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KitEarliest Ancestor
No Haplogroup Assigned -No Match yet in the Project
B3243Harold Zack Thompson
Haplogroup C
Haplogroup C - Lineage I
174695Not Provided
B2389Hamilton Thompson b. 1804 and d. 1881
B1468Hamilton Thompson b1804 d 1881
264692Matthew Thompson, b. c1690 Co. Down Northern Ire
8344Matthew Thompson b.c. 1690 Co. Down, Ireland
24670Matthew Thomson, b.c. 1725, Maghera, Ireland
324857James Thompson b. before 1825
Haplogroup C - Possible Lineage I
N36492Benjamin Thompson, b. abt. 1802, USA
Haplogroup C - No Match yet in the Project
N91497Rudolf Mohr, b. 1645
Haplogroup E
Haplogroup E - Lineage I
N65602Daniel Thompson, b. 1795 and d. 1857
269674Daniel Thompson, b. 1795 and d. 1857
Haplogroup E - No Match yet in the Project
225389William Blackstock Thompson (1807-1893) NC>CA
4911Robert P Thompson
24804Tompson, b. Poland
327539Not Provided
N5485Thompson, b. Great Britain
292997Isaac Thompson, b. 1798 and d. 1887
43675John Thomson, b.c. 1797, Glasgow, Scotland
68943William Thompson, b. c1840
289293Samuel Pritkin b. 1871 Borisov, Belarus
A3362Not Provided
88713Not Provided
103376Thompson, b. Cameroon
Haplogroup G
Haplogroup G - No Match yet in the Project
270596William Bull Thompson, b: 1825 KY and d: 1878 TX
229461James M. Hann abt 1842-?
243579Georg Siegmann b. 1653 d. 1709
53655Harry Rhen Thompson b. 1871 d. 1943
Haplogroup I
Haplogroup I - Lineage I
156932Alexander Thompson b 18 Dec 1739 in Philadelphia
293912James Thomson, b. 1816 and d. 1891
214385Thomas Thompson b. County Tyrone c. 1859
115825Larkin Gardner, b. 1830 GA
186649James Stewart McLellan, 1883 - 1947
70696Not Provided
46361John Thomson, birth 15 May 1697, death 1740
N53530Stephen Thompson, b 1817
87413Not Provided
90590Robert Thompson, 1652 - 1710
N54369Moses Thomson, b. 1706 and d. 1745
185924Robert Thompson, 1785-1843
256849Clifton Garrett Thompson, b.c1814 and d. 1866 Iowa
192567Roden Thompson b 1813 Tn
315116William Thompson , b. 1779 and d. 1830
Haplogroup I - Lineage II
178415Not Provided
126185Willam Burns Thompson, (Father, little known)
198206Benjamin Thompson, born abt 1700,
148837Zachariah Thompson b. 1797 SC
22493Nathaniel Hicks of Orange Co, NC
25369John Thompson, b. ca 1754, NC ?
