mtDNA Results                          
# Kit Most Distant Ancestor Haplo HVR1 differences from CRS HVR2 differences from CRS  
M-1 29657 BL Teaff HV* 092C,298C,311C    
M-4 99999 MT Barton HV0 092C,298C,311C 72C,195C,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C   
mtDNAi is used to test your mother's mother's ... mother's maternal ancestry. 
It It is difficult to use for genealogy, as the surname is changing every generation, but there are scattered reports of paper trail connections being made with mtDNA. 
For information, see our mtDNA page. 
We encourage everyone who has been mtDNA tested to join their mtDNA haplogroupi project.  See our mtDNA Haplogroup Projects page for more information.   tion  
If you are seeking information on your deep ancestry (1000s and 10,000s of years ago) the standard, $99 mtDNA test should be sufficient.  (This test is sometimes called HVR1)  
If you wish to use your mtDNA result to confirm a maternal ancestry (you and another person share a common maternal ancestor) then you will gain by taking the mtDNA Plus test which costs $149 (This test is sometimes called HVR1 + HVR2)  
If you wish to test your entire mtDNA sequence, then you will want the mtDNA Full Sequence test, which costs $449.    
(FTDNAi calls this test Mega)  FTDNA suggests this for anyone who does not wish to be upgrading when they need more info – as this will give you the entire sequence.