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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are at the end of each pedigree as follows:

Red = Lineage 1

Blue = Lineage 2

Green, orange, purple = Other

To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • Andreas Driess b c 1680 Leistadt, Germany m Anna Maria Spengler - Mary Lou Treece Clegg [marylouclegg AT]
    • Cornelius Driess b  bef. 1720 Germany m Catherine ? 
      • Michael Trees b c May 1749 Berks Co., PA  m Rachel ? 
        • Peter Treece b 1772 Berks Co., PA  m Elizabeth ?
          • Samuel F. Treece b 10 Jun 1806 Beaver Twp., Snyder Co., PA  m Mariah Cherry
            • Peter Treece b 14 Jul 1833 Hancock Co., OH  m Sarah French
              • Franklin Entrican Treece b 11 Oct 1861 Hancock Co., OH  m Anna Elizabeth Place
                • Peter Wixon Treece b 19 Mar 1895 Ottawa Twp., Putnam Co., OH m Ruth Phoebe Hicks 
                  • Franklin Lud Treece b 19 Aug 1918 Continental, Putnam Co., OH  m Lucille V. Riggenbach  92432
        • Jacob Triese b 1780-1790 in PA m. ?
          • Jacob Treece b. 1807 in PA m. Mary Martha Bales
            • George Emmett Treece b.1833 in Ross Co, OH m. Sarah Jane Hamilton
              • Ellis George Treece b. 1863 in Crawford Co, MO m. Emma Hickman
                • Clyde Upton Treece b. 1893 in Crawford Co, MO m. Ida Pearl Bunton
                  • Edward Elwood Treece b. 1929 in Egypt, AR m. Betty Lou Jones 372226
      • John Dreese b. 21 Aug 1752 in Berks Co, PA  m Anna Maria ?  153280, 160190
    • Peter Driess b. bef 1720 Germany m. Catherine Volck - Mary Lou Clegg [marylouclegg AT]
      • George Dries b abt 1755 in PA  m. Barbara ?
        • Samuel Dries b 22 Sep 1776 in Berks Co, PA  m Catherine Kramer 197192
      • Jacob Treece b abt 1743 PA  m. Margaret ?
        • John Treece born abt 1778 Rowan Co., NC  m. Hannah Lowrence
          • Moses Treece b. 4 Apr 1817 Rowan Co., NC m. Barbara Roberts
            • Thomas Jefferson Treece b. 18 Apr 1846 Union Co., IL m. Louisa Robinson
              • James Ozias Treece b. 26 Sep 1870 Plumfield, IL m. Izora Parrish
                • Lee Oren Treece b. 8 Apr 1896 Johnson City, IL m. Ruth Ida Smith 92632
          • Aaron Treese b. 17 Apr 1812 Rowan Co., NC m. Leah Clutts - Carole Scaggs [Cscaggs AT]
            • Isaac Treese b. 1839 Union Co., IL m. Eliza Emeline Dillow
              • Lafayette Treece b. 26 Feb 1862 Union Co., IL m. Mary Sammons
                • Roy Williams Treece b. 25 Jul 1897 Cassville, Barry Co., MO m. Helen Westbrook
                  • Ray William Treece b. 24 Dec 1918 Union Co., IL m.  Margaret Ann Treece 113520
            • Jacob Treece b. 1842 in Union Co, IL m. Eliza E Givens 384749
        • Johann Peter Treece baptized 1774 at age of 8wks in PA m. Anna Catherine ?   - Jef Treece [treece AT]
          • Jonathan Treece b. abt 1815 in NC m. Susannah ?
            • Thomas Jefferson Treece b. abt 1857 in AL m. Sarah C Miller
              • Douglas Lewis Treece b. 7/4/1886 in Shelby Co, TX m. Bertha Walton 131606
        • Henry Treas b.1781 in Rowan Co, NC m. Elizabeth Kaylor  - Jef Treece [treece AT]
          • Green L Treas b. 1819 in IN m. Mahala Shelly
            • George Washington Treece b. 4 Jul 1855 in MS m. Mary I Dunn
              • John Lewis Treece b. 25 Oct 1879 in MS m. Trummie G New
                • Daniel M Treece b. 10 Oct 1909  104779
      • Michael Treece b. abt 1759 in Northampton Co, PA m. Malinda - Jef Treece [treece AT]
        • John Jackson Trease b.1824 in Grainger Co, TN m. Phoebe Celia Lynch
          • James Michael Trease b.30 Oct 1847 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Eliza Adaline Salisberry
            • John Wesley Trease b. 04 Oct 1870 in Cross Timbers, MO m. Jessie Myrtle Showalter
              • Frank Edward Trease b. 1904 in Idaho m. Ivy D Murdock
                • John Kent Trease b. 27 Jan 1937 in Tremonton, UT  347705
        • William Simpson Treece b.1829 in Grainger Co, TN m. Jane Cox
          • John Wesley Treece b.1854 in TN m. Elizabeth Chaney
            • James Thomas Treece b. 1894 in Hamblen Co, TN m. Matilda Emeline Harvelle
              • Jesse Franklin Treece b. 1916 in Hamblen Co, TN m. Beulah Sue Bailey 365148
    • Michael Treece b. abt 1759 NPE - Jef Treece [treece AT]
      • George Treece b. btwn 1787 and 1790 in NC m. Hannah Crutchfield
        • John Treece b. abt 1812 in Surry Co, NC m. Charity Drummonds
          • Jefferson Treece b. 1856 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Narcissus Day
            • James Zachariah Treece b. 1892 in Speedwell, TN m. Hettie Lee Burchfield 153361, N4826
          • Esquire (Squire) Treece b. 1835 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Nancy Robertson - Jef Treece [treece AT]
            • Robert Treece b. 1872 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Lula Ann Billingsley
              • Walter Victor Treece b. 1894 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Gertrude (Gertie) Dixon
                • William Glenn Treece b. 1916 in OK, m. Arlene Hester Chittim  217145
              • Ralph Jefferson Treece b. 1906 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Iva Josephine Stout 376494
        • Joshua Madison Trease b. 1810 in Surry Co, NC m. Nancy Jane Mayes
          • Joseph Smith Trease b. 1855 in Jasper Co, IA m. Carrie Edna Rice
            • Joshua Austin Trease b. 1902 in Jasper Co, IA m. Dorothy Thelma DePeel 393136
        • Lewis Jefferson Treece b. 1814 in Surry Co, NC d. 1892
          • Jesse McCrary Treece b. 18 Jun 1842  in Claiborne Co, TN m. Elizabeth Love Bruce
            • Thomas Jesse Treece b. 1891 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Erma Allen Ward Rubottom
              • Thomas Jesse Treece b. 1928 in Woods Co, OK m. Opal Irene Bergen 393131
      • Adam Treece b. 28 Feb 1827 in Tenneseee, m. Mary Elizabeth Holloway
        • Charles Benford Treece b. 12 Sep 1891 in Hamblen Co, TN m. Etta Frances Jones
          • Paul Eugene Treece b. 17 Jun 1918 in Cass Co, IL m. Bess Six
            • Ted Treece 343480
      • Jacob Treece b. 14 Feb 1784 in PA m. Francis Alberty
        • William Martin Treece b. 6 Jun 1835 in NC m. Gilli Ann Divers
          • Joseph Silas Treece b. 25 Jan 1862 in MO m. Laura Ottila Akeman
            • Leroy Joseph Treece b. 15 Apr 1886 in MO m. Nellie Lee Gregg
              • John Henry Treece b. 4 Jun 1912 in MO m. Ellen Margaret Barger  341282

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