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage II
Haplogroup I - Lineage III
206873Not Provided
68271Stith Thompson, abt 1730-1796
353585Shearod Thompson, b. c1757 and d. 1843
Haplogroup I
N92775Alonza James Thompson, Jr., 1929 - 1989
26544Alexander Thompson, b.c. 1730
85793Mayton Thompson, b. c. 1747, Lunenburg Co. VA
223939Aron Nathaniel Thompson b. 1889 d. 1918
60756Maj. Robert Thompson b. abt. 1615 d. 1696
62490Not Provided
81887Not Provided
Haplogroup I - Lineage IV
62305Thompson, b. England
184528Thomas Thompson b. 1731 and d. 1796
178133Not Provided
150572William C Thomson, 1710 - 1792
N46384Thompson James
Haplogroup I - Lineage V
N71246Patrick Thompson, 1852, New York City, NY, USA
105227Robert Thompson, b. 1856 Ballyhalbert, Co. Down
89753William Clint Thompson, 1869 Portavogie, Co. Down
N26076Christopher Corley Thompson b. ca 1815 NY, NY
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage V
N12833Thomson, Great Britain
Haplogroup I - Lineage VI
N24105Jonathon Thompson, b. 1813, NC
36502John Thompson b c1767 NC
125462John Thompson abt 1749, North Carolina
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage VI
191850alex thompson, b. 1878 and d. 1928
Haplogroup I - Lineage VII
183424John Mecom/Meacom, b. abt 1730, VA d. 1777, VA
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage VII
76854Thompson, b. Scotland
276728Not Provided
151529Richard A. McLeon, II, 1895-1959, south Arkansas
Haplogroup I - Lineage VIII
61455Luther D. King 1779-1854
140189Robert Thomson b. about 1744
222010Samuel Thomson
Haplogroup I - Lineage IX
31897William Thompson, b. ca 1770, Albemarle Co., VA
150032Not Provided
Haplogroup I - Lineage X
15261Thomas Patterson Thompson,b.1808,GA
Haplogroup I - Lineage XI
162056Not Provided
85038Peter R. Thompson b. 1829 OH
281343john thompson b 1789 in NC.
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage XI
86949Thompson, b. Scotland
N85323Not Provided
Haplogroup I - Lineage XII
220582Thomas THOMPSON (1797-1872) KY > MO > CA
122567Thomas THOMPSON (1797-1872) KY > MO > CA
Haplogroup I - Lineage XIII
96831Alexander Thompson, 1779, Pennsylvania
274462Nathaniel Thompson b. 1742
153277Not Provided
Haplogroup I - Lineage XIV
N96973Neil Thompson, b bet 1770-1790 and d bet 1840-1850
39248James Thomson b. 29 Apr 1774, Killean, Scotland
Haplogroup I - Lineage XV
274989James Thompson
46589Thomas Thomson b. 1655 Inveresk w. Msslb,Scotland
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage XV
295833Not Provided
Haplogroup I - Lineage XVI
264148James Thompson, b. 1740-1775; Lisburn 1795
282371James Thompson, b. 1740-1775; Lisburn 1795
Haplogroup I - Lineage XVII
N6801Not Provided
273794Rev John Thomson b 1690 Ireland and d 1753 NC
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage XVII
121848John W. Thompson b 1826 and d. 1900
N21694Not Provided
Haplogroup I - Lineage XVIII
295467Samuel Thomson, b. 2 Jul 1696, Mendon, Mass
46148George Thompson; b c 1776; New York City
Haplogroup I - Possible Lineage XVIII
276359William Wright Robert Thompson b1840 d 1903
N11715Aubrey Paul 1917, Waikato, New Zealand
N74509Not Provided
136469hugh w. waddell 1863-1954
Haplogroup I - No Match yet in the Project
222826William Bartlett Thompson, b. 1818 and d. 1875
42187William Thompson b 30Jun1785 NH d 16Aug1863
27298John Thompson, b 1818, Ontario Canada
181321William A Thompson, b1808, Wilson Co., TN
N55362Sea Tooma Laus, 1748 -?
