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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • James Walsh b.1750 (Kilkenny,Ireland) m Mary - Aidan Walsh [waidan40 AT]
    • ​Martin Walsh b.1770 (Kilkenny,Ireland) m Mary
      • ​Simon Walsh b.1798 (Kilkenny,Ireland) m Mary Collier
        • ​James Walsh b.Feb.4th 1827 (Guysborough,Canada) m Mary Ann Dalton
          • ​George Arthur Walsh b.Dec.8th 1873 (Guysborough,Canada) B11617


  • John Walsh b c1770 Ireland - Stephen Walsh [selwlash AT] W-2 N8991 
    • James Walsh, b c1800 either Ireland or Newfoundland
      • David Walsh b c1830 NFLD m Catherine McCarthey
        • James Walsh b 1856 Carbonear NFLD m Honora Pumphrey
          • Thomas Walsh b 1896 Carbonear NFLD m Mary Rodgers


  • Richard Walsh, b Ireland, m Anna (?Walsh?) - Richard Walsh [rawalsh AT] W-4 N10085
    • Patrick Joseph Walsh, b 1829 Ireland, m Kate Hodnett
      • Richard Walsh, b c1863 Snugborough Co Waterford Ire, m Mary Costello
        • John Walsh, b 1905, d 1979, Qld Au


  • Thomas Welch b.1723 Waterford, Ireland Both probably died in Salem - Mike Walsh [mikeaustin AT] W-11 61506
    +Margaret Welch-1720 Waterford, Ireland Roanonoke and buried on farm. 1801
    • Thomas Welch Jr.-1746 Waterford, Ireland 1813 NC Wilkes
      +Elizabeth Benton-UK NC 1832 TN Madison
      • John Milton Walsh-1779 NC Wilkes 1861 TN McNairy
        +Elizabeth Allen-
        • Thomas Milton-1807
          • Milton Pitts TN
            • Lemuel Milton

  • Andrew Walsh b 1762 Ireland d 1830 Wilkes, NC m Rhoda Poteat W-12 61508
    • Thomas Walsh b 1798 Wilkes, NC m Elizabeth Proffitt
      • William Leander Walsh b 1839 d 1877 m Rebecca McGhee
        • James C. Walsh b 1860 Wilkes, NC d 1900 m Mary Ayers
          • William Franklin Walsh b 1882 d 1908 m Lula Triplett
            • Lester Fred Walsh b 1904 Wilkes, NC d 1985 m Annie Walsh

  • Michael Walsh b ca 1790 Co Waterford, Ireland W-13 30645
    • Edward Walsh b Co Waterford, Ireland
      • Patrick Walsh b Prince Edward Island, Canada
    • Laurence Walsh m Mary Ann Clinton
    • John Walsh b 1815 Co Waterford, Ireland d 1885 Prince Edward Island, Canada m Bridget Lawless
    • James Walsh b 1821 Co Waterford, Ireland d 1887 Prince Edward Island, Canada m Catherine O'Neal
    • Maurice Walsh b 1829 Co Waterford, Ireland d 1894 Prince Edward Island, Canada m Margaret Conden

  • John Adam Walch b 1826 Baden, Germany W-1 N3825
    • John Allen Walch b 1846 Van Wert Co, OH m Charlotte Hull
      • Charles Allen Walch b 1878 Kinderhook, IL m Eva Ross

  • Edward Walsh b 1826 Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada W-16 N6845
    • Edward Walsh b 1852 Nova Scotia
    • John Walsh b 1858 Nova Scotia
    • Michael Walsh b 1862 Nova Scotia
    • James Walsh b 1864 Nova Scotia
    • Gregory Walsh b 1867 Nova Scotia
    • Allan Walsh b 1870 Nova Scotia

  • Thomas Welsh b Dec 1838 Ireland m Mary Agnes Dwyer W-14 56178
    • John Joseph Welsh b Dec 1880 New Orleans, LA m Alice Badeaux


