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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Stephen Tobin b. Jan 1834 Ireland m Johannah Donovan Tobin - janab [janab AT]
    • Mary Tobin, b. Sept. 1868, Ireland
    • Hannah, b. May 1876, Ireland
    • Catherine S. , b. Oct. 1875, Ireland
    • Ellen, b. Sept. 1878, Ireland
    • David, b. Oct. 1879, Ireland m Theresa H. Maloney
    • Stephen, b. Nov. 1882, Ireland
    • Patrick, b. 1884, Ireland (lives with David in 1910 –could be a cousin)
    • Elizabeth, b. Aug. 1886, Ireland
    • Thomas, b. July 1891, Ireland


Pre-Revolutionary War Colonial America Tobin Families

James and Esther (Smidt) Tobin
Loudoun Co., Virginia

The first record of this family may be the marriage of James and Esther in New Castle Co., Delaware, on 19 Mar 1750.  They are living in Loudoun Co., Virginia, by 1757.  James died in 1774, testate, in Loudoun Co., Virginia.


i.  George
ii.  Thomas
iii.  Joseph
iv.  Robert
v.   Mary
vi.   Lydia
vii.  Ruth
viii.  Naomy
ix.   Roseanna
x.    Sarah

No male descendant of this family has yet had his DNA tested.


Nathaniel and Isaac Tobey/Tobin
Relationship:  Not documented, current theory is that they were brothers
Hunterdon Co., New Jersey; Loudoun Co. and Culpeper Co., Virginia; Guernsey Co., Ohio

The first record of this family is the 23 Jun 1750 birth of Isaac Tobin at Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, reported by him in an 1833 application for a pension for his Revolutionary War service.  Orginally listed their last name as Tobey, first began using the Tobin name in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, in 1789.  In the 1790s Nathaniel and Isaac moved to Loudoun Co., Virginia.  Nathaniel moved to Culpeper Co., Virginia, in 1797 or 1798, where he apparently died in 1831 or 1832.  Isaac followed Nathaniel to Culpeper County during the first decade of the 1800s.  About the year 1830 he moved to Guernsey Co., Ohio, where he apparently died in 1836.

Isaac at age 25 was described as 5 feet, 5 inches high, slim built, much pitted with smallpox, and a sober looking fellow.

Nathaniel Tobin (wife's name not known)
(1740-50 - 1831/2)


i.  Nathan (no known male descendants)
ii.  Jonathan (no known male descendants)

iii. Nancy
iv.  Rebecca
v.  Isaac

vi.  Abraham

No male descendant of this family has yet had his DNA tested.

Isaac and Phebe (Thomson) Tobin


i.   Nathaniel
ii.  John
iii. William
iv.  Mary
v.   Rachel

One male descendant of Isaac's son Nathaniel (25 markers) and one male descendant of Isaac's son John (12 markers) have had their DNA tested.  They were a 12/12 marker match.

Thomas and Sarah (Salnave) Tobin
Elizabeth, Essex Co., New Jersey, and Hunterdon Co., New Jersey

Thomas and Sarah appear in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1756, when their daughter Anne was baptized.  They are living in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, by 1772.  Thomas was a Lieutenant in the Light Horse and fought on the American side during the Revolutionary War.  Sarah died in 1819.  Listed as a widow she was buried in Elizabeth, New Jersey


i.   Anne
ii.  John
iii. James was apparently a loyalist and he moved his family to Digby, Nova Scotia.
iv. Peter Salnave

No male descendant of this family has yet had his DNA tested.


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