167075Francis Raymond Thompson [Long]
284044Robert Thompson 1721
N102187George Thompson, b. c. 1885
284079Richard Thompson, b, 1751
152515Not Provided
181913Philip Sandifer, 11 May 1744 - 7 Aug 1817
267618William W. Thompson, b. abt 1847 and d. 1914
188844Not Provided
34951John Thompson b.c. 1851 Lee Co, Va
N89453Truls Andersson 1758 Malmø, Sweden
225390Robert Thompson (1500-1530) England
N9542Jens kristian thomsen, b 1922
93187Ervin Thompson, b. 1905 and d. 1925, Iowa
N102031Vincent dePaul Cunningham I, 1887-1965 Adopted
27073Ezekiel Judson Thompson, b. 1856 AL
90462Asa Thompson, b.c.1790, North Carolina
171357Charles Thompson 1812 - 1853
221325George W Thompson b 1822 Ohio d 1868 Brown County
264145John Snow, b. 1782 ME,USA; d. 1870 OH,USA
261195Jacob Thompson, b. 1820 d. 1898
83000Dailey (Daly)
245494Joseph Thompson
308919Gilbert Thompson
74152richard thompson b ca 1744 and d 1821
289303William Harden, b. 1808 d 1884
65466Not Provided
111823John Thompson, b. abt. 1770, Ulster Province, Irel
142806Not Provided
N65855Not Provided
176633John G. Jones b. 1805 Brecon Wales
B2546James Thompson b. 1815
281170William Jackson, 1819, IRELAND
305498William Thompson, b. c1750, Albany, New York
175673Cornelius Tomson, b. 1660 and d. 1727
N50530Not Provided
63759Not Provided
70721John Thompson
125326Not Provided
N24793Not Provided
193172Jonathan Thompson (1805-1850s)
205175JOHN THOMSON, 1795 1869
B3548Alexander Thompson, b c1799 and d 1884
46921John Thompson, b. 1798 TN
Haplogroup J
Haplogroup J - No Match yet in the Project
206417WIlliam Cummins ca 1818-1825 Whitley Co, KY
151425Samuel Thompson d. 1828 McMinn Co. TN
N52909Alexander Owen, 1790-1860, Buncombe, NC, USA
221268Etienne THOMASSON b 1600 and d 1668 FRANCE
220757Frank Wheatley, b. 1530 and d. 1594 [C:COE]
Haplogroup N
Haplogroup N - No Match yet in the Project
75259Christian Thompson, b.c. 1791, New York
Haplogroup Q
Haplogroup Q - No Match yet in the Project
281990micheal sizemore
Haplogroup R
Haplogroup R - No Match yet in the Project
258423Ballard - 1750, Bristol, England, UK
308717Not Provided
123586Thomas Thomson, Dec 1727, Penecuik, Scotland
Haplogroup R1a
Haplogroup R1a - Lineage I
221952John O Thompson, b. 1840
143645Not Provided
143960Not Provided
Haplogroup R
91150Phillip Babb (b. ca 1616-1634)
Haplogroup R1a
160534William Ray Thompson Sr
N68261Richard Thompson b: 1760VA d: 1837Ala
92904James Thompson, b. Scotland
335994William C. Thomson 1710-1792
297906Not Provided
146352Elijah Thompson, 1788-1851Greene Co. TN
190381William Thomson b.c.1630 d.1676
338195Alexander Tomson b 1629 and d 1695
139818Not Provided
Haplogroup R1a - Lineage II
45837William Thompson, b. c1750, Albany, New York
244842John Prince Thompson, b. 1800 and d. 1875
N45898William Thompson, b. 1741 d.1838
305500William Thompson, b. c1750, Albany, New York
Haplogroup R1a - Possible Lineage II
328466William Thompson, b. c1750, Albany, New York
Haplogroup R1a - Lineage III
56606James Thompson b.c.1798 Jefferson Co. TN
233433William Thompson, b. 1797 d. 1883, Jeff. Co., TN
Haplogroup R1a - No Match yet in the Project
166630Erick Gustof Thompson27 Jul 1893 - 29 Feb 1980
262716Francis Anthony Thomson, b. 1860c and d. 1927
79658Samuel Thompson of Weston Under Lizard
243194Harmon Thompson 1808 Half.Va.-1884 Christ.Ky
358067Thomas C. Thompson
80263Not Provided
280372Not Provided
284912James Thompson b. 1830 and d. 1875
223795George Thompson b. cica1750
64188Earnest Thompson, b. 1899, Missouri
B2244Juan Atensio Perpall, b. 1740
N9050Not Provided
N12616Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage I
114637Not Provided
102604James Thomson, b. abt. 1730
25731William Thompson, b.c. 1740, Duplin Co., NC
234509Alfred C. Thompson, b. 1829
42902Sanders Thompson (1787-1876)
153072Henry William Thompson b: 7 Sep 1813 SC d: 1899 FL
