie" White
          • William Thomas Willett b. 1812 New Richmond, Quebec d. of cholera at sea m. Julia Ann Pritchard -- osmarm [osmar4a AT]
            • Thomas Andrew Willett b. 1842 New Richmond, Quebec d. 1923 Flint, MI m. Emily Wheat Jones
              • Fred Stewart Willett b. 1873 Ionia, MI d. 1958 Genesee County, MI m. Mary Ellen Townsend
                • Harold Townsend Willett b. 1903 Oxford, MI d. 1966 Goodrich Twp., MI m. Marguerite McDonough  124518
  • William Willett b. 12 Dec 1726, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA m. Hannah Foster Skinner-- willetude []
    • Cornelius S. Willett b. 15 Jan 1756, Tewksbury, Hunterdon, New Jersey, m. Nancy Whallon
      • James Whallon Willett b. 16 Feb 1786, Argyle, Washington, New York, m. 2) Rachel Maria Lytle
        • Ruben Whallon Willett b. 5 Oct 1840, New York, m. Sarah Frances Marble
          • William Marble Willett b. 22 Feb 1875, Bristol, Kendall County, Illinois m. Margaret Ethel Godard
  • Francois Auclair Houallet/Ouellette, b abt 1615, St-Jacques-du-Hautpas de Paris, France d. 1665 Paris, Ile de France, France m Isabelle Barrer
    • Réné Houallet/Ouellette, b 20 Apr 1635, Paris, Ile de France, France d. 15 Jan 1722, St. Anne de la Pocatiere, Kamouraska, Quebec m. 2) Marie-Therese Mignault-- []
      • Sebastien Bastien Houallet/Ouellet b. 16 Apr 1685, Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec d. 14 Jan 1756, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec m. Marie-Madeleine Lizotte
        • Francois-Thomas Ouellet b. 21 Dec 1721, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'islet, Quebec d. 29 Oct 1807, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec m. Marie-Madeleine Pelletier
          • Timothee Auguste Ouellet- b. 16 Jan 1764, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec d. Jan 1836, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec m. Marie-Claire Morin
            • Simon Ouellet/Ouellette b. 1801, probably St Roch des Aulnaies, Quebec d. 3 Oct 1886, Malone, Franklin Co, NY m. 2) Marie-Felicite Ouellet
              • Louis Octave Ouellette b. 10 Jul 1837, St Pascal, Kamouraska, Quebec d. 1895 , Malone, Franklin Co, NY m. Louise Modeste Richer/Richard
                • Charles E. Ouellette b. 18 Aug 1871, Malone, Franklin Co, NY d. 14 May 1909, Malone, Franklin Co, NY m. 2) Marie-Olivine Gamelin/Garner
                  • Charles William J. Ouellette/Willett Sr. b. 22 Mar 1902, Malone, Franklin Co, NY d. 2 Jun 1974, Youngstown, OH m. Hildegarde Schefter
                    • Charles William J. Willett Jr. b. 4 May,1940, Rochester, NY. m. Marie (Jeannie) Sorce  182055
                • Fred W. Willette, b. 27 Feb 1879 Malone, Franklin County, NY, d. 4 Sep 1956 Malone, Franklin County, NY m. Mary McDermott-- []
                  • Mildred Willette, b. 18 Nov 1918 Malone, Franklin County, NY d. 28 Feb 2002, Potsdam, NY 182192
    • m 3) Anne Rivet -- pathoschild [pathoschild+worldfamilies AT]
      • Francois Ouellette, b 1693, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière (QC, Canada), m Marie-Anne Bouchard
        • Michel Ouellette, b 1743, Sault-aux-Récollets at Montréal (QC, Canada), m Thérèse Rheume
          • Gabriel Ouellette, b 1768, ???, m Marie Morin
            • Gabriel Ouellette, b 1801, Saint-Benoît parish at Deux Montagnes (QC, Canada), m Catherine Laselle
              • Francis Lévi Xavier Ouellette, b 1842, m Rose McDougald
                • George Daniel Ouellette, b 1892, Moose Creek (ON, Canada), m Emma-Louise Montroy (Recent ancestors: b. 1914, 1935, and 1955.)



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