  • Edmund Walsh m Mary Morrissey Walsh - Norman A Welch, Jr. [butchwelch AT] W-17 71403
    • Elizabeth
    • David
    • Patrick Welsh (nee Walsh) b 1834 Co. Kilkenny Ireland, emig. to Prince Edwd Is. 1842
      • John James Welch (nee Welsh) b. 1867 Richmond, PEI, Canada
        • Norman A. Welch (nee Welsh), M.D. b.1902 Brockton, MA

  • Michael Walsh, b 1815 Co. Kilkenny, Ireland d 1875 Boston, MA m Margaret Ann Boyle - Robert R. Walsh [bob6371 AT] W-19 87650
    • Joseph Walsh, b May 28, 1858, Newfoundland, CA d 1912 Wheeler Co., NB m Catharine Monarch
      • William Francis Walsh, b 11-05-1879 Boston, MA d 1923 Council Bluffs IA m Linda May Miller


  • Edmund Charles Walsh b. c4/5/1829 Kilkenny Co. Ireland, m. Mary Francis Walsh (not related) -mwwalsh [mwwalsh7 AT] W-25 N54638
    • Thomas Francis Walsh b. 11/7/1862 Dubuque, Dubuque Co, IA, m. Elizabeth Kelly Exeter
      • Francis Nicholas Walsh b. 4/26/1897 Neola, Pottawattamie Co. IA, m. Madge Grace Pletcher


  • John James Walsh b 1824 Nova Scotia, Cananda W-31 128956
    • John Henry Walsh b 1867 La Sallie, IL


  • John J. Walsh b 1846 Ireland m Eliza Mahony W-32 131266
    • John Aloysius Walsh b 1884


  • William Welch b c 1821 Co Clare, Ireland m Honora Keating W-33 123418 
    • Michael Welch b c 1854 Janesville, WI
    • William Henry Welch b 1858 Janesville, WI m Catherine Kirlin
      • William Phillip Welch b 1894 Missouri Valley, IA m Verna Coulthard
    • Edward J Welch b 1861 Janesville, WI m Maria Madden
    • John Welch b c 1863 Janesville, WI
    • Steven Welch b c 1868 Janesville, WI
  • John Michael Welch m Johanna
    • M J Welch
    • John Welch
  • Edward Welch b 1841 d 1920


  • Unknown Welch ,   living in Ireland c 1800    - Rob Welch [celticop AT]
    • Stewart Welch   b bef 1808 Ulster, Ireland d 28 Nov 1845 m Elizabeth A. Chapman
      • Robert Welch b 22 Feb 1835 Cortreane, Drum, Monaghan , Ireland d 24 Jun 1917 Erie, Neosho Co., KS m Isabelle Burns Moffat
        • Joanna E. Welch b 10 Dec 1866 Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., NY m Amasa I. Jones
        • Stewart James Welch b 6 Dec 1868 Mt. Morris, NY m Lucy C. Jones
        • Ida Bell Welch b 21 Jan 1871 Titusville, Crawford Co., PA
        • Jenettie Ann Welch b 14 Nov 1872 Titusville, PA m Lewis J. Burres
        • David H. Welch b 3 Mar 1875 Roubidoux Twp., Texas Co., MO m1 Ruth A. Brenneman m2 Ora Paden
        • David Melvern Welch b 20 Oct 1910 Bartlesville, Washington Co., OK d 28 Apr 1979 Tulsa, OK m Sarah Kathryn Engle
        • William Paul Welch b 29 Nov 1878 Roubidoux Twp., MO m1 Margaret Druzella Pyles m2 Ethel A. Jones
        • Amy Eunice Welch b/d 15 Jan 1881 Roubidoux Twp., MO
        • Robert Carl Welch b 29 Jan 1882 Roubidoux Twp., MO m1 Carrie Florence "Lot" m2 Georgia
        • Christopher Albert Welch b 12 Mar 1884 Roubidoux Twp., MO m Flora M. Beyer
        • Amabel Vivian Welch b 31 Mar 1886 Roubidoux Twp., MO m William Page Younie
        • Erminia Agnes Welch b 23 Apr 1889 Roubidoux Twp., MO m Herman Ira Van Matre
    • Israel Isaac Asa Welch b c1808 Ulster, Ireland imm to USA 1849
    • Robert S. Welch b 10 Nov 1810 Co. Monaghan, Ireland d 17 Aug 1884 Mt. Morris, NY m1 Nancy Ann McGinnis m2  Elizabeth A. Chapman (Stewart's widow)
      • Mary Stuart Welch b 8 Jun 1840 NY d 25 Jun 1922 Queens, NYC, NY m John Edward White
      • Eliza Jane Welch b 28 Jul 1842 Mt. Morris, NY d 23 Feb 1885 Mt. Morris m1 J. W. Scott m2 P. H. Galbraith
      • Annette Welch b 8 Nov 1844 Mt. Morris, NY d 16 Mar 1908 Mt. Morris, NY m George White  W-34 119156