13421unknown (Father adopted)
188530John P. Chapman b. 1798 Wythe County, VA. Died in
101034Reubin Thompson, b. 1765 NC d. 1855 GA
138936Not Provided
146251thompson b 1780 Bryan Co, GA b. after1855
86522William M Thompson, b. 1813 SC d.1880 GA
292222James Soloman (Jesse) Thompson, b.1821 & d.1877
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage II
144986Not Provided
142203william thompson 1656 - 1740
112957James Thompson b. 1709 d. 1759
74069Thompson, James Steele b. ca. 1780 North Carolina,
118168Thomas Thompson, 1723-1781, Mecklenburg County, NC
127014James Thompson, Dublin, Ireland
185596James Thompson b. 1767 d. 1833
38365Thompson, 1780, Indiana Co, PA
169154david anderson thomson, 1750, Louisa Co. Virginia
355560George Washington Thompson,b. 1803 and d. 1879
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage III
317862Samuel Thomson born c 1657 Dumfrieshire Scotland
283159Thomas Francis Thompson, 2/16/1845-8/25/1899
60226Egbert Thompson, b. 1828, USA
133219Not Provided
40502Richard Thompson, b. c1528 England
120791Richard Thomson m 1679 St. James, Clerkenwell, Lo
164860John Thompson b. 1667 d 1749
216877Richard Thomson m 1679 St. James, Clerkenwell, Lo
N17426Richard Thompson, b.c. 1528 SCOTLAND
60050Enoch Thomson, b. 1784, NY; d. 1872, IN
220422Stephen A. Thompson, b. 1805 Milton NY, d. 1891 MI
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage III
21311James S Thompson, b 1797 SC
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage IV
50975George Thompson, b. 1600, England
33723George Thompson, Sr. 1700
18320George Thompson, Sr. , before 1700
33724George Thompson, Sr. Virginia 1700
50974George Thompson, b. 1600, England
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage IV
310108James Thompson b.12 May 1803 d. 22 Oct 1877
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage V
101921Robert Thompson, 1640 England
34484Augustus M Thompson, b 1796
38962Electious Thompson, b. c1755, Prince Georges, MD
61230Electious Thompson, b. 1755 MD
207738Electious Thompson b. 1755 Prince George's Co. MD;
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage VI
311986Thomas P Thompson, b c1794 m 1819 d c1870
156962Not Provided
114625Thomas Thompson, b. c1776 in NC
24363Henry Thompson, b.c. 1747, Ireland
N63263Donald McNaughton 1776 - 1858
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage VII
194149Henry Thomson 1825 -1901, Buckhaven, Fife, Scotlan
131064GERALD R. THOMPSON, b.1917 in Illinios, USA
82583Buchanan, b. Scotland
336932Archibald Thompson, b. 1700
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage VIII
51901Andrew Jackson Thompson b. 1831, Autuaga Co. AL
N1970James Thompson, b. 1796, NC
356229Not Provided
161531William McCombs, b.1805, New York
63377John C. Thompson, b. 1852 Ireland
62770William McCamish, 1750-1826, Tyrone, Ireland
273772Gen William Thomson b 1735 Ireland and d 1781 PA
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage VIII
N4497Thomson, b. United Kingdom
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage IX
38900William Thompson, b. 1806-08, TN / Mecklenburg , V
N2241William Thompson, b.c. 1806/8, TN (father from VA)
28370William Steven Thompson b. 1833, VA d. 1921, KY
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage X
92659Robert Thompson, b. abt. 1750
85144Joseph Thompson
89489Joseph Thompson b. 1747 and d. 1810
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XI
N10367William Thompson, b.c. 1765 Chester Co., PA
105397john Thompson 1890-1956
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XII
258404Charles Hooker b. 1849 d. 1927
218722William Thompson 1770-1850
121276William Thompson 1770-1850
265874James Thompson 1776
226018John Thompson abt 1700 Rowan
Haplogroup R
164633James Thompson, 1776,..........DF27+
Haplogroup R1b
