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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
John Whitman m Sarah Chubbuck, abt 1760 - 1820, Mass. > Vermont - kkbgenealogy [kkbgenealogy AT
  • John Whitman m Dorcas Davis, 1788 VT. - 1866 MI.
    • Laura Whitman m Harvey Higgins
    • John Alderman Whitman m Lucinda Cogswell m Joanna Moran
    • Nathan Whitman m Elizabeth Holtslander
    • Harvey Whitman m Ellen "Lucy" Hilton
    • Robert Whitman m Hannah Arman, 1823 NY - 1894 MI.
      • Un-named Whiman, infant death
      • Caroline Whitman m William Sage, Frank Meyers and Unknown
      • Martha J. Whitman m Labolt Shauger
      • Delilah Whitman, possibly died young
      • Rosannah Whitman m Justin Austin
      • Alexander B. Whitman m Sophrona Hawley, 1851 MI. - 1912 MI.
        • Sarah Jane Whitman m John P. Flood
        • Ida May Whitman m William Alex Thomas
        • Myrtle L. / Murly L. Whitman m John P. Brown
        • Sophrona G. Whitman m George Frank Brown
        • George Alexander Whitman m Hilda Guyslinger
        • Daniel Whitman m Mary Louis Beaubien, 1889 MI. - 1968 MI.
          • Forrest Daniel Whitman
          • Irene Ethel Whitman
          • Howard Whitman
          • Dorothy Whitman
          • Mabel Lucille Whitman 
        • Nellie Grace Whitman m Porter Murdock
        • Floyd Angus Whitman m Alice F. Davis
      • Norman Whitman m Phebe Louis Holmes
      • Mary Whitman
      • Albert Whitman m Laura Wilson
      • Lafayette Whitman m Lena Ann Schaffer
      • Charles Whitman
      • Olive Whitman, most likely died young
    • George Whitman
    • Sarah Jane Whitman 141332 W-4
  • George Whitman    b. a 1753 Orange Co, NY? - Richard C. Whitman [linwhitman AT]
    • George Whitman  b. bet 1770-1779  Orange Co., NY   m. Elizabeth Rogers
      • George Whitman b. 1807  Greenbrier Co., VA  m. Mary Watts Parkins (Perkins)
        • Robert Jackson Whitman b. 29 June 1854  Greenbrier Co., VA  m. Emma Iowa Fisher
          • George Washington Whitman b. 31 Jul 1889 Greenbrier Co., WV  m. Mary Josephine Eads
            • Charles M. Whitman b. 14 Sept 1924  Greenbrier Co., WV  m. Maxine Nettie Bryant  317383
  • Conrad Witsman, b. c1765, m Mary - Dennis Witsman [ddwitsman AT]
    • Jonathan Witsman,  b. c1803 Orange Co., N.C., m Katherine Ray
      • William E. Witsman, b. Oct. 25, 1828 Orange Co., N.C., m Sarah Jane Robbins  
        • Daniel Walter Witsman, b. Sept. 3, 1850 IN, m Martha Ellen Fogleman
          • Frederick "Curley" Knefler Witsman, b. Oct. 7, 1887 Fountain Co., IN., m Lucy M. Van Sant - W-2
  • Earnest Weston Whitman,  b. c1870 Maine
    • Rexford T. Whitman, legal name change to step-father's surname of Merrill - W-3
Samuel Whitman, b. c1729 Maine, m Cordelia Clark - Larry Merril [larry_merrill AT]

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