  • Patrick Walsh b Ireland W-36 144891
    • Timothy Walsh b 1880 St Louis, MO d 1936 Philadelphia, PA
      • Francis E. Walsh b 1909 Philadelphia d 1964 Philadelphia, PA


  • John Walsh b Ireland W-41 153460
    • Redmond J. Walsh b 1865 Ireland d 1941 Buffalo, NY
      • Lawrence Redmond Walsh b 1895 Buffalo, NY d 1941 Buffalo, NY
        • John Lawrence Walsh b 1922 Buffalo, NY d 1980 FL


  • Patrick Walsh b Ireland W-46 98567
    • Maurice Walsh b 1866 Ennistymon, Co Clare, Ireland d 1941 Sydney NSW
      • Thomas Walsh b 1913 d 1959 Sydney NSW


  • Patrick Walsh bc 1837 Ireland W-47 45087
    • James Edward Walsh b 1858 Ireland
      • Arthur James Walsh b 1896 NYC


  • James Walsh bc 1758 possibly Maine W-48 164629
    • Martin Walsh 1794 Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
      • Richard Walsh 1825 Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
        • William Martin Walsh 1857 North Esk, New Brunswick
          • Francis Walsh 1906 Chatham, New Brunswick


  • James P. Walsh b 1838 Ireland W-52 178115
    • Joseph A. Welsh b 1874 Philadelphia, PA
      • Joseph A. Welsh b 1902 Philadelphia


  • Peter Walsh b c 1808 at Sea coming from Co Down to Nova Scotia DA-1
    • Peter M. Walsh b 1831 Hinchinbrooke, Quebec, Canada m Ellen Boudreaux
      • John Walsh b c 1860 Ohmstown, Quebec, Canada m Mamie Higgins
        • Martin Raymond Walsh bc 1892 Iowa m Dora Busse
          • Robert William Walsh b 1917 Cook Co, IL


  • Daniel Walsh b Ireland DA-2
    • Daniel Walsh bc 1826 Ireland m Catherine Shea
      • Robert Walsh b 1866 Liverpool. England m Catherine Kilroy
        • Thomas Walsh b 1897 Blacjburn, Lancashire, England m Alice Suckley


  • Patrick Walsh m. Margaret Kennedy, Ireland - eireish [eireish1 AT]
    • James E. Walsh b. 1857 Ireland, d 1929 Westchester City, NY m1 Elizabeth Corbin m2 Susan Goodwin
      • Arthur Walsh b. 1896 in NYC, d 1968 m Sara Egan 45087


  • James Walsh c1842 Wexford Ireland. M Katie O'Farrell b1846 Wexford - David G Walsh [cdwalsh2 AT]
    • James Walsh b1876 W Derby Liverpool M Maude Robertjohns b1879



Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.


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