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XIII
71498Not Provided
132389Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XIII
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XIV
144712Robert Thompson, 1800??-1872
133686Chapman Thompson, 1811-1888
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XIV
257109Stephen Thompson b 1815 d. 1890
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XV
136653Thomas Aried Thompson, b 1800. Lived KY
196174Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XVI
137647Not Provided
159795Archibald Thompson, died 17 September 1746, Age 68
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XVII
143359Hugh Thompson, 1699 - 1756
299958Not Provided
59056Thompson, b. Scotland
320422John Thompson b. 1800 d. 1869
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XVII
242465Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XVIII
149893Not Provided
153217Andrew Thompson, 1810 - 1891
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XVIII
N55111Electious Thompson, b. 1755 MD, d. 1840 AL
331899Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XIX
89944Thomasson, b. British Isles
227586Phineas Thomason, 1807 - 1881
155078Not Provided
225898James M. Bean b.1859 TN d. 1936 TN
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XX
324698Ranald McDonald d. 1834
157232Not Provided
97492John Thompson, b. ca 1780, possibly New York
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XX
274710John Thompson
76280Electious Thompson, b 1755 MD
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXI
198984David Thomson , 1703-1800 Scotland
161149David Thom(p)son, b. 1703 - Scotland(?), d. 1800 -
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXII
142244Alexander Thompson b. 1826 d. 1903
187795Terry T Thompson, b 1813 and d. 1856
171672Mathew Thompson, b. 4 Mar 1796-23 Mar 1835
183836MacTavish - Donegal, Ire./Knapdale, Sct.
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXII
N5204Thompson, b. Germany
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXIII
218219William Thompson
49502William Thomson, b. about 1649 Edinburgh, Scotland
181792William ThompsonBorn 1646 ScotlandDied 1727 Charl
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXIV
189661John Thompson 1920
189779Alexander Thomson, born 1819, Lesmahagow, Scotland
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXV
26921John Thompson 1736-1805, son George b. 1771 NY
42850John Thompson 1736-1805, son William b. 1769, NY
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXV
95106Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXVI
N47216Corey Daniel Thompson
N11075Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXVII
69162Not Provided
81259Not Provided
339140George Thompson, b. 1752 d. 1819
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXVIII
77224Henry Thompson
95435Thompson, b. Great Britain
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXVIII
N18189Duncan Shaw, TN abt. 1820
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXIX
N25406Wilson Adkins (Meadows) b 1815, d. 1863
231839Gordon Thompson, d. 1864, from Mercer Co, WV
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXX
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXI
26768Hazard Thompson 1814 (NC) - 1883 (MO)
254567Abraham Thompson, b. ca1776 VA and d. 1819 IL
311910Paternal Line Unknown
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXII
N47481Closs Thompson B. 1668 D. 1740
317258Thomas Thompson d. 1796 Orange Co., NC
50446Not Provided
97676Not Provided
55793John Thompson, b NC
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXIII
98623Daniel Macomus, Annapolis, MD 1689
N8840Daniel McComas, b 1667, Scotland
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXXIII
294312Thomas Thompson b.1685 and died 14 Sept. 1743
