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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

  • Jan Witloc b c1300 - Jan Witlox [jan.witlox AT]
    • Henrick Jan Witloc b c1340 m Margaretha
      • Hendrick Henrick Witloc m Elisabeth
        • Johannes (Jan) henric Witloc b c1410 m Engelberna (Engelke) Peter Brocken
          • Willenus (Willem) Jan Witlocx m Margriet Jan Jacob Loers
            • Henrick Willem Witlocx m Kathelijn Laureijs Loeijen
              • Laureijs Hendricx Witlocx m Meriken Henrick Bouwens
                • Adriaen Laureijs Witlocx m Heijlwich Adriaen Jan Brocken
                  • Laureijs Adriaens Witlox m Peternella de Meijer
                    • Adriaen Lavreijssen Witlox m Elisabeth Anthonis Aert Raymaecker
                      • Laurentius Adriaen Witlox m Adriana Theunissen
                        • Anthonij Freijssen Witlokx b c1665 Cromvoirt (NBr) m Mary Teuwis
                          • Jan Anthonij Witlox b c1700 Cromvoirt (NBr) m Catharina Stoeldraaijers
                            • Adrianus Witlox chr 5 Jun 1752 Cromvoirt (NBr) m Catharina van Kasteren
                              • Joannes Witlox chr 5 May 1781 Vught (NBr) m Johanna (Anna) van Esch
                                • Petrus (Peter) Witlox b 16 Nov 1816 Cromvoirt (NBr) m Johanna Boons
                                  • Johannes Witlox b 25 Feb 1856 Cromvoirt (NBr) m Remigia Pijnenburg
                                    • Adrianus (Janus) Witlox b 8 May 1888 Helvoirt (NBr) m Dymphena Norberta (Dientje) Brok
                                      • Johannes Cornelis (Jan) Witlox b 20 Aug 1915 Helvoirt (NBr) m Jacoba Johanna (Koosje) van de Wouw 291542
  • John Whitloke m Agnes De La Beche c1454 - Rob Whitlock [robw.whitlock AT]
    • William Whitlock m ? Cowdrey
      • Richard Whitlock m Jane Grove
        • John Whitlock b 1509 m Agnes Planer
          • Richard Whitlock m Katherine Brechette
            • John Whitlock bap 1625 m Mary Tuckney
              • John Whitlock b 1661 m Mary Stone
                • Nathaniel Whitlock bap 1700 m Hannah Matthews
                  • Matthews Whitlock b 1743 m Ann Sands
                    • John Whitlock b 1768 m Frances Oliver
                      • Matthews Whitlock b 1802 m Emma Edwards
                        • Robert Stock Whitlock b 1844 m Isabella Kennedy
                          • Charles Matthews Whitlock b 1878 m Elizabeth A. Scarfe 116652
  • Unknown Whitlock b 1698 - 1703 VA m Grizzell Coleman in King William County, VA - thalli
    • William Whitlock b 1745 King William County, VA m Mary Molly Roundtree 
      • Sarah Whitlock b 2/10/1778 VA m Thomas Ray, Sr.
  • Unknown Whitlock m Grizzel Coleman - Greg Whitlock [gwhitloc AT]
    • John Whitlock b c1733 m Ann Logan
      • John Whitlock b 19 Oct 1759 Goochland Co., VA, m Sarah Wilburn
        • Richard L. Whitlock b c1775 m Sarah Jane Hancock
          • Preston Whitlock b c1805 Halifax Co., VA, m Nancy Martin
            • John Preston Whitlock b 17 Jun 1841 Franklin Co., VA m Elizabeth Jane Dearien (Dearing)
              • Joel Preston Whitlock b 2 Aug 1879 Kanawha Co., WV m Mary Edith Griffith 
                • John Oscar Whitlock b 27 Jan 1902 Kanawha Co., WV m Myrtle Della Swanner W-2 53749
  • Thomas Whitlock d 10 Jun 1746 King Wm. Parish, VA m Grizzel Coleman - lscot [scotaustin AT]
    • John Whitlock b c1733 King Wm. Co. VA d 1774 m Ann Logan
      • Thomas Whitlock b 15 Jun 1757 d 1848 m Susannah Webb
        • Thomas Wellington Whitlock b Jul 1790 d 5 Sep 1856 Jefferson Co. IL m Sally Gillehorn
          • Robert Randolph Whitlock b 1 Jul 1813 VA m  Frances America Beadle
            • George Lansing Whitlock b 6 Dec 1834 Wilson Co, TN d Jefferson Co, IL m Margaret Patten
              • John Thomas Whitlock b 15 Nov 1860 Jefferson Co, IL m Mary Elizabeth Billingsley 
                • John Kelley Billingsley Whitlock b 17 Mar 1887 d 1969 IL m Mabel Bowe Reid
  • William b c1780 Ireland m Elizabeth McLeish - Bobby [BobbyWhitelock AT]
    • George b 2 Nov 1834 Armagh, Northern Ireland m Elizabeth Doyle
      • Robert b 5 Feb 1855 Glasgow, Scotland m Helen Gray
        • George b 1884 Glasgow Scotland m Alice Mabel Green
  • William Whitlock b c1789  NC, m Elizabeth Green 8 Jun 1817, Jackson Co. GA - Scott Whitlock [plmasco AT]
    • Hezekiah H. Whitlock, b 15 July 1818 ???, GA, m Matilda Goff 1841, Franklin Co. AL
      • Jessie Thomas Whitlock, b July 1871 Franklin Co. AL, m Nancy Paralee Wilson 1888
        • Reybon Neeley Whitlock, b 18 Jan 1893 Lawrence AL, m Winnie Dell Sanders Jan 1911, Lee Co. MS
  • William Whitlock b 1789 d 1867 Union, SC m Delilah Fowler - Kathy Wingate [kthywin AT]
    • Felix G. Whitlock b 1825 Union, SC m Mary Kirk
      • Frank Marvin Whitlock b 1854 Union, SC m Katherine Chappell
        • Felix G. Whitlock b 1874 Union, SC m Ellen Florida Wilder
          • Julian Kirk Whitlock b 1911 Waterloo, SC m Annie Jamet,   FR 166873
  • James Whitlock b SC m Betsey - electricshaman [jackandcoke AT]
    • Nathan William Whitlock b Oct 1817 SC m Julina Burch
      • William Pinkney Whitlock b Oct 1843 Floyd Co., GA m Nancy E. Watson
        • Andrew Virgil Whitlock b 26 Jul 1885 AR m Sarah Alice Rhodes 
          • Virgil Koble Whitlock b 8 Jun 1910 Crawford Co., AR m Lillian Madge Oliver


Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.  


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