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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • Heinrich Hans Weber b. 1520 Zurich, Switzerland
    • Klei Jorg Weber b. 1578 Hausen, Switzerland m. Elsbeth Schnebli
      • Heinrich Weber b. 1621 Herzel, Switzerland m. Elsbeth Ruggin
        • Johann Anton Weber b. 10 Jan 1658 Winterthur, Switzerland m. Maria Herr
          • Henry Weber b. 1690 Germanna, PA m. Maudlin Kendig
            • Christian Weber b. 25 Dec 1731 Earl, PA m. Magdalena Rutt
              • Peter Weber b. 7 Mar 1761 Earl, PA m. Veronica Wenger
                • John Weber b. 20 Mar 1786 Lancaster, PA m. Catherine Gehman
                  • Peter Webber b. 10 Dec 1810 PA m. Catherine Bear (or Baer)
                    • George W Webber, Mar 1848, New York, m. to Ellen H McDougal
                      • Ray Andrew Webber, 25 Sep 1890, Mandan, North Dakota, m. to Myrtle Grace Caya 169652
  • Johann Weber b March 1683; Windsberg, Germany; m Anna Margaretha Hoffer - Chris Weaver [clweave AT]
    • Hermannus Weber; b September 1713; Nordrhein-Westphalen, Germany; m Unknown
      • Johann Jost Weber; b June 1753; Nordrhein-Westphalen, Germany; m Catherine Steiger
        • Johann George Weber; b April 1797; Pennsylvania, USA; m Anna Maria Ohlinger
          • David Weber; b January 1833; Berks, Pennsylvania, USA; m Amelia Menard
            • George Weaver; b June 1855; Berks, Pennsylvania, USA; m Mary Elizabeth Seiler
              • William Weaver; b January 1878; Berks, Pennsylvania, USA; m  Carrie Claretta Kauffman
                • Clarence Weaver; b December 1903; Berks, Pennsylvania, USA; m Alberta Mae Potteiger 317225
  • Carl Weber b c1725 Schonbronn, Wurttemberg - Joyce Weaver [joyweave AT]
    • Georg Phillip Weber b 1756 Schonbronn, Wurttemberg d 1807 Liemersbach, Wurttemberg
      • Friedrich Karl Weber b 1798 Liemersbach, Wurttemberg d 1839 Liemersbach
        • John Jacob Weber/Weaver b 1837 Liemersbach, Wurttemberg, last heard of US Civil War 1863
          • Joseph Henry Weaver b Nov 1861 Orange Co., NY or Quebec, Canada d 1923 Newburgh, NY
            • George Grant Weaver b Mar 1888 Newburgh, NY d 1956
              • Joseph Grant Weaver b Feb 1913 Newburgh, NY d 1995 87909
  • Samuel Webber b c1749 England d 1820 Ramsgate, Kent, England m Mary Philpot - Andrew Webber [admajorum AT] H1171
  • Christian Christoph b.1833,LippeDetmold,Ger;;m.1.Catherine Rodshedel,3dau.2.Mary Kotrch - Shirley Weber [saweb AT]
    • Edward M.b.1882, Minneapolis,MN;d.1957,Seattle,WA;marr.Louise Michel,St.Paul,MN
      • Robert G.b.1920,Seattle,WA;d.2001 Lewis Co,WA; marr.Shirley Jenning,Ks.City,KS 62239



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Ni-Claus Weber b abt 1550 - edoubleu7 [edoubleu7 AT]
    • Frederick Weber was born Abt. 1575 m-anna
      • HansS Weber, b. Abt. 1603 d. 1681.
        • Johan peter Weber was b-1651,niefern,Baden, Germany, d-1705 
          • Hans Michael Weber, 1677-1720 niefern,Baden, Germany
            • Johann Erhardt Weber October 28, 1717 to Usa 1753,Pa.
              • George Adam Weber, b-1748, ,niefern  d. 0803 lehigh Co. Pa.
                • John Erhardt Weber, b.  1786. Pa. d-1865 Pa.
                  • Enos / Enoch Weaver B-1823 in lehigh co. pa., and D- 1885
                    • Ely Henry Weaver, b-1856, LUZ. CO.PA.; d-1938,  Col co.Pa.
                      • Aaron ELI Weaver, b-1877 Hunlock Creek, PA; d-1957
                        • Walter Albert Weaver
  • Johan (Jean) Nicholas Weber m. Marguerithe Schweizer - msheldon [mwsheld AT]
    • Peter (Pierre) Weber, b. ca. 1724 Bottenbach, Bavaria (now Rhineland-Pfalz), d. 1811; m. Catharine Elizabeth Schwarz
      • Adam Weber, b. ca. 1750 Großteinhausen, Bavaria (now Rhineland-Pfalz), d. 1814; m. Appolonia Hüther
        • Johan (Jean) Adam Weber, b. 1789 Großteinhausen, Bavaria (now Rhineland-Pfalz), d. 1849 Großteinhausen; m. 1809 Dorothie Vogelgesang
          • Johann George Weber, b. 1828 Großteinhausen, d. 1917 Venice, Erie Co., OH; m1. 1853 Elizabeth Leidorf, m2. 1865 Catherine Bourke
            • John Paul Weber, b. 1854 Carleton, Monroe Co., MI, d. 1936 Sandusky, OH; m. 1874 Amelia Frances Matt
              • John Leroy Weber,b. 1886 Venice, OH, d. 1945 North Canaan, CT; m. 1917 Evelyn Christine Winship
                • Edward Russell Weber, b. 1920 Ithaca, NY; m. 1947 Maria Mahutte   
  • Johann Jacob Weber b 1711, Meerholz, Hesse, d 1753; m Anna Margareta Crost - eww [ewweber AT]
    • John George Weber b 1751, Meerholz, Hesse, d 1800, m Anna Catherine Heil b 1762
      • George Albert Weber b 1796, Meerholz, Hesse, d 1867, Utica, NY; m Eberhardina Gottlieb Baumann b 1799
        • Christian Weber  b 1833, Meerholz, Hesse, d 1898, Utica, NY; m (1st) Maria Louisa Hartmann b. 1838, d. 1869 Utica
          • Albert Henry Weber  b 1860, Utica, NY, d 1925; m Anna Simmerer b 1860 Talheim in der Baar, Wurttemberg, d. 1950 NJ
            • Ralph Eugene Weber  b 1885, Utica, NY, d 1973; m Helen Crane, b 1889, Elizabeth, Union Co, NJ
              • Ralph Eugene Weber  Jr. b 1922, Summit, NJ; m June _____ (maiden surname private), b 1925, Elizabeth, Union Co, NJ
  • Leonard Weber born c1802 Wurzburg Germany ? - Jerome Weber [jfweber AT]
    • Leonard Weber, born 1828 Wurzburg Germany (?)
      • Louis Weber, born 1860 Utica NY
        • Clarence Weber, born 1895 Utica NY
          • Jerome Weber, born 1929 Utica NY
  • Charles Weber b 1 Mar 1840 in Germany, Citizenship Granted 5 Apr 1889, d. 31 Dec 1902 in Yukon, OK - donweber [don AT]
    • Joseph Weber b. 19 Mar 1868 in Germany, Citizenship granted 3 Apr 1895 d. 20 Jul 1933 in Luther OK
      • Glenn Marvin Weber b. 1 Jul 1909 in Luther OK m. 26 Aug 1930 (Hazel Duffy) d. 31 Aug 1981 in Luther, OK
        • Joseph Charles Weber

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