N8171James Thomson, b1792. Airdrie Scotland United King
N44215Thompson, Ireland
N12664Thompson, b. United Kingdom
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXIV
156211James W. Thompson, c.1830-1880
B2576John Thompson, b.1777-1785 & d. after 1860
222624William C Thompson, b. 1825 and d. c.1890
223866Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXV
211983Robert Thompson, b. 1788 and d. 1835
N40797Seth Thompson, b 1755 Brunswick, VA, d 1745 Meriwe
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXVI
217633David Thompson, c. 1757-1842, Belknap Co., N
264273John Thompson, b. abt 1807 d. 1879 Minnesota
N79912Morrill aka Moral Thompson, b. 1802 d.1874 Maine
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXXVI
105171Thomason, b. United Kingdom
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXVII
226996David Toms b. Ca 1710 London, England
5760Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXXVII
212863Ewen MacTavish (aka John Thomson) ca.1530AD
124717Not Provided
N26782Thompson, b. Great Britain
N74467Robert Combs
179815Not Provided
295496Charles Cade Thompson b.1793
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXVIII
194024William Thompson, b. 1752 and d. 1830
271401William Thompson, b. 1752, d. 1830, Russell Co. VA
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXXVIII
N111786Not Provided
343201Joseph Thompson
274324Levi Thompson, b. 1834 and d. unknown
295002Levi Thompson, b. c1834 and d. c1900
N66102Not Provided
270318Henry Thompson, b. c1825
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XXXIX
N30856Samuel Thompson, DOB 1782, DOD 1867
292866Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XXXIX
86642Thompson, b. Holland
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XL
302539WILLIAM ROWLAND THOMPSON, b.1794-7, d.1871
221095William Robert Thompson, 1846-1910
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XLI
98579Thompson, b. England
276649Hans Murbach, died about 1493
67851Andrew Thompson, b. abt. 1745, Scotland
85221Thomson, b. Scotland
220463James Lawrence Neeley, b. 1844 and d. 1914
318475Cornelius Thompson
309659Toler Thompson b 1780 and d. 1846
24315Thomas Andrew Thompson b. 1821, Lebanon PA
23552Thomas Thompson
307176Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XLI
272787George Thompson 1818
186245James M. Thompson, 1824-1896
143470B. F. Thompson, 1835, south Carolina
342572Matthew Thompson c1755
N3733John Thompson, Newcastle-On-Tyne, England, b. 1811
25418Jake Thompson Sr, b.c. 1851, Limestone Co., TX
291613Robert W. Thompson, b.1842 and d.1919, Pa.
263999Samuel Bacon Thompson, b. 1807 and d. 1890
159606William Hogg Born Feb 2nd 1826 in Scotland died No
N5132George Adams, b. USA
N23900Thompson, b. Denmark
267698Father's Birth Father Unknown
B8231Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XLII
156476John McCurry, b.c. 1843, Greene Co., Tn.
257852John McKusick/McKissick b. 1720
N121928John McKissick b.1719 and d.1745
61883Not Provided
Haplogroup R1b - Lineage XLIII
314750Jason Thompson b 1813 Virginia
337190Jesse Thompson, b. 1770 and d. 1852
Haplogroup R1b - Possible Lineage XLIII
281415John Thompson b.c1806 Va d.c1885Ky
Haplogroup R1b - No Match yet in the Project
157954Not Provided
231379John Thompson b.c.1732 and d. 1787 Botetourt, VA
67759George Thompson b.c. 1740 Scotland
204727Robert TOMS born abt 1800 - died bef. 1871
261127John Ralston, b 1749 di. 1837
198683johnathan yarbrough 1740 anson nc
80433John Thompson, b. abt. 1883, NC
215202William Newman, 1720-1790
156865Ulrich Speicher, 1702-1785
185560Obadiah Howard, b. 1736, d 1804
99532William Solomon Owens, b. abt. 1780
N87685Not Provided
24296William Thompson, b. abt. 1630, Scotland
292496Charles Thomson
105989Christopher Ellis, 1747-1820
219451Not Provided
222740Joseph Thompson b abt 1790, d abt 1830 GA
40504David Thompson b. South Carolina
159664Samuel Griff Thompson15 Jun 1872-24 Aug 1927
N41697Torger Torgerson
232498Sampson Thompson, b. 1720
197911Ruby Ignatius Proctor, Maryland
N25249Thompson, b. England
191161Samuel Thompson 1812 Irelanddied 25 Sep 1899 Rawd
263188William A. Thompson, b. 1891, d. 1945
305142Not Provided
29876George Thompson, b.c. 1670, Virginia, USA
295397John Thompson, b.1667 and d. 1749
65934John Hamilton Thomson Jan.08,1816 Glasgow, Scotlan
272942Not Provided
N60586Thompson, b.c. 1870, Dublin, Ireland
96935John Elton Thompson b.1795 d. 1851
348228James Thomson 1520
89484Thompson, b. England 1880
262324Raymond Edmond Thompson, b. 1895 in PA
173894Not Provided
N39874James Thompson, b. 1825, Dromara, Ireland
250228Ivy Thompson b 1857 Amite, MS
272349Not Provided
N72450Not Provided
N43585Daniel Alexander McComas b. 1661 - 1664
142713Not Provided
312214Not Provided
175819Not Provided
252544Uriah Eslick, b1861 and d.1925
185483Not Provided
110111William M Thompson b 1864 d 1949
242228Samuel Thompson, b. 1777, d. 1854, Starksboro, VT
26404Jacob Nicely Indian Property being Sold google it
326043Not Provided
233814Thompson Smith b c1750 resided NJ in 1773
156888John Phillips b.c. 1827 Surry co. N.C.
N71318Not Provided
170085John Thompson b.1616 UK d.1696 Massachusetts
178184Not Provided
N1990William Thompson, b 1900 NJ
N75898Not Provided
234361James Campbell, 1808 DF 27+
23024John Hollingsworth England 1820-1872
51902Possibly Nathan Davis b 1775/84 d 1822
243412James Nuckolls, b 30 Jun 1670, d 22 Aug 1727
105057Thompson, b.c. 1750 Northern Ireland
N68243Charles Thompson, b.c. 1934, Downey, CA
140122Owin Thompson
88538Edward Thomson, 6 Jan 1793 - 9 Jul 1872.
294255George Thompson, b. 1799, d. 1869
83533Samuel Thompson, b. unk d. c1825 TN
279145George Washington Thompson
55957William Thompson, b. 1375, Scotland
81516Samuel Thompson, d. c. 1753
142019Not Provided
141990Matthew McComb from Dundrum, County Down, IRE
202983Ken Carlson (adopted) born Seattle WA 09/19/1959
B1017Marcus Lafayette Thompson 1831 - 1899
247419Ernest Pyke, NFLD, NS
324311Niels Thomsen, b.1799 Denmark d. 1888 Denmark
154530William L. Smith, 1870-1958
117845Drury Tomlin b. c1630 Kent d.1703 Deal, Kent
57169Thomas Brown, b.c. 1795 Georgia or Tenn.
97305Robert Thom b abt1780 Airdrie,Lanarkshire,Scotland
239315William Thompson b 1739 d 1813 Liverpool
115727Peter Menges
226332Thompson, NPE London, England
144228Not Provided
266036Not Provided
76179William J Thompson b.c. 1800, VA
N61364John Hurst Thompson, b. abt. 1830, New York
215961John Reed,b.c.1700,Children in Rowan Co., NC
B3444William John Rayburn
190081Jimmie Lloyd Taylor
230892Not Provided
1168William Thompson, b. 1796 in Stockton, UK
N90018John Thompson, abt 1720
286680John Stalcup Thompson, b.1807 KY d.1879 KY
281713Michael Finlay, 1793 - 1843
84392James Thompson, 1812 - 1869
181041James Henry Thompson, b. 1819 County Down, Ireland
163903Simon Olafsson, b1677, Bjornhul, Morlunda, Sweden
346986Nathaniel Thompson b. c 1850
40558Thomas Thompson b. c 1610 England
196767Robert Hines Sr. b. 1755 d.1822 Jasper, GA
64331Richard Thompson, b. abt. 1794
310369Not Provided
194527Leroy Thompson, 1816?-1863
136266Not Provided
N2219Christopher Thompson, b1730-40, Darlington, DUR,UK
N68887Wood or Woods
148326PaternalAdopt Isles Matches GD5/8/13@111Marker
A1997Not Provided
199004Frank Thompson b Indiana 1872 D Riverside ca 1960
110487Walter Thompson 1910 Conon Bridge Scotland
86437Thompson, b. United Kingdom
168469George Thompson 1780-1841
272694Andrew Thomson b 1715 Scotland and d 1761 York, PA
243381William Thompson, b. 1818 and d. after 1880
N1854James P Thompson, MO
292828Levi Thompson, born about 1835 in Butler PA
B2769Levi Thompson b. 1834 Butler Pennsylvania d. ?
N95803Not Provided
126150Hardy Columbus Thompson, b 1809,
130298John Riley Thompson b. 1809 Knox County, IN
116896Not Provided
122765Not Provided
116285Not Provided
111183James Thompson 1765-1840
54922John Thompson, b. c 1826 Ireland
N89828John Thompson
47098Birth Father UNKNOWN
118068Not Provided
35358David Thompson, b.1766 Windsor, CT
35423David Thompson, b.1766 Windsor, CT
32970John Thompson, Dorchester, Co., MD 1834
267255James Thompson, b.c. 1826
232844Stephen Young, b. 1817 and d. 1864
280863Not Provided
OnrDS30 1556899298995477894444440TAA6760YY2818550712615337460404106787202505250467569924365822503105230254312657370415 
GgmNN    ab   | | ab      abcdef AII    ab    SS    S  ab                                         7                    
G  AP         1 2                HII          11    1                                                                  
                                 4ab          ab                                                                       
 12241491116111313131131?8811112014182814141515  101019201413?19353512101081616811108101010212115121113168132519?1210149101112                  1330141322149           21     13  
 12241591116111311131131188811112014182814121517  1010192014131719353512101081616811108101012212115121213158132618151210139111112351281611242820121113131291111101013301413221491121162113221413172514211991420121311 
 1322161017171113131411321691011112615213512151819  119192115121515343512111081616810108101012202017111213127102422151212129111112                                             
 132413101618111212131130169911112614203214161617  9111921151217193334111010815158111081010023241811121216712221812131214111111113315815112427191312121112912111011123110121814111019162112241313152414211812141791211 
Not FoundE-L11712241310171811121214113114991111261420321416161691119211711172229341110 
Not FoundE-L117132313101719111212141131 
Not FoundE-L117132414101718111212131131 
 142215101414111211121129169911112316213112131314  1011202015131517363811101181516811108111114222214101212148132122181211131011111230158151121272112111213119911101012261012221411926151814251513152612211911141891111 
 15241510151611131113122916891111?15202711111415  11101921141418?32?1210118151681210810901921?111212?91425201013111311111211?14815112328191111??119111110101231111322141110?152211??11142512191911141791211 
 13231410131411141212112814898112416202812141516  1010192115141819363712811815158111089101223251510121215813252014131112111112113012817122427191112121311911111012133113132116111022151911?1713152612241812141791211 
 1524151115151113111412?1581011112514182711111315  91019211614171934?12101181516812108109122122151112121591327201213121211121211                                             
 132314?141511141313112915898112316202712141416  101019211514172035?1391181515811108910122324151012121681324201313111211111211                                             
 13221410131511131112112815898112316202812151616  101019211414162136?121011815158111089912232516101212?81225201313111211111211                                             
 13221410131411141112112815898112316202912141515  10101921141416?373712101181515811?8991222261610121216813251913131112111112?                                             
 1322141013141114111211281589811231620281214?16  10101921?1417?35??10                                                                           
 1323171012121113111311281681011112515212911141415  10111121141217??341210                                                                           
 1423161015161114111312291581011112515202814141415  ?10191913161620?37?10                                                                           
 13221410131411141112112914898112316212912141516  101019211314162034381210119151581110899122225151012121581325201214111211111211                                             
 1322141013141116111211281589811221621?12141516  111019211514152333361210